WordPress Monthly Roundup September 2017: WPTS Monthly Schedule #3


Welcome to the third episode of WP Team Support’s WordPress roundup of September 2017. If you have been following our blog you might be knowing what we discuss here. For new readers, WordPress round-up edition consists of best and must-read news about WordPress.


From all around the internet, we collect hot WordPress news, new plugins that you should give a try and lot more. Let’s get into this month WordPress roundup.

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This month newsify comes with lots of product updates and new product launches. As like in the past month the buzz of Gutenberg editor continues this month also. In the last month, we have seen that it has some issues in the HTML snippet adding, it has been fixed in its latest iteration. Without further due let’s get into September Newsify.

Orphaned content filter – new feature in Yoast SEO premium

Orphaned contents are the one which causes a serious adverse effect on the content, which you make after hours of research and writing. These contents are the one which do not get any text link to them. So only interlinking your post is very important in SEO practice.

So try to add interlinking in your link building strategy. Now with the help of the Yoast, you won’t leave any abandoned contents behind you. But this option is available in the premium plan only.

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How to Use Divi’s New Animation Effects

Divi is one of the ancient page builder in the WordPress world just like Aztec empire. But this empire is clever, they keep themselves updated with new trends. The Divi builder updates also created a lot of hype just like Gutenberg editor.

Divi planned to release 6 part series sneak peek about its new features. In its first part they have shared how to use divi’s new animation effects.

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What’s new in Gutenberg Editor?

With this release Gutenberg allows you to make edits and tweaks to the HTML of individual blocks, without having to hunt for the relevant code in the full document view.


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8 Critical Tests to Run Before Launching Your New Website

Drag and drop page builders made the building of websites simpler. Even beginners can make the websites they want within minutes without any coding knowledge. This leads to some serious technical problems later to these websites either by SEO or by the site performance.

There are some basic testing that a new website must undergo. That’s what explained in this post in Detail.

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Should You Add Push Notifications To Your WordPress Website?

Engaging customers is one of the most important part of any website. Letting your readers know about your new post increase the reach of your content at a stretch. This can be done through email marketing but in this mobile era push notifications plays a major role.

This post tells in detail about the pros & cons of push notification and also the plugins you can make use of.

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Call for Testing: WordPress for iOS 8.6

Iphone hype caught the WordPress developers also this time, but it’s regarding the development. With the release of the iOS 11 the WordPress for iOS undergone several fixes.

If you are one of such WordPress enthusiastic developer who tries for the community like most of the developers in our WordPress customization service team. You can beta test it for the community.

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How to Use the WordPress Loop to Style Your First Post Differently

Like messing with the looks of the Android phones, I personally love to customize the look of my website. Especially the blog area, how my post shows on my blog page. The latest post must be different from the others, the featured posts must be unique, like this the list goes on.

This can be done by playing with the WordPress Loop, this post helps you in detail how to do this.

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A small business guide to choosing a website firewall [infographic]

A Web Application Firewall (WAF), more commonly known as a website firewall, is the key to making sure malicious attacks are neutralized at their source. In this post, Godaddy explains about why and how to enable WAF on your website.

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Know Before You Fix


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How To Create A Sidebar Widget With Social Monarch Plugin

What’s New in WordPress 4.9



How to disable Jetpack upsell ads

How to Use WordPress IFTTT Recipes to Automate Your Workflow

Add a site-wide dismissible notice bar to your WordPress website


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What’s New

This month in what’s new segment we’re going to see some interesting plugins you can use to engage your visitors and to optimize your WordPress website.


Widget Visibility Time Scheduler

The Widget Visibility Time Scheduler enables you to set the period and weekdays of the visibility of each widget easily. You can set to show or to hide the widget during the schedule.

Active installs: 1000+

Ratings: 5

Custom Bulleted Lists

WordPress provides basic bullet list options. But, they are basic in nature and are not visually appealing.

With Custom Bullet Lists for WordPress, you will get custom bullet styles in your post editor to use in your content. The plugin is easy to use and requires no coding, you can use the custom bullet styles from your post editor in the same way, as you use the default bullet lists

Active Installs: 100+

Ratings: Not rated yet

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Use Snippy to quickly create your own custom shortcodes. A Snippy shortcode is built by combining bits. A bit can be a file, like a Stylesheet or a Script, or a piece of code, like HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

The “code” bits can contain placeholders, which are automatically made accessible as shortcode attributes.

Active Installs: 20+

Ratings: 5

That’s all for this month roundup. In order to add your plugin or posts related WordPress customizations and tips in our next post. Reach us via the contact form and we will find a spot for you. Happy website!!

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