WordPress Monthly Roundup October 2017: WPTS Monthly Schedule #4


Howdy fellow WordPress enthusiasts, glad you make it to our WordPress roundup October 2017 edition. This is our fourth episode, we been consistently delivering news related to WordPress customization and support services collected from around the internet; that improves your WordPress website.


Lately, we have been receiving requests to add blog posts to our roundup. We are overwhelmed by your response; we would like to regulate the requests to make it easy for you to submit your posts. I have talked about this in the later part of this post after the roundup news, continue reading the WordPress roundup.

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If you are a WordPress developer, you might have seen a lot of notable updates released by WordPress last month. As usual, we have a lot of improvements in the Gutenberg editor than in the previous month. Let’s get into this month newsify segment.

PHP Meeting Recap – October 30th

To all plugin and theme authors, this must be familiar. In case you missed it here is a short summary. In this meeting developers have talked about the before upgrading PHP, even a google docs page for it has been published, so take a look at it for the detailed procedure.

They also discussed about the PHP Compatibility Checker plugin by WP Engine and also updating the plugin to make it 5.2 compatible and make it automatically scan for all recommended PHP version rather than searching for the user specified PHP version.

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Improvements to the Customize JS API in 4.9

The JS API update makes the WordPress customizer more user-friendly and also developer friendly. In the new update for the user following updates will be experienced;

drafting/scheduling of changesets, autosave revisions, changeset post locking, frontend public previews, a new experience for browsing and installing themes, updated nav menu creation UX, and the code editing improvements for the Custom HTML widget and Additional CSS.
For developers, extending the customizer is made simpler. This JS API update can dynamically instantiate additional constructs at any time thereafter in a Customizer session.

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How To Boost Your WordPress Site and Business with Uptime Monitoring (Infographic)

Uptime monitoring is one of the necessary chores that is to be done in a regular WordPress maintenance. If you are running a professional website, then uptime monitoring is a must.

In this infographic, the goodness of using an uptime monitoring is explained visually in detail.

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WordPress Security Fundamentals: How to Not Get Hacked

Recovering a hacked site is a hectic job. Preventing your site from getting hacked is lot more simpler than recovering a hacked site, being a WordPress support service provider even for us it takes days to recover a hacked site. This post has discussed in detail about the security fundamentals you have to follow in a WordPress website.

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How to Reduce HTTP/S Requests in WordPress

Increasing your site speed is one of the important factors we concentrate more as a WordPress website developers. To increase your WordPress website there are multiple ways to do it; reducing the number of request to the server impact the site speed hugely than any other measure you take to increase your WordPress website. In this post, Brenda Barron has explained it in detail.

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AMP news: Where are we now?

Google has silently rolling mobile first index ranking system, now how your websites perform on the mobile devices counts a lot to Google ranking. AMP is the official mobile website standard published by Google, recently AMP ads also introduced. We made a dedicated post on how to make an AMP website, please take a look at that for detailed review.

Here YOAST have mentioned some of the tricks and SEO tips for your AMP WordPress site.

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How to Fix a 504 Gateway Timeout Error on Your WordPress Site

In simple words, for security reasons server gateway opens on a request for only a certain period of time, if your request is able to retrieve data within that time then you will get the 504 timeout error.

If you are coding enthusiast, the first thing that strike is to check and tweak the php.ini file to increase the memory and timing. Kinsta has told you the best possible alternate you can use to fix the gateway timeout error.

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What’s new in Gutenberg? (31st October)

Gutenberg editor is growing at a fast phase, we made a review for the 0.3 version on July. Now, it has grown lot more better than what we reviewed. Soon we will be sharing our experience with the new version shortly.

Meanwhile here the developers have shared their thoughts, take a look here.

Read full story here>>

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What’s New

This month these WordPress plugin collections helps you to improve the productivity of your WordPress website.


The Paste

Am not a fond user of WordPress text editor, even after Gutenberg I don’t think it will replace the Google docs. One of the feature I use predominantly is copying and pasting the images and the screenshots, in WordPress you have to drag and upload it. The Paste plugin helps you to just copy and paste the image to improve your workflow.

Show Visitor IP

In the data centric online world; the better you know about your customer, the better you can improve your business strategy. The Show Visitor IP plugin helps you to see the user’s IP Address & visitor location.

Minimum Featured Image Size

This plugin sets the minimum width and height for the featured image, this can improve the visual aesthetic by following uniform size. If an image with larger size is selected, an error message will be displayed to the users.

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Submitting Your Contents and Plugins

As said at the beginning of the post, thanks for the overwhelming support and interest for sharing your post’s with us. To make the submission process more simple and to get response from the corresponding team, we request to submit your posts and plugin to the content team email address.

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That’s all for this month roundup, next time I will try to bring you more interesting news and plugins to improve your WordPress experience. Happy website!!

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