How To Restore WordPress Website From Backup Swiftly and Safely


WordPress backup is one of the most important processes in regular WordPress maintenance. There are lot of ways you can backup your WordPress website. Based on the method you choose to backup, the process to restore WordPress website also varies. If you are restoring your WordPress website after a security issue or a hack, then you have to be very cautious in the process to restore WordPress website. In this post we are going to see all the best possible ways to restore your WordPress website swiftly and also safely.


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Note: In this post it is consider that you have made a complete backup of your site. If you have made only partial backup, make sure you download all the files from your server database before proceeding to restore WordPress website. To avoid loss of data and files.

Types Of WordPress Backup Process

As said before the restore process is based on the type of backup process you made. In general, the backup can be done by two methods

  • Backup with a plugin – the most common and the easiest way
  • Manual Backup – the professional way

If you made a backup with a plugin then with the same plugin only you can restore the backup. It is always wise to keep a regular backup even if your site is hacked or contains any malware you can easily restore the version that is free from the malicious software and programs.

[pro_tip title=”Pro Tip:”]Always maintain different sets of backups in different locations. Even if you have a problem with one backup, there is another to help you out.[/pro_tip]

How to Restore WordPress Website With a Plugin

If you have made a backup with a plugin, you can easily restore WordPress website easily with that plugin itself. The most commonly preferred and used backup plugins are

I will explain with these plugins, for now, most of the backup plugins provide the restore options and restoring process varies.

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How To Restore WordPress From BackupBuddy Backup

BackupBuddy is a premium plugin they made the restoring process simpler, that is you can restore your complete site within few clicks.

After creating a backup for your site and downloading the backup ZIP file to your system, go to BackupBuddy > Restore/Migrate there download the importbuddy.php file.You will be prompted to enter your password. This file is going to act as a one-click install manager to restore WordPress database from backup.

After downloading the backup ZIP file and the importbuddy.php file. Log into your cPanel and delete all the pre-existing database files in the root directory.

Now your WordPress website root directory is clean as a slate. You can now upload your backup ZIP file and the importbuddy.php file.

After the upload is complete add importbuddy.php to your website’s URL path. For example, the page URL will be like this

Now the window will ask your importbuddy password to begin the restoring process. Enter the password and authenticate the process.


On the next screen, you will see the backup ZIP file you uploaded. In case if you have chosen a wrong backup ZIP file you can select the correct one from the Upload a backup file option.

Select whether you want to restore the files or database. In my case, I choose both the option and click restore backup

When you are restoring the website, you need to create a new database and have to provide the URL path to the database to store.

We have already emptied your WordPress website’s database. For a hacked site it is better to create a new database.

Now importbuddy files get into action to restore WordPress from the backup. Unzipping of the backup ZIP files and placing them in the new database all are done automatically. After completing the restoring process following window will be shown.

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Clear Extra Files Came With Your Backup

Since it is an automated process now your database will have additional files in your database; these files helped you in the automation. You can clean this additional files by clicking the Finish Cleanup.


Before clicking the Finish clean up, verify your site. Check your restored website for any errors. If you are restoring your website from partial backup, don’t forget to upload the rest of the files you have downloaded separately.

How To Restore WordPress From UpdraftPlus Backup

UpdraftPlus stands second to the BackBuddy based on the number of users it has. It is a freemium plugin; you can do a primary backup and restore it in the free version itself. In the premium version, you get advanced functionality like a vault, migrating option, remote storage.

First, you need to create a backup with the UpdraftPlus plugin. Log into your cPanel, delete all pre-existing database files in the root directory.

Now your website will look like a fresh install. Configure your WordPress dashboard with new username and password. Log into your WordPress dashboard, install the updraftplus plugin.

Go to Settings > UpdraftPlus Backups and click on the restore button. In that select the Upload backup files option


Select the backup ZIP file downloaded and click restore. You will get a popup asking you to select the components you need to restore.

The extraction of the backup ZIP files starts now, and the process to restoring your WordPress website begins. After completing the  WordPress website restore process, the success page appears.

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How to Restore WordPress Site From Cpanel

If you made a manual backup; restore WordPress site from Cpanel is the simplest and the most comfortable way. Log into your cPanel, under file section click the backups. In it, under the Restore a MySQL database option choose the Backup ZIP file you have created.

Click restore database. Now you have restored your WordPress website from the manual backup you have created.

How to Restore WordPress Site Using phpMyAdmin

Restore WordPress from the cPanel is a manual process to restore your WordPress website. If you manually backup your WordPress website then use this method.

In this method, you can restore your WordPress website in two ways. Either by entirely dropping your database and creating a new one, or you can just drop the files in the database and import the files to the existing database.

The first one is identical to a hacked website. For more reliable and secure process I will go by creating a new database.

Drop all the database and files from your root directory as mentioned in the BackupBuddy process. After clicking the MYSQL database, the following screen appears.


After creating a database, you will be asked to create a new user and a password. After creating a new user to the database, you have to add that user to the database.

From the drop-down menu select the new database created and assign it to the new user you have created. Now your new database is ready.

Next, we have to get into the phpMyAdmin option. In the phpMyAdmin panel select the import option. In that choose the backup ZIP file you have manually created.


Now you have to configure the new database to the WordPress, for that you need to add your new database settings into your wp-config.php file. You can create a wp-config.php file easily from the wp-config-sample.php file. The sample config file will be there by default when you make the WordPress install on the server.

In the wp-config-sample.php file do the following changes

[code language=”php”]
// ** MySQL settings – You can get this info from your web host ** //
/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define( ‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’ );

/** MySQL database username */
define( ‘DB_USER’, ‘username_here’ );

/** MySQL database password */
define( ‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here’ );

/** MySQL hostname */
define( ‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’ );

Place the new database name, username and password in the required field and save the file by removing sample and as wp-config.php

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Restore Your WordPress Website

So these are the most commonly used methods to restore WordPress website database and files. Again if you made a partial backup; before starting to restore WordPress website make sure that you download all the files that are not covered in your partial backup.

The most common problems that hit while restoring the WordPress websites are

If you have any problem like these, never fear we are here to help you with our WordPress support services. If you are not aware of our 30 mins free job for new WP Team Support users, you can fix small issues with our experts easily.

Until next time; Cheers!!!

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