How To Restore WordPress Website From Backup Swiftly and Safely

OCTOBER 25, 2017  8 MINS READ WordPress backup is one of the most important processes in regular WordPress maintenance. There are lot of ways you can backup your WordPress website. Based on the method you choose to backup, the process to restore WordPress website also varies. If you are restoring your WordPress website after a security issue or a hack, then you have to be very cautious in the process to restore WordPress

How To Setup WordPress CDN – Max CDN & Cloudflare CDN Step by Step Guide

OCTOBER 13, 2017  9 MINS READ For every one second delay in your page loading time your conversion fall up to 20%especially on the mobile. Setting up a CDN to the website is one of the best ways to boost your page load time. Yes, who likes to see the loaaaading…. pages. The conversion fact which I told above is told by Google in the Google Next 2017 event. It’s an interesting

WordPress Monthly Roundup September 2017: WPTS Monthly Schedule #3

OCTOBER 13, 2017  6 MINS READ Welcome to the third episode of WP Team Support’s WordPress roundup of September 2017. If you have been following our blog you might be knowing what we discuss here. For new readers, WordPress round-up edition consists of best and must-read news about WordPress. From all around the internet, we collect hot WordPress news, new plugins that you should give a try and lot more. Let’s

How To Setup WordPress Multisite In Minutes Complete Guide

OCTOBER 4, 2017  7 MINS READ Managing more than one website at a time is a difficult task. WordPress multisite helps you to maintain all your website from a single dashboard. Not everyone having more than one website need a WordPress multisite. If you have many subparts or subdivisions under a single website which functions separately from your main domain then you might need a WordPress multisite. [the_ad id=’6609′] For example, in

WordPress Monthly Roundup August 2017: WPTS Monthly Schedule #2

SEPTEMBER 28, 2017  4 MINS READ Welcome to the second edition of the WPTS WordPress monthly roundup August 2017. This month most of the buzzes among the WordPress users is the Gutenberg editor and as always lots of WordPress tips and tutorials around the web. This roundup gives you a short recap of important news and blog posts related to WordPress. [the_ad id=’6609′] Newsify In this newsify segment, the most important

10 WordPress Vulnerable Plugins You Must Remove Right Now And Their Alternatives

SEPTEMBER 14, 2017  9 MINS READ Wordfence recently published a list of abandoned plugins with serious vulnerabilities. As we always say WordPress vulnerable plugins are the most preferred path used by hackers to get into your website. WordFence one of the best WordPress security plugin which tightens your WordPress security. They recently released a list of WordPress vulnerable pluginsthat is been abandoned by the authors also. We thought to make it more useful

9 WordPress Mobile Responsive Plugins To Make & Customize Mobile Sites In Minutes

AUGUST 23, 2017  7 MINS READ 87% of the users turn to their smartphones first to search something. Saying that how to make WordPress website mobile friendly. There are many WordPress mobile responsive plugins to help you in this. Before seeing the WordPress mobile responsive plugins if you are using responsive WordPress theme probably this will be taken care by your theme itself by default. It doesn’t mean that you should leave this post

WordPress Monthly Roundup July 2017: WPTS Monthly Schedule #1

AUGUST 16, 2017  6 MINS READ Hello there!! This is the first “WPTS monthly schedule” roundup of important events and topics around the web regarding the WordPress industry. Hereafter each month you can expect this to be posted to keep you folks updated about the WordPress industry.Segments you get In the monthly schedule you get the important news about WordPress, new WordPress updates and events. With the news you also get the

14 Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins To Grow Your Email List 5X Faster

AUGUST 9, 2017  11 MINS READ Leads drive your business towards your goals. In the online world on our website leads are very volatile in nature before you reach them they may leave your site. Luckily we get WordPress lead generation plugins to help us. These WordPress lead generation plugins help you to collect leads in various stages of visitor journey on your website. [the_ad id=’6609′] HelloBar Hellobar is an interesting and

10 Best WordPress Email Marketing Automation Tools To Engage Visitors And Improve Sales

JULY 28, 2017  11 MINS READ Email marketing plays a vital role in any business or blog. There are several WordPress email marketing tools to help you out there. This post helps you to identify the best WordPress email marketing tools and services you can use for your WordPress website. Most of these WordPress email marketing tools give free email marketing services based on certain limitations. In this WordPress, email marketing