10 Best Heatmap Plugins To Analyse Your WordPress Website Performance


Ever wonder what your customers do on your site? Which is the most interactive element on your site? Well, you no need to wonder anymore. These are the best customer tracking tools you can use to study your visitors. These heatmap plugins not only provides just an AR layer over your website, they also provide in-depth analytics of your site performance.


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Crazy Egg is one of the most popular heatmap tool among the web masters. It offers different types of heat maps like click heatmaps, mouse cursor heatmaps, scroll heatmaps and confetti heatmap. Confetti heat map is the unique feature of this plugin.

Confetti heat map allows you to divide the heatmap data into traffic sources. With this, you can get a clear view of the user interaction data from different channels. That is if you are getting traffic from social media and organic traffic, the user interaction from social media and organic traffic is shown separately.

It is a premium plugin, the pricing starts from $9/ month for 10,000 visitors and 10 active pages. All plans come with a one-month free trial. The Plus side of this plugin is you can use this plugin or multiple sites by just installing the plugin and logging into your account. But be aware the traffic in the second is also calculated as one, not separately.



Mouseflow is another best heatmap tool to bring the user one step closer to your sales funnel. Mouseflow offers click heat maps, scroll heatmaps, movement heatmap, and attention heatmap. The special feature of the Mouseflow is it helps you to record the user session on your site.

The recording option captures your user’s screen as soon as they enter your site and records only when the user is on your site. Another useful feature offered by Mouseflow is form analytics, it shows the detailed report on when the user abandoned the forms. Pricing for Mouseflow starts at $19/month for 1,000 recorded sessions. This plugin pricing is based on a per-site basis.

Lucky Orange


Lucky Orange gives you a more professional approach of lead generation. It gives you a dashboard to monitor your site performance, where you can have an overall look of your website performance.

The special feature of this plugin is, it offers a live chat software, hence it becomes an (interaction plugin) as well. Another useful feature is the visitor’s polls, the other features are forms analytics, conversion funnels, and heat map options. Hence it is a complete package plugin, for the money you pay. The pricing for Lucky Orange starts from $10 / month for 25,000 page views on single site.

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Inspectlet is a premium brand trusted customer tracking tool. Even the WordPress itself uses this software to track their visitor. The reason is the powerful features it offers and it is also easy to integrate and use. This plugin gives you heat maps for the clicks, cursor movement, and scrolling.

The conversion funnel analytics is the most notable feature of this plugin, you can segment the user based on all possible scenarios with the very powerful filtering feature called tagging filter. With this filter option, you can track every single user who returns to your site. The pricing for Inspectlet starts from $39 per month with 5000 recorded sessions and is limited to 1 site. There is also a free plan by which you can make up to 100 recordings.



Heatmap.me is a dedicated tool for the heatmap alone. The benefit of this is, it shows live heat map for your site as the users come and interacting your site. Marketing is all about perfect timing, right? This plugin does its job perfectly at the precise timing. With the plugin you also get a JavaScript code that loads asynchronously without slowing down your website, to make this live data sharing possible. The notable user-friendly feature is the augmented reality report, that shows the report on your site.

The plan starts at $100 per month for unlimited pages on a single site and there is also a free version, in which you can add up to 5 pages on one site.

Heat Maps by SumoMe


SumoMe is one of the best company, that offers better solution even in the free versions. Heat maps are one of it free solution, but there is a pro version also for more advanced features. But get all the basic features like heat maps for click, real-time tracking and page wise report.

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Ptengine is a visual analytics tool. It shows the stats about your site in a more interactive way plus you get the heat map for your site. It offers click, conversion tracking, scroll and attention heatmaps. When you say analytics tool, they also provide you option to scale your performance. This tool provides you A/B testing option between two heat maps. Like in the Google analytics tool you can segment the users based on the device and performance of each page.

Ptengine provides you 15 day trial of their application, later you have to upgrade to a plan. You also have a free plan in which you are limited to two heat and 10000 page views.



Clicktale is a enterprise level, even big brands like Adobe, Adidas and Godaddy are using this software. With Clicktale you are not only receiving heatmap solution, they provide a wide range of solution that covers everything to run an online business effectively. Let us leave other services behind, in the heatmap solution you get features like session recording, heatmap, and ClickTale Touch.

Since it offers so many features for the big brands, they can’t make a standard price chart. You have to get to them directly and based on your needs, they make a custom plan for you. But you get a free plan to try out their software, in which you can track 400 page views per month.



SeeVolution is the second heatmap software I enjoyed using after the Lucky Orange. SeeVolution also provides your a clean looking dashboard, literally you can see everything on your site at a glance on the dashboard. Integrating SeeVolution with WordPress is much simpler, all you have to do is to copy and paste their tracking code on your site, that’s it.

With this plugin, you get features like click heatmaps, mouse movement heat maps, scroll heatmaps, and real-time analytics. The plan starts at $29/month billed annually, in which you get 300 monthly visits.

Session Cam


Recording your users movement on the site, is the dedicated feature the Session Cam tool offers. You get this feature as an add-on feature in many of the heatmap plugins itself. But it is solely developed for recording sessions, you will have a small extra benefit in the usability.

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