Best WordPress Comment Plugins to Improve The Engagement Rate


Comment system helps you to interact with your readers. For every blogger getting a comment from a user is like getting an Oscar. In the fast online world, most of the readers love to share the content in the social media and like it, but the rate of commenting has come down.


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Having a comment system enables you to provide a healthier environment for the readers to share their thoughts. But the comment area is also the number one spot for spam bots to post a spam link. As a blogger, it is our responsibility to keep the comment area clean. We also can’t read and moderate every comment in a post, thankfully there are comment plugins to help you with this. Following are the best WordPress comment plugins that help you improve the engagement rate.

Default WordPress Comment System

For most of the beginners and new sites using a default WordPress comment system is the best solution. As the site is new, the probability of getting a comment is low. Even if you get comments those will be from the person whom we share and most probably the rest of the comment will be spam links.

We can easily moderate and trash the unwanted comments. The biggest advantage of the raw comment system is that the user can simply enter their name, email address and leave the comment. Some of the comment systems require an account to comment in its comment system, some of the user found this annoying and they leave the effort to share their comments with you.

Disqus Comment System

Disqus is one of the most popular comment systems and it is also known for many controversies. Some top bloggers and blogs have been using the comment system, but few years due to several security issues they have discontinued the Disqus Comment system. Even some WordPress users marked removing Disqus in their WordPress website security checklist.

The problem is that Disqus gathers the information of the people commenting on your blog, even if you turn this option off, Disqus continued tracking the user. Some user saw promoted ads in their comment section, it raised a lot of complaints. So the bloggers have to leave the Disqus comment system.

WPBeginner has shared their experience with Disqus in detail, please take a look at it for more detailed information.

Disqus says it fixed this issue. The advantage of Disqus is it owns a community and the like-minded people will comment on your post from their Disqus dashboard itself. You can make a healthy relationship with the readers. To comment user have to create an account in Disqus or they can use their Facebook account to login. Disqus also made the moderation easier for the web admins.


  • Syncs comments automatically with WordPress for backup and flexibility
  • Loads asynchronously with advanced caching so that Disqus doesn’t affect your site’s performance
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Analytics dashboard for measuring overall engagement on your site

Jetpack Comments

Jetpack comment system is an official product of WordPress. All you need is an account in to activate the plugin from the admin side. The installation of the plugin is simple and easy.

It gives you the option to choose a custom comment prompt message. Since the plugin is from the WordPress, it can be customized easily to match the look of your theme. Moderating can be done easily with this WordPress comment plugin easily. The spam filtering option is only available in the premium version.

One drawback of this WordPress comment plugin is, it is a heavy plugin. Comparatively the newer version size is reduced a lot from the previous version., it made the WordPress websites load faster than before. To comment user have to login to the social media accounts or to the account.


  • Email subscriptions
  • Comment login with Facebook, Twitter, and Google
  • Fully-customizable contact forms
  • Infinite scroll for your posts

Facebook Comments

Getting a comment on the blog is difficult, but getting a comment on Facebook is easy. The Facebook Comments is the same commenting system of the Facebook social media. It has its own benefits and drawbacks.

The plus point is you have the probability of getting a lot of interactions. The con of this WordPress comment plugin is that you get an unmanageable amount of comments and spam comments.

Your comment section is totally dependable on one social media. Some of the users don’t like Facebook commenting segment. Apart from that, this WordPress comment plugin is easy to set up. All the interface and management follows the familiar Facebook comment system.


  • Hide/show Facebook comments on posts/pages/home page.
  • You can customize Width of the comment box.
  • You can choose color scheme (Light or Dark)
  • Shortcode for templates or posts/pages/home page.
  • Multi-languages support is also available.

Yoast Comment Hacks


Yoast comment hacks is an interesting WordPress comment plugin. If the user is logged into a social media and the user comments on your website for the first time they will be taken to a thank you page, for taking time to comment on your blog.

The setup and management of this WordPress comment plugin are easy. This plugin gives you features like clean email notification for new comments, you can set limit the character limit for the comment.


  • Cleaner comment notification emails.
  • The option to disallow comments below and above a certain length.
  • The option to redirect first-time commenters to a thank you page.
  • Links in the admin comments section to email individual commenters.

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Replyable formerly known as Postmatic, helps you to manage and reply to the comments from your inbox itself. When a user leaves a comment the blog author and the admin will get a notification to the connected email address. From the inbox itself, you can make a reply, it will be displayed as a comment on your blog.

Installing and setting this WordPress comment plugin is easy. You can download this plugin from plugin directory itself, and it is a free plugin. This plugin gives you the option to customize the email template. It can be integrated with the WordPress native default comment system and wp Discuz easily. Comment moderation can also be done easily.


  • Subscribe to Comments
  • Single-click migration from legacy Subscribe to Comments plugins
  • Responsive templates
  • Users can subscribe to all comments on a post, or choose to just receive direct replies to their own comments.
  • Automatic pausing of subscriptions on chatty posts


wpDiscuz work on the native WordPress comment system. It gives you the option to make custom comment form and fields. The user can login with their social account to comment in the blog. This plugin is mobile responsive and also have nested comment features.

This WordPress comment plugin gives you options like

  • Custom comment forms
  • Comment fields can also be customized
  • Custom template
  • Custom style

Since the plugin is built on the WordPress native comment system it can be integrated with comment plugins easily to extend its functionalities. It is a free plugin but you have to pay for the addons to get advanced features.

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What’s Your Choice

These are the best WordPress comment plugins you can use for your WordPress website. You can’t pick a plugin as the best plugin for these options, each has one unique option. Based on your needs select the best one for you.

Happy website!!

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