WordPress 5.0 Sneak Peek-Gutenberg Editor Initial ImPressions And Experts Feel

JULY 8, 2017  8 MINS READ

Gutenberg editor that is a new word you been hearing quite often among the WordPress enthusiasts and developers.

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What it actually brings to the user? The new Gutenberg editor is going to replace the text editor, with brand new UI which helps the user to create rich contents within seconds.


But there is a difference of opinion:

There’s been a mixed thoughts about the new editor, among the plugin authors and developers.

That is what we are going to see today Gutenberg review and its talks among the top developers.

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WordPress Moves Away From Scheduled Releases

At WordCamp Europe 2017 in Paris, Matt Mullenweg has announced that WordPress is going to have featured updates than a scheduled releases.

[blockquote]”By eliminating the pressure of a specific release date, WordPress can make more revolutionary changes to the software”

-Matt Mullenweg[/blockquote]

Major aspects of WordPress feature updates:

The further updates will be focused on three major aspects Editor, the Customizer, and The WordPress REST API.

All these updates are pointing towards the WordPress 5.0. The 5.0 is going to be a next big update for the WordPress. From an old fashioned look to the on trend interface looks and a lot more useful features.

Most of the features are still in the development stage only. The editor is the one which is been released recently for the beta testing.

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The Gutenberg Editor

The new editor is named as Gutenberg editor. This editor allows the user to add elements to the content by just dragging and dropping the elements they need. The editor is more or less like the text editor you will find in the Medium, Linkedin Article and in the Facebook Notes.

Some of you may get surprised, yes Facebook do have this option to publish posts just like on Medium and WordPress.com. This option is not so familiar because Facebook is not a blogging platform or people rarely use this. Anyway, the option will be still there on your profile you can explore the abandoned option.

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The difference here with the Gutenberg editor each part is going to act like a block. Within each block, you can add the images, codes, quotes, tables and more.

Gutenberg Editor 0.30 Hands-on

The editor is still in the beta testing, but you can download it as a plugin to see what it is really going to offer you.

[pro_tip title=”Note:”]This plugin is still in the beta testing. It has several flaws and it is not complete. If you want to try, use it in a demo page or on your non-productive site[/pro_tip]

When you install the plugin you will be having the Gutenberg option on the dashboard. When you enter into the new post option you will be having a page like this


As you can see all you have on the page is the “+” sign. When you want to add a block to the page you have to click the plus link and select the block you need.

The Insert Option

The + sign is known as the Insert option. This option has three categories at its bottom recent, blocks and embeds, it also has the option to search for the related blocks. As of now in the Gutenberg editor, there are 16 blocks and have 35 embed source options.


Apart from the insert option, you will be getting the post settings options. Where you can manage the post categories and tags, featured images and the Excerpts just like you get on the WordPress.com

[pro_tip title=”Interesting Features:”]

  • Now you can add cover images to the posts easily and most importantly if you need you can make the cover image as the parallax image
  • Align the text and add link to the text easily on the go within the block
  • Drop cap option to make the initial words more attractive
  • Now you can easily add tables and custom HTML also inside the block. These both have some problem in the current version so couldn’t use it fully. If someone has tried it please let me know your experience in the comment section.


    This editor is a complete treat for the content writers and the bloggers who use the WordPress text editor a lot. Check out this beautiful post fully created by the Gutenberg editor

    This is the place the developer and other users with technical knowledge come to complain about the Gutenberg editor. That is what we are going to see next.

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    Thoughts About Gutenberg Editor By The Developers

    As said the editor is focused mainly for the bloggers. But the WordPress is not completely for the bloggers alone. WordPress has evolved a lot from a blogging platform.

    Here is what Josh Pollock Founder/ Lead Developer of Caldera Labs, mentioned his concern in the Torque magazine

    [blockquote]”Let’s not forget that the WordPress post editor, in the real world, is an infinite edge case generator. It’s implemented on millions of sites using thousands of plugins.

    Plugins, like Advanced Custom Fields, that enable users to customize the post editor and add unique custom code to their sites are what makes WordPress, WordPress.There is a massive downside to that”.

    – Josh Pollock

    Josh’s concern is very correct, the process of evolving the WordPress is something very sensitive and delicate. It is been a strong base with millions of users and developers relying on it. When you make a decision you have to think them also.

    Because of this update, the complete WordPress plugin and theme core ecosystem changes. But moving towards a big goal we have to go under tough changes.

    On an interview with Matt Cromwell in WordImpress, Joot Devolk founder of YOAST plugin has seen some potential development he can make with his SEO plugin.

    [blockquote]”The concept of “little blocks” also allows for a deep optimization of how we analyze post content, as instead of analyzing the whole thing, we can do it block by block. This also means giving feedback at a block level”

    -Joot devalk

    I thought giving people the option of creating rich content easily may lead the people to SEO downsides. To please our eyes we may bend the SEO rules which Google may think a quite opposite of it. But from Joo deValk statement it is quite interesting that I have to wait and see now.

    Final Words

    WordPress is a platform which has grown with the content as the core. So in that point of view yes it is a welcome move for most of the WordPress bloggers. But as Josh mentioned WordPress is something more than blogging platforms.

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    But still these are baby steps and we are in a very early stage to comment on how it changes the game. Still, there is a customizer yet to be developed after this editor to fill in the gaps which the Gutenberg editor left.

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    WordPress has a strong community always finding solutions for the whole community and contributing to the community. So we can expect a positive side to the max, in the competitive business with Squarespace and WIX, WordPress have to keep up its ramp.

    Finally, will the new Gutenberg editor change a Google docs person like me? To be frank, still it is not, but it is still in the beta test after the complete version lets see how the Gutenberg editor change the game.

    [tables_content title=”Questions for WordPress user:”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”What you think about this new WordPress editor?”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Does this editor change the way you make content?”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”As a developer what you think of the update?”][/tables_content]

    Share your thoughts in the comment section, and let’s see whether we can make an interesting post from our conversations. Happy Website!!

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