Top 10 Unique Marketing Blog Themes

MAY 29, 2018  3 MINS READ As known by all, that in today’s globalized world nothing is as crucial to commercial and business success as a good and effective marketing strategy. Finally, its all about how to express yourself, is perhaps the most important part of marketing. These following marketing themes are packed with highly unique features. Therefore, keep reading to learn more about the best marketing themes out there. [the_ad

Foremost List Of 20 Business Consultancy Themes

MAY 15, 2018  7 MINS READ Awe your clients with our highly professional WordPress themes for consultants. To help organizations improve performance and efficiency, these themes paves a way, to create authoritative corporate images that emanate confidence and trust. Specifically honed to meet the demands of financial, investment and consulting sector companies, firms and agency. These are the foremost 20 list of business consultancy themes: [the_ad id=’6609′] Consultix Consultix is an extremely

2018’s Top Nonprofit WordPress Themes To Raise Funds For Good Cause

 APRIL 24, 2018  6 MINS READ Searching for some brand new nonprofit WordPress themes that describes well about your cause and also helps you collect donations easily? Well, you are at the right place. In this list, we have collected some of the best nonprofit WordPress themes. All these themes include many premium plugins with them, so all these themes are value for money themes. Since raising funds is one of

2018 Creative Unique WordPress Themes To Make Your Website Distinct

APRIL 16, 2018  7 MINS READ Creative WordPress themes are unique and different style layouts that stands out from the normal WordPress themes. These creative unique WordPress themes are the for the people who want to stand out from the crowd. [the_ad id=’6609′] Unique style creative WordPress themes asks for special attention from the visitor to interact and navigate around the website. It has its own merits and demerits. Merits of

32 Top WooCommerce Plugins To Use At Each Stage of a Ecommerce Site

 APRIL 5, 2018  18 MINS READ WooCommerce is powering nearly 39% of online stores on the internet. To stay ahead in the online business, you have to upgrade your WordPress website to the current trend. There are some top WooCommerce plugins to help you. These top WooCommerce plugins are selected by considering each stage of a customer journey on an e-commerce site. Each one of the plugins is best in their class. [the_ad

How To Remove Malware From WordPress In 10 Easy Steps

MARCH 14, 2018  7 MINS READ Recently you might have read that nearly 300,000 websites been infected by a malware via a famous recaptcha plugin. Even we have mentioned about it in our WordPress December monthly roundup. WordPress security is not a single day task that once you did you can lay back and rest; it is a chore for a webmaster. Adding a security plugin to your monthly website maintenance plugin list is

How To Create Custom WooCommerce Theme and Add It To A Theme

 MARCH 3, 2018  9 MINS READ WooCommerce nearly powers 28% of all the online stores on the internet with over 32 million downloads. WooCommerce is one of most the most comfortable to customize e-commerce platform. With its flexible nature, you can create and integrate WooCommerce custom theme to your WordPress theme easily. As I informed in our previous post about WooCommerce extensions; we will be making a separate segment for WooCommerce customization. In this

10+ Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins To Convert More Leads

 FEBRUARY 26, 2018  12 MINS READ Landing pages help you to laser focus on what really matters to achieve the higher conversion rate. Whenever you run a campaign using a landing page you provide users the contents that are totally tailored to that campaign. So the user came through your campaign feel they have more related contents. As a result, you get a better conversion rate. In WordPress, there are lots

How To Make Geo Location Specific WooCommerce Customizations

 FEBRUARY 8, 2018  7 MINS READ Personalized messages tend to perform well and also manages to make more conversions than the generic ones. Geo targeted WooCommerce customizations not only helps you to show targeted messages with these customizations you also can make the taxes and rates calculated for that region. So managing your payments and shipments become simpler. [the_ad id=’6609′] Detecting User’s Geolocation & Personalized Message This is the key phrase

WordPress Monthly News Roundup December 2017: WPTS Monthly Schedule #6

JANUARY 19, 2018  5 MINS READ Hello and welcome to the sixth episode of WordPress monthly roundup and first one in 2018. Hope you guys had a great vacation. But the hackers and the updates didn’t take a break, there is been a lot of important things happening around the WordPress in December and that’s what we are going to see in this episode. Without further delay let us get into