10+ Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins To Convert More Leads

 FEBRUARY 26, 2018  12 MINS READ

Landing pages help you to laser focus on what really matters to achieve the higher conversion rate. Whenever you run a campaign using a landing page you provide users the contents that are totally tailored to that campaign. So the user came through your campaign feel they have more related contents. As a result, you get a better conversion rate. In WordPress, there are lots of ways to create a landing page, in this post we have covered the best WordPress landing page plugins for you.


We have also mentioned some alternate for the premium WordPress landing page plugins, so that website owners of all sizes will be benefited. Even some of the premium WordPress landing page tools provide you free landing page templates, so it is worth to check all the tools in the list.

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How To Create an Effective WordPress Landing Page

The landing pages are one of the pages which is designed completely with the conversion focused. Oli Gardner, Co-founder of the Unbounce says this design as a CCD – Conversion Centered Design (CCD). Creating an effective landing page includes certain principles. In our next post, we will be covering basic landing page design techniques and some of the best brand landing page examples. So please subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already.

Professional Landing Page Builders

For more professional options and templates designed by the marketing experts, you have to go for the professional lead page generation tools. Following are the best professional landing page builder tools. All are premium tools, while some of them give you trial versions for a limited period of time and others give you a limited amount of free landing page templates and options in the free version. Choose the best one that closely meets your needs.



Instapage recently hit the headlines by launching the first AMP landing page. AMP is slowly becoming the standard for the mobile websites. Even Google had introduced AMP for ads to load faster. I have made a detailed post on making AMP pages and AMP ads, take a look at it to get a better idea.

Getting on to its landing page capability, it is one of the best landing page creator out there in the market now. By adapting the AMP technology to the earliest itself you can understand how much updated they are in their business.


The plan starts from $69 per month and goes all the way up to your custom needs. Yes, the agency plan is priced at $179 per month and the enterprise model is a custom price. Definitely, the custom plan would be greater than $179 per month.

Instapage Landing page tool gives you fourteen day trial period. They even made an exclusive post on how to effectively use the InstaPage in the trial period, take a look at it before starting your trial version.


Speaking of the design of the readymade templates, they are super clean. I personally love minimal and clean designs and I really adore the Instapage templates for their clean design. You get over 200+ tested conversion centered design templates. The repository includes different categories. So you will always find a template for your campaign.


One of the advantages of using a professional landing page creators is you get plenty of integrations support. Being a WordPress maintenance and support service provider, our website is already filled with lots of tools. For some of the tools we manually have to integrate two or more WordPress plugins. In the case of premium tools like Instapage you already have integration solution for it. All you have to do is to download and use the plugin.

In all premium WordPress landing page plugins, drag and drop builder is a standard. The user interface is pretty much similar to the Visual Composer and Elementor page builders. So the learning curve won’t be too steep.

Other useful features are, you can collaborate with teams and can assign permissions. In the security and performance, you get SSL certificates, Global data center, and server uptime. Only one minor issue I feel is you get Google Analytics and Google Adwords integration in the custom price model only, but it is minor. The inbuilt tracking system itself does the job perfectly.



Unbounce is one of the best in class WordPress landing page and sales page creator. Many top brands like Vimeo, Stumbleupon, and Hootsuite uses Unbounce. What makes Unbounce different is the way they approach. In the enterprise model, you get separate managers for launch and for the customer success. So in the enterprise plan, you not only get their tools, you also get their service.

The most impressive case study is the Hotjar, heat map tool for websites. Even though I am not a big fan of popups, after reading their case studies on using popups to reach the goal it gave me some useful insight about popups.


The plan starts at $79 per month and the pricing bar gradually rises till the enterprise plan, which costs $399 per month. With Unbounce you get thirty days trial period, which is pretty decent than the instapage. In the one month, you can have an overall idea of how far the tool will be useful for you.


Unbounce have a large archive of conversion-oriented design templates. Like the Instapage, the Unbounce also have templates for all types of lead generation. Apart from the landing page template you also get templates for pop-ups and sticky bar.


Drag and drop landing page builder with the ability to make targeted popups and sticky bar. There are a number of web elements to create an interactive landing page, or you can simply choose a better template.

Conversion tools to help you track your performance. With its real-time dynamic report, you can get a clear insight. A feature which I feel interesting is the Brandable lead notification. You get a notification whenever you make a new lead. If you are an agency working for a client, you can send this report with your agency logo. Small but effective feature.

If you have a big team to manage your campaign, you can create roles and assign permissions for them. You get a better workflow. Unbounce also provides you SSL encryption, data centers around the globe and very good uptime record.

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Thrive Architect


Thrive Architect is a page builder tool. If you are already using Thrive theme then you must be already using this builder. Thrive is a whole package of marketing oriented products. It is completely different from the Unbounce and the Instapage. With Thrive you get conversion oriented WordPress themes, popup plugins, headline optimizer and much more. Thrive is an ecosystem, if you are an agency always making conversion oriented sites you should definitely check out their other products also.


