Why It Is the Right Time To Think WordPress Website Maintenance White Label Service

JULY 13, 2017  10 MINS READ

“WordPress website maintenance white label service”

Most of the web development companies think of the above term when they receive an enormous amount of request from their clients to fix their website.


Well, most of the theme authors and WordPress developers will be thinking of this after the WordCamp Europe 2017 (Gutenberg editor). We will be discussing it also in this post.

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The major problem of a growing web development company:

As a web development company especially startups and freelancers, we have two major problems

1. We have to support and satisfy our existing customers and also we have to keep our projects to be on the line

2. How to fix the pricing for the customers for the support services they request

WordPress website white label services help you to provide an added support to your customer and also helps you to have an upper hand over your competitors.

In this post, we are going to see how to face the above mentioned two problems with the WordPress website maintenance white label services.

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Problems You Face When You Provide The Services On Your Own


Of course, we developed the website we know how to fix it. The problem here is about the resources and the time. Being a startup or a freelancer we will be already on our own schedule.

When a request comes to fix a website either we have to work extra hours or we have to turn our customers request down. Which is really a tough thing in any business. We have to balance our work and also should be pre-planned for the crisis we are going to face.

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Some of the WordPress fixes are complicated like recovering a hacked site, it takes time and plenty of human hours to fix it. Sometimes we may not be having a proper tool to fix it or the proper expertise to fix it. We cannot expertise in all field.

Getting a WordPress website maintenance white label service helps you to save your time and resources. Plus you get your customers satisfied.

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Advantage Of Hiring A WordPress Maintenance White Label Service


By hiring a WordPress website maintenance white label service you can solve the above-mentioned problems plus the following benefits

You Can Brand As Your Own Service:

Even if you refer your customers to another trustworthy website maintenance service provider, your customers still have a bit of hesitation and also a small disappointment on you. When you provide the service under your brand you can gain the customers trust and also a positive image for your brand.

In a Fast Company articleGeoff Beattie has explained what a customer experts from their brands the most. It includes a lot of factors.

Customers Most Important Expectation:

The most important expectation of the customer from the brand is the authenticity of the product and the services. You might have noticed most of the brands offers their own authentic service centers for their customers.

Being a startup or a freelancer we cannot open chains of service center across the world to provide 24/7 WordPress website maintenance and services. Instead, we can partnership with a brand which already has the complete infrastructure and has expertise in the service field.

Getting white label services helps us to satisfy our customer, enrich our product and also help us save time and money. When your existing customers requesting for the services to your partnered WordPress website maintenance white label service provider you can concentrate on growing your product.

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Managing The Human Resources

When you hire a WordPress website maintenance white label service you also save the time to manage your human resources. Another major problem every startup face is managing their team.

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When you accompany a white label website maintenance service provider, they manage their technical team. You get your job done plus you have peace of mind.

How To Select WordPress Website Maintenance White Label Service Provider


The major thing you have to consider in bringing any maintenance service is their availability. All you have to make sure is there will be a person to attend your customer when they have a problem. The turnaround time for the problem should be faster, no one likes to wait

[pro_tip title=”Interesting Fact:”]In a Google analysis of 90,000 mobile landing pages for every one second delay conversion can fall by up to 20% [/pro_tip]

Interesting mobile user fact right? In this mobile age people don’t even have the patience for a page to load. How much patience can you expect from your customers at the time of need? Almost they need their fixes to done instantly.

The white label website maintenance service provider should not only have the team around the globe. They should also have experts who have deep knowledge. First and foremost their website should be very active.

[pro_tip title=”Pro Tip:”]Take a look at their team page, last published blog post date and their social media presence [/pro_tip]

By having a look at their team page you will know about their team. Their social media presence helps you decide how much they are in direct contact with their customers. An active website tells you a lot about the credibility and availability of the team. As a matter of fact active website

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How Your Service Pricing Should Be

Deciding price involves a lot of factors. But when you charge for the customers keep the service value in front of them for the price they pay.

In the maintenance service you have to make your customer understand the value of the service than the package they buy. That is they must understand that the price is for the valuable service not for the website maintenance pack they buy.

For example:

If the customer got his website crashed in the night, the next day he might have an important business deal. He wants his website to fixed within tomorrow morning. If your service is able to give him the service as he expects, that is where the value of the service stands. This helps the customer to believe that you are his ally, not just a company.

Things to Keep In Mind While Pricing:

Being a startup while pricing your service keep these points in your mind

  • As a small business at this price what you are going to give to the customer that big companies cannot?
  • Highlight the service which makes you stand out from the pack
  • Let the customer clearly understand for what they are paying and what will they get
  • Your pricing should reflect your honesty to your customer

Why It Is The Time To Think Of White Label Service


If you have been following WordPress closely you might hear of Gutenberg editor. There’s been a lot of talks around each have a different opinion.

Base Line:

WordPress website which we have been developing all these years are going to revamp.

Though Matt Mullenweg told the trade off for this update will be less, to make the WordPress stand in the long run along with WIX, SquareSpace the WordPress team may have to make tough decisions.

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Though we assume that WordPress update won’t change the entire ecosystem, but still there will be a lot for you to fix for your clients and change your product. White label service providers will play you an adequate role in providing you the time to think of your business.

Top Companies That Provide WordPress Maintenance White Label Services

To help you narrow down your search we have also mentioned here the best companies that provide WordPress website maintenance white label service.

1. GoWP:


GoWP offers services for a fixed price per site rate. The plan starts at $25 and goes up to $149. Based on the plan you choose the support services provided will be changed. Following are the service they provide.

  • WordPress Core & Plugin Updates
  • Daily Off-site backup
  • Security scans
  • Malware Cleanup
  • 30 minutes job

2. WP Team Support:


WP Team Support also provides WordPress website maintenance white label service. There is no fixed pricing at WP Team Support based on your needs the plan will be prepared exclusively for you.

“Pay only for what you need” that is WP Team Supports unique point. For that, we have introduced Support Credits to help our customers tailor their own plan an exclusive plan based on your needs will be created.

We offer more than 90+ WordPress support services, to make sure WP Team Support as the one stop destination for all WordPress fixes. You have plenty of WordPress support services to choose from that you want to give to your customers.

To know more about the WP Team Support WordPress website maintenance white label service contact us via the chat or via mail

3. WordPress Website Maintenance Plugin White Label Service


ManageWP provides the maintenance plugin white label service. Help you to provide maintenance service to your clients through their website. But the thing is you have to maintain a support team to handle the request. The above two companies provide their expert team to help you.

The pricing for using the plugin is based on per website basis that is you can manage only that much website through their plugin as the white label service.

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Ready To Brand Your Service

So now you have an idea why you need to have white label services as a website developer. As said before providing services for your product increases the

Credibility- People can count on the website you develop

Respect- Gains respect for your work and you can build a reputation

Trust- You earn the trust of the people that anything goes wrong they can come to you at any time and also their problems get solved.

Advocacy- These all makes your customer recommend your product to others.

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So have you ever thought of hiring a white label service before or you think that you don’t need WordPress website maintenance service, whatever be it is, share your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy website!!

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