14 Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins To Grow Your Email List 5X Faster

AUGUST 9, 2017  11 MINS READ

Leads drive your business towards your goals. In the online world on our website leads are very volatile in nature before you reach them they may leave your site. Luckily we get WordPress lead generation plugins to help us.


These WordPress lead generation plugins help you to collect leads in various stages of visitor journey on your website.

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Hellobar is an interesting and less annoying method of collecting leads. As the name implies your lead capturing space at the top bar. On the bar, you can ask for subscribe or show offers to your customers.


Hellobar was working on a number of clicks basis, from the version 2.0 there are no limits on the number of clicks and views. Hellobar offers both free and pro version. The difference is you can remove the Hellobar brand and ads in the pro version. The pro version costs $15 per month.


  • Display subscription form and you can integrate it with other email marketing tools also
  • Give your social media links to increase your followers
  • Increase the share rate of your contents by providing sharing options
  • You can target your audience by giving your own trigger conditions. A/B testing option is also available to scale which method is effective for you.

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WordPress Notification Bar


WordPress notification bar is from Seedprod. It is also a similar plugin like HelloBar. Helps you to interact and generate leads from the top bar. It offers fewer features than Hellobar in the free version but it is free from ads.
The pro version has all the essential functions a WordPress lead generation plugins must have. The Pro plan starts at $29


  • Custom message with color customization option and call to action button
  • Sticky header option for notifications
  • Create as much as bar you want and also define where the bar is to be displayed
  • Give conditions and display rules to the notification bar
  • Display social media buttons to increase your following and also show countdown messages about your offers and special sales

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WordPress Calls to Action


WordPress Calls to Action is a call to action and popup plugin from Inbound Now. It is a free plugin which gives you almost all the basic functions you need in a WordPress lead generation plugins.


  • Create call to actions easily with the visual drag and drop builder or use the pre-made templates
  • Can make a call to action as a popup or as a widget. Make custom call to action with your custom CSS
  • Track your leads and performance easily and also manage leads with the free lead management plugin WordPress lead
  • Track conversion rate and also A/B test on different lead capturing methods you used



Icegram is a freemium WordPress lead generation plugins. It has multiple pop-up options and neatly designed templates to help you create popups easily. Apart from pop ups it also has sticky options and inline message options to get the leads without blocking the contents.

The premium plan starts from $27. Premium plan includes more advanced features like stats & comparisons and more optin methods.


  • More than 12 types of optin message templates and also include exit intent mechanism just like OptinMonster
  • Target your users precisely based on their geolocation and user behavior
  • It also has 5 action bars to be placed at the top or at the bottom just like Hellobar
  • You can integrate the plugin with almost all email marketing services and forms

Scroll Triggered Boxes


Scroll Triggered Boxes is a WordPress lead generation plugin from Ibericode. It is the lite version of boxzilla.

Boxzilla is a premium version where you get more advanced option. The plan starts at $6 per month.

As the name implies this plugin has only one optin trigger. It triggers based on the scroll limit you set. It does its job perfectly and you can use to the way you want it takes all your demands.


  • Display any content in the scroll box show button or link.
  • Customize color and shape of the box with the fadin and slide in animation options
  • Exclude the pages that you don’t want the scroll box to appear
  • Control the box whether it should appear on small screen or not and also define how long the dismissed box should stay hidden

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Optinmonster is a premium and well-known optin plugin. It has plenty of options to collect the leads from your website. It almost supports all the famous email marketing service providers and other WordPress plugins.

This is one of the marketing plugins which is built with WordPress at the core. So the integrating it with your site and other plugins is very easy. The plan starts from$9 per month, but in order to get its famous exit indent option, you need to get its highest $29 per month plan.


  • Premade optin templates to kick start the lead generation right away. It also gives you the option of custom CSS to make your own customization.
  • A/B testing options to measure your performance
  • It has various types of optins slider box just like scroll trigger, exit intent, gated contents, sticky header and footer, floating box and lot more
  • Segment your customers based on their behaviors and give more targeted optins
  • Animate your optins to grab the visitors attentions

Popup Domination


Popup Domination is a premium popup WordPress plugin. The feature that keeps this plugin form other WordPress lead generation plugins is its template library. It has plenty of templates, name the type you want it will be there in their library.

The premium plan starts at $9 per month. The down side of the plugin is the pricing is for the number of popup views but you get all the options in the starter pack itself.


