How To Make WordPress Amp Mobile Pages and Advanced AMP ADS Easily No Code Needed

JULY 26, 2017  9 MINS READ How to make a WordPress AMP page easily or without coding? WordPress active bloggers, active content producers all have this question in their mind. AMP page is actually a clone with limited HTML and CSS code functions to perform effectively on mobile screens. So you need to maintain two versions separately. Now you might think that, We have already published 100’s of posts and have

Regular WordPress Security Maintenance Checks To Be Done For Secured Optimum Site

 JULY 24, 2017  8 MINS READ Two Crucial Things of WordPress website: WordPress security and WordPress maintenance We all know professional websites need to be maintained regularly. Apart from the general maintenance task, some WordPress security related tasks must be done regularly. There are certain WordPress security checks you can do by yourself. Performing this WordPress security maintenance regularly will improve your WordPress security by 10% every month. In this post am going to

16 Best WordPress Marketing Themes That Can Generate More Leads & Conversions

JULY 19, 2017  12 MINS READ WordPress marketing themes that you can use for your marketing agencies or for your company websites. The following are the best digital marketing agency WordPress themes. All the WordPress marketing themes are not arranged based on ranking, this is a random list. [tables_content title=”Best WordPress Marketing Themes and Marketing Agency Theme”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”WhiteHat – SEO and Digital Marketing Theme” link=”#white”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”YAMATO – Corporate Marketing WordPress

How To Quickly Transfer Website From WordPress.com To WordPress.org

JULY 17, 2017  9 MINS READ How to change my website from WordPress.com to WordPress.org? This might be the question to many website owners when they decided to take their website serious or when you move your website to the next level. When you keep all the necessary things ready you can kick start your new WordPress.org website within one or two hours. WordPress.org gives you plenty of freedom and plethora of

Why It Is the Right Time To Think WordPress Website Maintenance White Label Service

JULY 13, 2017  10 MINS READ “WordPress website maintenance white label service” Most of the web development companies think of the above term when they receive an enormous amount of request from their clients to fix their website. Well, most of the theme authors and WordPress developers will be thinking of this after the WordCamp Europe 2017 (Gutenberg editor). We will be discussing it also in this post. [the_ad id=’6609′] The major

WordPress 5.0 Sneak Peek-Gutenberg Editor Initial ImPressions And Experts Feel

JULY 8, 2017  8 MINS READ Gutenberg editor that is a new word you been hearing quite often among the WordPress enthusiasts and developers. What it actually brings to the user? The new Gutenberg editor is going to replace the text editor, with brand new UI which helps the user to create rich contents within seconds. But there is a difference of opinion: There’s been a mixed thoughts about the new editor,

Why Startups Must Think Of WordPress To Create A Website From A Businessman Perspective

JULY 5, 2017  7 MINS READ Most of the business people have this doubt: How to create a website? To create a website we no longer need coding or a development team help. In fact, we can create a website and launch the website successfully. In this post let us see why Startups must think of WordPress to create a website for their business. Also, the benefits out of it from a

WooCommerce 3.0 Everything You Need To Know As A User And A Developer

JUNE 30, 2017  7 MINS READ WooCommerce 3.0 updates are majorly for the developers by keeping in mind the future of e-commerce needs. This update is aimed to improve the performance and user experience. Bionic Butterfly name of WooCommerce 3.0 has a lot of colors to add to your WooCommerce experience. WooCommerce powers nearly 39% of the online stores on the internet. These updates are major, till their 3 beta versions it is

Best WordPress Plugins For Regular Website Maintenance And Minor Fixes

JUNE 29, 2017  7 MINS READ WordPress website maintenance is not a single step process nor just can be done in a single step. For website maintenance, you have to take many factors into consideration. There are certain WordPress experiments you should not try since it may cause an adverse effect. But there are plugins to help in website maintenance. That is what we are going to see in this post plugins to

How To Easily Add Google Analytics To WordPress Website With And Without Plugin

JUNE 22, 2017  8 MINS READ Google Analytics helps you to get a better insight of the website. This post helps you to know how to add google analytics to website easily with and without plugin In the new updates that are going to roll out soon all the Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Doubleclick all data is going to be integrated for deeper insight of your user behavior and ad