March 2018

How To Remove Malware From WordPress In 10 Easy Steps

MARCH 14, 2018  7 MINS READ Recently you might have read that nearly 300,000 websites been infected by a malware via a famous recaptcha plugin. Even we have mentioned about it in our WordPress December monthly roundup. WordPress security is not a single day task that once you did you can lay back and rest; it is a chore for a webmaster. Adding a security plugin to your monthly website maintenance plugin list is

How To Create Custom WooCommerce Theme and Add It To A Theme

 MARCH 3, 2018  9 MINS READ WooCommerce nearly powers 28% of all the online stores on the internet with over 32 million downloads. WooCommerce is one of most the most comfortable to customize e-commerce platform. With its flexible nature, you can create and integrate WooCommerce custom theme to your WordPress theme easily. As I informed in our previous post about WooCommerce extensions; we will be making a separate segment for WooCommerce customization. In this