WordPress 5.0 Sneak Peek (Part-2) Gutenberg Editor 1.6 Review


Have you ever used WordPress.com text editor recently? If yes, the following Gutenberg editor 1.6 review will be similar to your WordPress.com text editor experience.


Few months before we made our initial impressions on Gutenberg 0.3 version. If you are following our WordPress roundup news you might have noticed that at least one news will be there in the roundup regarding the Gutenberg.

The new text editor is developing rapidly and has lots of updates in the 1.6 version. How much has Gutenberg editor improved? That’s what we are going to see in this review.

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WordPress 5.0 and Release Date

WordPress 5.0 is the most awaited version of WordPress users and developers. There are lots of new features are to be introduced in the WordPress 5.0.

Since the expected release of WordPress 5.0 is next year and there is a customizer up in the queue, which is needed to be developed after the Gutenberg final release; you can expect more WordPress 5.0 sneak peek series. To stay updated subscribe to our newsletter; if you haven’t yet.

We have shared the WordPress expert view in our previous WordPress 5.0 sneak peek part, please take a look to know more about WordPress 5.0.

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What’s new in Gutenberg Editor 1.6

Gutenberg editor has a lot of visual improvements and made the navigation between the options simpler than in its previous version.

There are almost 60+ updates in this version, you can check the complete list in the Make WordPress Core Forum.

As per to my WP Team Support Geek mates, the major effort is taken to make the Gutenberg editor more light on the WordPress. To make it sure, I have dug a lit and found that Joen Asmussen, Gutenberg designer has told;

[blockquote]”Concerns have been noted that it feels heavy, there are many toolbars, options, and it gets in the way of writing.”[/blockquote]

After the review, I also find that the concern for heaviness has been taken care. I think the concern for options getting in the way of writing needs to be fixed a bit more; maybe we can expect this in the future updates.

[pro_tip title=”Major Updates in Gutenberg Editor 1.6″]

  • The block toolbar has been moved to the header
  • Easy selection of blocks using the arrow keys and navigation using the arrow keys are also improved
  • Keyboard shortcuts are added to improve the navigation
  • More performance improvements


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Improved Interface

As you can see from the above update notes, most of the updates about the interface and navigation improvements.

Revisiting Gutenberg editor from 0.3 version, I can instantly feel the difference in the new version. I am also working with WordPress.com site, just like in that the new text editor option is moved to the header section.

It is the most comfortable position than the initial on-screen placement but still, there is this small + icon sitting next to your blocks; in thought to make the text editing easier, I will talk about it little later.

Most of the options are still there in the new version. If you have noticed any of the feature missing, let me know in the comment section.

A three dot option will be shown when you are on a clock, it helps you to edit the particular block alone. You get three options in the editor;

  • Settings – options available for the particular block type. Based on the type of block editor you have chosen, the settings options vary.
  • Edit as HTML – This one is normal “Text” view you see in the present WordPress editor.
  • Delete – To delete the block.

There are some interesting features in the Settings option for the paragraph block. Now you can change the color of a particular block. I don’t know how many of you will use this option, but the option is there.

Blog alignment option helps you to change the alignment of the block. If you want to place the image to the left and the text to the right you can easily do with the alignment option. Have to see how this is going to appear in the custom themes with layout restrictions, even it doesn’t work with the default WordPress twenty seventeen theme.

Text color helps you to change the color of the texts in a particular block.

[pro_tip title=”Note:”]The text color applies to the entire texts in the block. You can’t select and give color to a word alone.[/pro_tip]

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Improvement In Navigation

Navigation is better than the last iteration but still, need to improve. From the above update note, you may notice that most of the navigation updates revolve around the arrow keys. Everything works perfectly when you select or navigate in one direction of the arrow key.

For example; I use to select and change the texts with the keyboard shortcuts, shift +arrow keys. When I select texts using the left keys and in order to unselect a character when I press the right key the whole selection moves out from that block. If you press again the next block gets selected.

The small + sign is still there in the editing space to make the editing more simpler. To be frank, it is quite annoying; whenever I move my mouse the options are shown, but now it only shows the recent options it is better now.


Another positive improvement is now you can add a block between existing block easily by the small + sign you get between the blocks.


One improvement I would like to see in the next update is the option to change the block type. For example, if add a paragraph block and if I want to make it a list block, again I have to add a separate list block.

Speaking of list option, in order to make a text into an ordered list or unordered list I always use the keyboard shortcut, here in the Gutenberg editor I miss this option. Wish there will be more keyboard shortcuts in the next updates.

Next important thing is the permalink option. Permalink is pretty much most pro bloggers loves to customize it based on their keyword. Here you get an option to see the permalink and copy the permalink when you hover over your heading block, but there is no editing option. This is a feature I expect must to be taken care of in the next update.


Code Snippet

Another huge improvement that a tech and tutorial blogger like me find useful is, now you can add code snippets easily plus you also have the option to add custom HTML option.

We also get an option to call the shortcodes easily, but you have to select the corresponding Shortcodes option or else your shortcode will be treated as text only.

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Final Thoughts

After playing with the Gutenberg text editor 1.6 version I feel like; You have to select the type box you want to add before you adding the text.

For me, I put the thoughts first and arrange them presentably later. In the Gutenberg editor, you have to decide your article structure as you type the article. For a Google docs guy like me, Gutenberg has to do a lot more to make my job easier.

The only thing that concerns me is, I usually finish the article in Google docs and move it to the WordPress easily in the TEXT view. After using Gutenberg, I think either I have to either copy text block by block or have to find a plugin to make my job easier.

What’s your thought about the Gutenberg Editor 1.6 and thought about using it as future editor in WordPress 5.0? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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