Thrive follows different pricing models. Thrive Architect is sold as a license package, you have to pay only once. For single site alone you need to pay $67 and for fifteen sites you need to pay $147. If you are an agency you can go for their membership plans. It has two plans $19 per month and $49 per month, in the highest plan you can use all their themes and plugins for up to twenty-five websites.


Thrive gives you only a handful of templates. Thrive gives you forty plus templates, but where it differs is, all the template has detailed tutorials and some basic conversion based design tricks in their videos. You can use these tips to create your own conversion-focused landing pages.


Thrive architect is a page builder, drag & drop the elements to create your page, that’s all. If you are only looking for a tool to create a lead generation page this would do. Insta page and Unbounce are enterprise level software. Along with their page builder, you get services and for that, you have to pay a monthly subscription. With Thrive Architect you have to pay only once for the tool and you have lifetime access. For small businesses and solopreneurs Thrive architect is the best tool, you get conversion focused templates and also tutorials to create your own effective landing pages.



Leadpages tool is famous for creating interactive landing pages. With the close resemblance of the Elementor page builder user interface, this tool is easy to use. The features and the pricing make this WordPress landing page plugin a better fit for small businesses as well as big companies.


The pricing model of the Leadpages is quite interesting. You not only have the one-year plan option, you also have a two-year plan. Here is a small comparison, starter plan is $37 per month in the monthly scheme, but in the two-year scheme you just have to pay $17 per month. If your marketing strategy includes lots of campaigns for the next few years and if you think you will be using landing pages quite often for campaigns then long time investment would be great. You get 14 days trial period with this tool, so you can use and decide whether it really fits your needs.

Template (Free WordPress Landing Page Template)

Apart from the trial period option Leadpages also provides you free landing page templates. If you are in search of free landing page templates to use for your site these well-designed templates will help you. For paid customers, you get separate high-quality on-trend templates. The templates design covers all types of niches, you will find yours easily.


Being a dedicated software for lead capturing and conversion, you get all the basic testing and tracking features. Of course, you get a drag and drop builder. One unique feature you get with this tool is one clicks signup and SMS code opt-ins. Yes, you can reach your customers on their mobile. You get this one-click signup option only in the professional and advanced plans.



OptimizePress is a tool to create a landing page, sales page, and membership pages. They even have their own marketplace where you can find free and premium templates. Now recently from last year October, they also got into WordPress theme field with their Smart Theme. Like the Thrive themes, they are slowly building an ecosystem.


Just like the Thrive architect you only have to pay once for the software and you have lifetime access. Based on the number of sites you are going to use this tool the package varies. The plan starts from $97 for three sites and the top plan is $297 for ten sites. All the package includes one-year updates and supports. When the new version comes, you again have to buy one. But there is also a yearly renewal plan where you get continuous support and updates.


You have an innumerable amount of templates with OptimizePress. Since they have their own marketplace you can find both free and premium templates not only for the landing pages but also for other web related pages.


As a WordPress landing page plugin, it seamlessly works well with the WordPress. You can easily create any type of pages. Since it is slowly becoming an ecosystem you have a strong community and little extra perks for the club members.

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WishPond is a feature filled software package. This not only acts as a WYSIWYG editor but also as an email marketing tool and popup tool. As most of the WordPress landing page plugin, this premium tool also has plenty of integration options to extend its functionalities with other famous services.


Wishpond follows a subscription-based pricing model. The starting plan is $49 per month and the top plan is $199 per month for ten-thousand leads. Pricing doesn’t vary on the number sites you use this tool, it varies on the number of leads you capture. The final rapid growth plan is a flexible plan, based on the number of leads you need to capture the price increases.


Wishpond only gives you enough template options to choose from. All templates are accessible in the premium plan that also only within the tool.


As a builder, you get all the drag and drop options and some basic performance tracking options. Other useful features would be email marketing, popup builder, marketing automation options and lead database management.

Alternate or Free WordPress Landing Page Plugins

These options are sort of free WordPress landing page plugins but they are not completely free plugins. Chances are there you are already using these tools on your site, so you can use them to create your own landing page templates.

Page Builders

Most of the premium themes come with a page builder as a built-in option. The predominant page builder in the WordPress market is Divi builder and the Visual Composer. If you are already using one you can use it to create a landing page. Some of the best page builders which can help you create effective landing pages are.

Some of the premium themes have their own page builders like the Thrive themes. If you are using any such custom page builder ask your theme author whether it is able to create an effective landing page. Most of the time these page builders also act as a perfect WordPress landing page plugins.

Email Marketing Tools

If you are using famous premium email marketing tools like

you already have the option to create your own landing pages using their form generation WYSIWYG tools. Some of the famous email marketing tools give you separate option to create landing pages. Other email marketing tools give you the option to integrate them with professional landing page generation tools like Instapage, Unbounce, etc.; mentioned above.

Wrap Up

These are some of the best WordPress landing page plugins you can use for your site. Most of the premium tools provide WordPress plugins to make integration easier. If you need a more professional approach with expert advice and services go for the professional landing page plugins, they worth the monthly subscription. If you are just looking for a tool to create a landing page then you can use the page builders used in your premium WordPress themes. What’s your favorite email marketing tool? Mention it in the comment section below.

Happy website!!

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