10+ Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins To Convert More Leads

 FEBRUARY 26, 2018  12 MINS READ Landing pages help you to laser focus on what really matters to achieve the higher conversion rate. Whenever you run a campaign using a landing page you provide users the contents that are totally tailored to that campaign. So the user came through your campaign feel they have more related contents. As a result, you get a better conversion rate. In WordPress, there are lots

How To Make Geo Location Specific WooCommerce Customizations

 FEBRUARY 8, 2018  7 MINS READ Personalized messages tend to perform well and also manages to make more conversions than the generic ones. Geo targeted WooCommerce customizations not only helps you to show targeted messages with these customizations you also can make the taxes and rates calculated for that region. So managing your payments and shipments become simpler. [the_ad id=’6609′] Detecting User’s Geolocation & Personalized Message This is the key phrase

WordPress Monthly News Roundup December 2017: WPTS Monthly Schedule #6

JANUARY 19, 2018  5 MINS READ Hello and welcome to the sixth episode of WordPress monthly roundup and first one in 2018. Hope you guys had a great vacation. But the hackers and the updates didn’t take a break, there is been a lot of important things happening around the WordPress in December and that’s what we are going to see in this episode. Without further delay let us get into

10 Best Heatmap Plugins To Analyse Your WordPress Website Performance

JANUARY 13, 2018  7 MINS READ Ever wonder what your customers do on your site? Which is the most interactive element on your site? Well, you no need to wonder anymore. These are the best customer tracking tools you can use to study your visitors. These heatmap plugins not only provides just an AR layer over your website, they also provide in-depth analytics of your site performance. [tables_content][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Crazy Egg”

Elementor Vs VisualComposer (WPBakery) Which Page Builder Is For You?

JANUARY 4, 2018  6 MINS READ Page builders made the life simpler as never before for the users, especially for the people without coding knowledge. All you have to do is to drag and drop the elements you want on the web page. As I have shared my views with Wix Vs WordPress, the visual builder is the most positive side of the WIX CMS. Though WordPress is planning to bring its

How to Fix File and Folder Permissions Error in WordPress

DECEMBER 30, 2017  5 MINS READ One of the most common issues WordPress users face when they recover their WordPress websites or installing new WordPress theme is the file permission errors. WordPress is one of the best CMS which is becoming more secure nowadays, but still we have to manually set some manual guidance. [the_ad id=’6609′] Some of the permissions are needed to be kept secure, you can’t leave all the permissions open

Important WooCommerce Customizations For Special Discount Sales

DECEMBER 23, 2017  7 MINS READ Vacations are started, even Google had dropped the December festival doodleOnline store owners are busy now with their discount sales and flash sale to rock the December sales. As a part of our WooCommerce customization series we thought of make this post useful for the discount sales. [the_ad id=’6609′] [tables_content title=”Important WooCommerce Customizations For Discount Sales”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Display “FREE” Instead of $0.00 or Empty Price” link=”#free”][table_content

WordPress Monthly Roundup November 2017: WPTS Monthly Schedule #5

DECEMBER 15, 2017  5 MINS READ Howdy and welcome to the fifth episode of the WordPress monthly roundup of WP Team Support. We are almost at the end of 2017 and a lot had happened in the WordPress world in November. To narrow things we have chosen only the best news related to WordPress fixes and performance that could help you. [the_ad id=’6609′] Newsify This edition of newsify brings you lot

How To Duplicate WordPress Database Manually

DECEMBER 8, 2017  6 MINS READ Duplicating a WordPress database comes handy when you are migrating a WordPress website. There are many plugins to help you clone the entire WordPress website. When you are backup and restoring the website the plugins will be handy. [the_ad id=’6609′] When you are in the middle of restoring the website or transferring the website, you might have to clone your WordPress website database manually. Duplicating WordPress database

Best WordPress Comment Plugins to Improve The Engagement Rate

 NOVEMBER 30, 2017  7 MINS READ Comment system helps you to interact with your readers. For every blogger getting a comment from a user is like getting an Oscar. In the fast online world, most of the readers love to share the content in the social media and like it, but the rate of commenting has come down. [the_ad id=’6609′] Having a comment system enables you to provide a healthier environment