Elementor Vs VisualComposer (WPBakery) Which Page Builder Is For You?


Page builders made the life simpler as never before for the users, especially for the people without coding knowledge. All you have to do is to drag and drop the elements you want on the web page. As I have shared my views with Wix Vs WordPress, the visual builder is the most positive side of the WIX CMS.


Though WordPress is planning to bring its own visual editor after the development of the Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0, but it can’t be expected at least for this year. Because in our latest Gutenberg editor review we found a lot of variation after our initial impressions. Yes, the development is going in the positive direction but it will take some time to make it perfect for the general audience usage.

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Saying that in this post we are going to compare one of the prominent WordPress page builder VisualComposer by WPBakery and the fresh page builder Elementor. We all know about VC and every WordPress users may come across this page builder at least once in their WordPress journey. Elementor page builder has lots of unique features, which is also very useful that will come in handy in your day to day task of WordPress website customization and WordPress maintenance.

User Interface

As I was mentored by the website designing people in my earlier stage, I usually first notice the design and the user interface of the software and websites. Visual Composer and Elementor have their own approach in the user interface. Visual Composer gives you two options,

Frontend editor – you can have a live preview of the elements you are adding and the changes you make to the web elements.


Backend editor – This is something I mostly prefer. You can think am bit old school, but I got used to it from the beginning. In this method, you have to add blocks to the web page by imaginarily deciding which element will come where and the spacing adjustment you have to make.


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Elementor, on the other hand, gives you a straightforward user interface. It gives you only one option, live editor i.e, the front end editor. This interface reminds me of the Gutenberg editor, but instead of the small + sign you have a permanent sidebar for holding the elements.


Customizing and Styling

The most important point to be noted while selecting a page builder. As the primary audience for the page builder are the people without coding knowledge, even the advanced customization options are also to be made simple.

VisualComposser Customization Features

Visual Composer gives you an unlimited option to customize the web elements, especially in the backend editor mode. With its block interface for first timers, it will take time to understand which value is for which. Mostly your customization option will be in the following sections,

  • Margin/padding
  • Borders
  • Background

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For each column again you get a different set of customization options. The most useful feature in the column section is you can configure the changes for the mobile devices also, like which options to show and which one to hide.

Elementor Styling Options

In this section, Elementor developers have poured a lot of efforts to make it simple. This particular segment also allows you to upload your own custom CSS. This option is not there in VC, you can only make custom CSS classes but you can’t upload a complete custom CSS sheet. You also get all the styling and adjustment features you get in the Visual Composer.

Premade Web Elements

Web elements are the features that are gonna help you create web pages almost instantly. As many web elements as you have, that much time you can save while creating a web page.

Web Elements in Visual Composer

Since Visual Composer is with almost all the reputed premium WordPress themes it gets better and better in the course of time. At present, it has almost 50 pre-made web elements and has more than 200 add-ons. So name the element you need it will be present in the WPBakery’s Visual Composer page builder plugin.


Web Elements in Elementor

The Elementor also provides you an equal amount of pre-made web elements for you. As of now, you get around 50 elements in the pro version. The best part you get some advanced animated elements pre-bundled in it.


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Template Library and Reusability

Both the page builders offer you pre-designed templates to help you create pages within minutes. You get a fairly equal amount of collection in both the page builders, what differs is the quality of the design and the ease of reusing the templates.

Visual Composer Template Library

In this sector, I think that the Visual Composer lags a bit. You get 85+ pre-designed templates with the option to add and save your own design templates for later usage. Where Visual Composer lag is the template design feels bit outdated and the process of calling the saved templates could have been made simpler.


Elementor Template Library

Elementor Template Library is filled with modern and trendy design templates. You get 120+ predesigned template. You get access to the premade templates from the front end editor and you can add your own templates easily as you add pages normally in the WordPress from the admin dashboard. Elementor also gives you the option to save each segment as templates as you create in the live editor.


In addition, to create and maintain your templates easily, Elementor in the pro version provides you the option to add template anywhere on the template with the shortcode feature.

Which One is For You?

Visual Composer page builder is well grown matured page builder. Since a wide range of people is using it, the page builder gradually evolves. On the other hand, Elementor page builder is a fresh new page builder with modern features and trendy concepts. Both page builders completely have a different approach towards the page editing. You are the one who have to decide which method suits best for your work. There is also other famous page builder like Beaver Builder and Divi builder. For the fact, DIVI has released its latest iteration at the end of the last year. There are more interesting features to be explored. We will be covering other two page builders in our forthcoming posts.

Hope you fellas have enjoyed this post. Share your thought below in the comment section below. Happy website!!

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