9 WordPress Mobile Responsive Plugins To Make & Customize Mobile Sites In Minutes

AUGUST 23, 2017  7 MINS READ

87% of the users turn to their smartphones first to search something. Saying that how to make WordPress website mobile friendly. There are many WordPress mobile responsive plugins to help you in this.


Before seeing the WordPress mobile responsive plugins if you are using responsive WordPress theme probably this will be taken care by your theme itself by default.

It doesn’t mean that you should leave this post I have also mentioned some interesting plugins you can use to make your website unique on mobile devices with your responsive theme. For people who are using non-responsive WordPress theme start from the list.

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WPtouch Mobile Plugin

WPtouch is an earlier version of the Google AMP project. This plugin allows you to create pages specifically for mobile screens. You can include or exclude the pages you want in the mobile version of your website.

WPtouch is in both free and premium versions. The premium version starts at $69


  • WP Touch gives you a powerful control panel to create your mobile version of your website.
  • Select the mobile phone screen and the mobile browsers to which the pages need to be made responsive
  • You can also control the menu option that can be shown in the mobile devices
  • Customize the theme color, header color and the typography for your mobile website

WordPress Mobile Pack


WordPress mobile pack is similar to the WPtouch plugin. It allows you to make your content fit exactly on any screen. The pages made by this WordPress mobile responsive plugins supports ios and android devices.

It also offers both free and pro version. The premium plan starts at $99 per year.


  • Create responsive menu option that fits any mobile screen using the responsive UI
  • Customize the theme appearance, header image, and the color
  • Sync your post, pages, and comments in a single click to your mobile version
  • Integrate your mobile version website to the google analytics easily
  • Turn your website into mobile app like interface to make your contents rich and more appealing

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Any Mobile Theme Switcher


Any mobile theme switcher detects the mobile browser your website is loading and based on the conditions you gave the pages load accordingly. It supports all the smart mobile device operating systems.

You can select a separate mobile theme for different browsers, devices also. It works with the W3Total cache to load your pages quickly.

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Google AMP Page Plugins

To make mobile search experience smooth and also to standardize the format of mobile website Google launch AMP project. In simple words, AMP pages are restricted or simplified version of HTML and CSS that act light on the mobile browser.

As of now, 2 billion AMP web pages are added. Google has also made its ad network AMP supported to make the ads load faster. I have already covered a step by step guide on how to create an AMP page. Here I will mention only the plugins that you can use.

AMP Plugin


AMP plugin is an official release from the Automattic to make the WordPress.org website AMP ready. WordPress.com websites are by default AMP ready.

Just like the WPTouch mobile plugin you get a powerful mobile website optimizer panel. But the options are limited you can customize only the theme background color and the text color. This plugin makes your job of creating AMP page easy in a single click.

AMP For WP Plugin


AMP for WP Plugin is a separate plugin that works along with the AMP plugin. It gives you plenty options to manage menu, social sharing options, organize the content blocks and much more.

AMP for WP also works with contact form 7, chat systems like DISQUS and you can also integrate Facebook posts, videos, and comments.

It also offers you premium extensions to make your WordPress e-commerce themewebsite AMP ready and also make your website handle Google AdSense in the AMP version and also can integrate analytics into it.

Glue For Yoast SEO and AMP


YOAST Glue helps you to manage you AMP pages easily and also helps you to apply the AMP pages to a specific post type and media attachments.

AMP for WP and AMP plugin by Automattic does not allow you to change the link colors and blockquotes. Using this plugin you can manage these features.

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Plugins To Make Mobile Sites Unique

All the above-mentioned plugins help you to make your website mobile responsive. In order to make your website you have to compromise with looks and have to leave some features like widget, menu options, and the images. But don’t worry there are some plugins that can help you with this.

Dynamic Widgets


To make your widgets mobile friendly you can use the Dynamic Widgets plugin. Widgets are the less annoying and also the best place to engage your visitor. You can manage your archives, error messages, tags, categories and a lot on your mobile website using this plugin.

Dynamic Widget gives you the option to show or hide widgets, you can set your conditions. You can also set separate rules for different browsers, language, post types, single posts and lot more.

Superfly — Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin


Superfly is a responsive menu plugins. You can create your own custom menus for your website with unique colors, background images and much more. It can be used as a stand alone menu navigation plugin or you can use it with the existing menu options.

You can add vertical and horizontal menu bars. Add effects like smooth scroll and you can also change your button shapes and colors

Set your own display rules of when and where the menu options should appear. Bored of normal text button then you can use the shiny icon bar to give interesting eye catching menu navigation options.

Most of the time the default responsive menu options come along with the your theme won’t be so attractive. To make your menu navigation options stand out on any device this plugin could help you.

It is a premium plugin costs $25 but it is worth the money. If you are really into the mobile website and want to add some interesting features, then this the plugin for you.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization


Smush Image Compression and Optimization from WPMU Dev helps you to optimize the images to load faster and also to reduce the webpage loading time.

[blockquote]”For every one-second delay in website loading you loss 20% of your conversion” – Google Marketing Next[/blockquote]

Saying that images are the heaviest parts in any webpages. As said before mobile users are very volatile of your website struggles to load they will just hit the back button.

Smush helps to optimize your images without making any compromise to the quality.

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Pick The WordPress Mobile Responsive Plugin You Want

So these are the WordPress mobile responsive plugins that could help you make your website mobile friendly. More than 60% of the internet traffic is from the mobile devices, it is wise to keep your website mobile ready.

E-commerce people should really think of making their website mobile responsive. In the marketing next program most of the talk is about generating revenue from the mobile ads and mobile e-commerce.

Other types of website owners it is up to you and your traffic. If you are receiving a reasonable amount of traffic from the mobile devices then it is worth investing in the premium plugins otherwise you can content yourself with the free plugin itself.

What’s your favorite plugin to customize your mobile version site? mention it in the comment section let’s share our ideas. Happy website!!

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