How To Quickly Transfer Website From To

JULY 17, 2017  9 MINS READ

How to change my website from to

This might be the question to many website owners when they decided to take their website serious or when you move your website to the next level.


When you keep all the necessary things ready you can kick start your new website within one or two hours. gives you plenty of freedom and plethora of options to customize your website.

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But there is a condition:

All this freedom under only one condition you have to take care of your website.

Don’t worry taking care of a website is not that much tough job nowadays. We are here to help you. So without further delay shall we move your website from to without even leaving a bit data behind.


All we have to do in is to take care of the content of your website. Rest all technical sides like fixing, optimizing, improving security…etc are taken care by the Automattic people.

You Can’t get this:

The problem with is in order to maintain the security grid many customization options are shut down. At the beginning stage, it is ok but as your website grows you have to ask WordPress to open the gate for which you have to pay extra.

There are more cool trustworthy plugins and themes out there with amazing style and features. With you only get a handful of themes and plugins to choose from.


If you want to get some of the features again not all only some in the you have to get into the VIP program. The VIP program at present starts from $5000/month (I wish I can earn that much from my blog per year)

In apart from the server and premium plugins and themes you buy there is no extra bill. Which costs way more cheaper than the VIP program plus I have the freedom to make my website my own in all aspects.

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Stepping Into

In order to start a website,

10+ year experienced WordPress developer, a designer, and an SEO expert….you need none of these. You yourself can do this in a day, that’s the specialty of WordPress right? The original checklist to start a WordPress website as follows

1. Better Server

2. Good Quality Theme

3. Basic Plugins To Start Your Website

We have already described step by step guide on how to start a WordPress blog. You can check there for detailed coverage. I will give an overview here now

1st Step: Install WordPress to the server most servers provide one-click installation

2nd Step: Install your favorite theme to the WordPress

3rd Step: Install the required the plugin and setup the required pages

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Moving Contents From To

Moving contents is the biggest part. All the contents we have created all these days well, mostly years; need to be moved from to without even dropping a single link and a word.

This is mostly like moving your contents from one smartphone to another smartphone. Luckily both the platforms are the same, so there won’t be much trouble.


You can move your contents easily with the plugin or with the RSS feed, I will cover both here

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Using The Plugin

To move the contents of the website we need to export the contents from the website first. For that go to My Site > Settings > Export you will be having a window more are like this.


To import the content into your website you need the WordPress importer plugin. Now go to the following option Tools > Import > WordPress you will be having a screen like below.


In that choose the file you need to import check the Download and import file attachments. Now the contents from the will be moved to the website.

Moving Content Via RSS Feed

Moving the content via RSS feed is the universal solution to move contents between website. Even in WIX to WordPress website conversion, we have used RSS feed to move the contents.

In order to get the RSS feed of your website use feed.xml or feed after your website domain address.

For example,

This will bring the entire content of the website, to get only a particular page add the feed to the website path.

For example: To get the RSS feed of the blog use this

The RSS feed of a website will be like this, right click and save the file in your local system.


After saving the RSS feed you can import it to your website through the Run importer option. If it is not installed it asks for you to install it.


Then click the Run Importer option, select the RSS file you saved, select the RSS file downloaded and import it to the website.


Though all the contents are moved to the website we have to check it manually one by one to make sure the contents are imported properly. Website content needs more attention than the blog content, because you need to align the content according to the content.

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Connecting Domain Name

The next major step is the change of address. The domain name of your website is still be pointing the user to your old website.

If you were not using the custom domain name in the then it’s not a problem purchase your new domain name and move your website to and set up a redirect at the The best part is you have to pay for this redirect service.

If you already own a custom domain with the then you have to transfer the domain name. Most of the service provider supports this service, you can ask their support service.

[pro_tip title=”Pro Tip:”]Always keep your website and the name server on the same host.[/pro_tip]

According to Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) the name server should be at least on the server for a period of 60 days. So make sure your domain name server was in the previous hosting for more than 60 days. For more detailed info check ICANN terms.

Transferring the domain name takes its own time, we cannot push it so there is no choice other than to wait. On a normal scenario, it takes a week to complete the process.

The detailed process and the exceptional cases to transfer name server from is explained in its documentation please check it for more details.

Moving Your Subscribers

Being in is like you have to completely rely on the jet pack for almost everything. Jetpack is like the central console of your website to monitor and manage your website.
We need its help here in the to move your subscribers. Subscribers are the valuable asset of any website. The value of your website/blog depends on its number of readers and the subscribers.

To move your site subscribers install the Jetpack plugin on your website. After that sign into your account, choose your old website and select the settings option.

On the Settings page under the Discussion tab, click the Migrate Followers From Another Site on the bottom.


On the next screen, you will get the “Move Followers From A Site” on that select the old website from which you want to transfer your followers and click migrate.


Once you confirmed the process to continue an email will be sent to your linked email address when the process begins. After completing the process completion mail will be sent.

It will take at least a week to get the updated subscriber list and stats on your website admin notice board. It is wise to set up a redirect on your old website, it brings the new user to your current website and also helps you maintain the website SEO rank.

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To transfer your website stats you need to contact the support since there is no plugin or automated tool for this.

Successfully Transferred To

That’s it now you have transferred your website from to Transferring the website completely takes weeks, accordingly plan well. is best suited for only content oriented websites. If your business has evolved you cannot stay in the cocoon itself you need to break out and spread your colorful wings.

The major drawback for the business website in is that you cannot do marketing from your website. You have plenty of awesome marketing automation tools to help you out there. To integrate them is the best.

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You can make the perfect business website that can drive you more traffic and the revenue. If you have already move your website from to share your reasons and thoughts in the comment section. Happy website!!

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