WordPress Monthly Roundup July 2017: WPTS Monthly Schedule #1

AUGUST 16, 2017  6 MINS READ

Hello there!! This is the first “WPTS monthly schedule” roundup of important events and topics around the web regarding the WordPress industry. Hereafter each month you can expect this to be posted to keep you folks updated about the WordPress industry.
Segments you get


In the monthly schedule you get the important news about WordPress, new WordPress updates and events. With the news you also get the following two segments

Know Before You Fix:

Along with that you will also get to know the most important blogs that we liked and also the blog that created a buzz among the WordPress people.

What’s New:

In the What’s new segment new plugins that you can use to customize, manage and to stay productive on your WordPress website.

Without further delay let’s get to our first WP Team Support Monthly Schedule

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The important announcement made in WordCamp Europe 2017 in june has gained a lot of momentum in the month of JULY.


Guessed what it is?? Yes, it is the Gutenberg editor. It’s aim is to replace the existing text editor with the new Gutenberg editor. It has different types of responses among the WordPress authors and enthusiasts.

Still it is in the development stage but it is growing rapidly. We also made a plugin review for 0.3 version now it has crossed the 0.7 version mark.

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WordPress 4.8.1 Maintenance Release

In the previous version 4.8 MCE function was included in the text widget this caused some issues for the people who had custom text widget. With this update the issues have been fixed. If you are facing this issue then you can update your version to fix the WordPress issues.

WordPress.com Business Plan

As we speaking about WordPress.org a lot Automattic has made an interesting move in its WordPress.com platform by letting people to add third party themes and plugins to their website in the business plan.

It is a welcome move and is appreciated by many of the plugin and theme authors. Business plan is more or less like a managed WordPress hosting service.

WordPress.com Teams Up with Rebrand Cities to Bring Local Businesses Online

Automattic has teamed up with the Rebrand cities to bring more local small business to the online world. America being the top country in the online world still 48% of the business are not into the online business. Rebrand cities helps small business to get into the online world.

Weekly meeting for new core contributors

Onboarding new contributors is a persistent issue for most WordPress contribution teams. While every team welcomes any new contributors, the path to getting deeply involved can be tricky to find at times.

This month, the Core team implemented a fantastic new initiative: weekly meetings for new core contributors as a way to encourage involvement and foster fresh contributions. The meetings not only focus on bugs suited to first-time contributors, they also make space for experienced contributors to help out individuals who may be new to developing WordPress core.

The meetings are held every Wednesday at 19:00 UTC in the #core channel in the Making WordPress Slack group.


Sharp rise in meetup group growth

The dashboard events widget in WordPress 4.8 displays local, upcoming WordPress events for the logged in user. The events listed in this widget are pulled from the meetup chapter program, as well as the WordCamp schedule

This widget provides greater visibility of official WordPress events, and encourages community involvement in these events. It’s safe to say that the widget has achieved its goals admirably — since WordPress 4.8 was released a little over a month ago, 31 new meetup groups have been formed with 15,647 new members across the whole program. This is compared to 19 new groups and only 7,071 new members in the same time period last year.

You can find a local meetup group to join on meetup.com, and if you would like to get involved in organizing events for your community, you can find out more about the inner workings of the program on the Community Team site or by joining the #community-events channel in the Making WordPress Slack group.

WangGuard Plugin Author Shuts Down Splog Hunting Service Due to Trauma and Death Threats

Wanguard plugin is to prevent your blog from spamming and sploggers. Recently this plugin has been officially informed its closure by its author Jose conti due to many threats from internet mafias. Joe has shared his complete story on his bloghave a look at it for clear details.

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Know Before You Fix

Following are the blog post that is worth reading to maintain and to customize your WordPress website.






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What’s New

Every day new plugins are are released in WordPress.org each has its own unique approach but only few make unique approach that can solve many issues.


Add Search To Menu

Add Search To Menu plugin allows you to add search form in your site navigation bar that makes users to search your site easily.

Active installs- 1000+ Ratings- 5

Reduce HTTP Requests, Disable Emojis & Disable Embeds, Speedup WooCommerce

Disable Plugin helps you to disable many features you want in a single click. It is use to maintain all the features at one place.

Active installs- 2000+ Ratings- 5

Redirect 404 To Homepage

There are many plugins to customize your 404-page . This Redirect 404 plugin helps you add simple functionality to your existing 404 page.

Active installs-7000+ Ratings– 5

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That’s all for the WPTS monthly schedule July month WordPress news and update roundup. To get more updates and also to get notified about our new blogs please signup for our newsletter. Is your favorite event is not mentioned here or you want to add any other new plugins to the list in our next post tell us in the comment section.

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