Create a Unique Custom WordPress 404 Page Exclusively For Your Website on Your Own

DECEMBER 20, 2016  12 MINS READ What is 404 error page? 404 error page is shown when a page is either broken, discontinued or when not available in your website. So every time a user visits a link that doesn’t live on your site, they will be served a default 404 page. In this article, we are going to see custom WordPress 404 page for your WordPress website. [tables_content title=”Table of

Insider’s Only Known: 22 Unbelievable WordPress Stats You Never Heard of Before

DECEMBER 15, 2016  6 MINS READ There are currently 1 billion plus websites on the web. These numbers are growing rapidly over a short span of time due to the technological development especially after the advent of the CMS. The most loved and recommended CMS by the user is the WordPress. Due to its overwhelming support, some of the WordPress stats are really interesting. Of Course, we also love WordPress and been thinking how

From Solo Bloggers to Business Sites Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Suits You Better

 DECEMBER 12, 2016  10 MINS READ Choosing the WordPress hosting for your WordPress website is a critical task because it is where your website is going to reside. The important factors you need to consider on choosing a WordPress hosting are Speed – how fast your website loads no matter how much traffic it gets. Security – is the data provided and transition of information from the server and the browser is safe.

Easiest Trick To Get Quick and Easy WordPress Support- Beginners Guide

DECEMBER 9, 2016  6 MINS READ How to get a better WordPress support and maintenance service? The question which always stuck in a beginners head when they encounter any issues in their WordPress website.In this post, we are going to help you know how to get a better WordPress support. [Tweet “Easiest Trick To Get Quick and Easy #WordPressSupport- Beginners Guide #WPTS”] [tables_content title=”Table of Content”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”WordPress Support Services” link=”#wp”][table_content

21 WordPress Marketing Automation Plugins for Smart Marketers

DECEMBER 5, 2016  18 MINS READ Searching for the best WordPress marketing automation plugins that could help you grow your business. These must have marketing automation plugins helps the marketers to do their online job easily, even when they are doing on-field work. Reach your targets, meet your goals in a single blow without even dropping a sweat. Online is a big market where you deal with invisible people, that can

Struggling Business Site into Money Making Website. Why and How To Redesign Website?

DECEMBER 2, 2016  10 MINS READ Redesign website is one of the factors that is going to help you stay in the business according to the current trend and also take your business to the next level. This article is going to give a complete idea of why, when, and how to redesign website. [Tweet “Struggling Business Site into #MoneyMaking #Website. Why and How To #RedesignWebsite?”] Redesign website or revamp website

How to Start a WordPress Blog (A-Z) Complete Guide for Beginners

NOVEMBER 29, 2016  8 MINS READ WordPress rejuvenates blogging, it gives the blogger the identity they need and people recognize their reading. Not only that WordPress reduces the complex part to start a blog by giving an open source platform. Anyone can start a WordPress blog or can start a WordPress website without coding knowledge. [tables_content title=”In this article we gonna help you how to start a wordpress blog in minutes.

151 Internet Keyword Wordbook for Passionate Website Beginners

NOVEMBER 25, 2016  35 MINS READ New to the website arena? All the terminologies making your head spin? not only new people even most of us used to come across many new terminologies. We again have to spend few minutes to search for those terminologies. Hence we decided to help you fellas with this wordbook. To make it more simple to you, we split the keywords into [tables_content title=”To make things

WordPress vs Static HTML- A Complete Comparison

NOVEMBER 21, 2016  13 MINS READ WordPress Vs Static HTML, what really is these? every beginner has this question. When the first time you come/came across this topic like me ( a plain guy with no tech knowledge) some of you may think to yourself “What!! isn’t both are not the same!!??” I had a hard time in understanding these, Static HTML website and WordPress both comprises of various languages HTML,

Professional WordPress Checklist to Make Successful Website Launch

 NOVEMBER 17, 2016  10 MINS READ You can do 100 things, but when you are organized you can do 1000 things. The reason for keeping a checklist is not to miss even minor things. A checklist helps you to know what you have to and when to do. Checklist gives you a complete control on your process. [Tweet “Professional WordPress Checklist to Make Successful Website Launch #WPTS “] Launching a website