  • Plenty of popup options like exit indent, redirect themes, one click popup and more
  • You can define rules when the popup must trigger
  • Track your popup performance with the analytics. You can also integrate the report with your Google analytics
  • All the popups are responsive that can be viewed clearly on any screen. You can also A/B test your popups performance

Thrive Leads


Thrive leads is a perfect marketing plugin from the Thrive Themes. Their theme itself a (marketing theme) designed with the lead generation and conversions as the core.

This plugin stood out from the other WordPress lead generation plugins is its features. All the features provided are really useful and is designed perfectly from a marketer’s point of view.

It is a premium membership plugin, the plan starts at $19 per month in this you can also access their other marketing plugins also in any number of websites you want. It best suits for pro bloggers and small business peoples.


It has all the type of optin methods and animation effects like inline form, lightbox popup, exit intent, animation effects to grab attention, optin widgets, content lock and much more.

You can also do A/B testing, track your popup report integrate with the Google Analytics. The interesting feature in this plugin is your website popup contents vary for different types of users. It identifies whether the visitor is new to the website or are they our subscriber, based on that popup behavior also varies.

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Hubspot Marketing Free


Hubspot marketing free is an enterprise level marketing tool with unlimited features that you can get for free. Almost all the basic marketing and lead generation options. More than it also offers lead management and also help you know the visitor’s journey on your website.


  • Add contact forms and popups with ease and collect the leads easily. If you are using other forms you can also integrate with HubSpot easily.
  • Integrate with third party email service providers like MailChimp and automate your emails
  • Once you capture the lead know the complete history of them and offer relevant pop-ups and information to convert leads into customers
  • Take a complete insight of your marketing effort with the detailed reports



Sumo formerly known as Sumome is a complete package of lead generation. With its seamless integration with WordPress, it is one of the best WordPress lead generation tools.

It offers both free and premium version. To be frank with the free version you can’t do anything. It has only limited number of visitors and the features are also very less than an adequate limit.

The premium plan starts at $29 which include 5000 visitor impressions.


  • Best time popup option with popup customization features and can also build popup easily with the drag and drop feature. Send targeted popups and A/B test your popup performance.
  • Detailed report of your popup track records and you can also integrate it with almost all email marketing service provider.

WordPress Chat Plugins

Lead generation can not only be done in the popup it can also be done effectively in the chat box. Chatting helps you to interact with your visitors easily and also helps you to engage your visitors more. For business website if it is used properly you can convert many leads into customers.


TwakTo is a free chat plugin. It gives you all the basic features of a chat plugin. Twakto best suits for small business people and the website just launched. It can be added to the important WordPress plugins while starting a website list.


  • This plugin also provides mobile apps for major mobile platforms to help you connected with the customers anytime.
  • Monitor your customers real time and also provide auto triggered messages to your customers
  • Customization and remove branding option is also given in the free version
  • To grab the visitor’s attention use creative bubbles over the chat box. In the chat box itself, you can collect your customer’s email address



PureChat is also free live chat plugin like the TawkTo. But you can’t remove the PureChat branding for that you need to get the pro version. In the pro version, you also get the real time tracking and analytics. The pro version costs $99 per month.


Chat with multiple contacts at the same time and also add frequently questions to make the conversation easier. The chat box can be customized to the way want, add user role among your support team and manage the user easily.

Integration is also not a problem with this plugin. You can integrate with this to your email marketing service provider and also with the google analytics to track your chat reports.

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Landing Page Tools

Landing pages are the most successful pages to generate leads. Most of the premium themes provide separate landing pages along with their themes or you can make one within minutes using the drag and drop page builders.



OptimizePress is more than a plugin. It is more or less like a marketplace for landing pages which includes both free and premium landing page template. Integrating it with the WordPress is also easy

You can edit and customize the landing pages easily with the live editor system. All the landing pages are mobile friendly and responsive. All your landing page collection will be there in the OptimizePress portal from there you can edit and integrate with your site.

Thrive Landing Pages


Thrive landing pages is also from the Thrive Themes. It comes along with the premium membership as told before. As of now, the plugin has 162 templates to choose from. You can also customize the templates easily with their live editor. They also give multiple modules to make more interactive landing pages.

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These are the best WordPress lead generation plugins you can use to collect more leads and grow your email list faster. Remember to use the popups in a more gentle way so that it does not irritate the visitors. Because these may result in high bounce rate. What is your favorite lead generation plugin? share with us in the comment section below.

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