Why Startups Must Think Of WordPress To Create A Website From A Businessman Perspective

JULY 5, 2017  7 MINS READ

Most of the business people have this doubt: How to create a website?

To create a website we no longer need coding or a development team help. In fact, we can create a website and launch the website successfully.


In this post let us see why Startups must think of WordPress to create a website for their business. Also, the benefits out of it from a businessman perspective.

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Why We Need A Website For Small Business Or Startups?

Most important thing in any business today is to create a website for their business. WordPress has removed the barrier of coding and let you create your own website. With few clicks, drag and drop the elements you need your web pages are created in minutes.

Quite interesting fact from Mail Online:

In 2013, per minute 571 new websites are created. In that WordPress plays an important role.

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You must have heard this WordPress statistic WordPress powers 28% of the website on the internet.

Google’s Insight From 1.2 trillion search data:

87% of the people turn to Google search first in a moment of need.

The website plays a vital role in a business today. The website decides your company standard in the online world. WordPress help you create a website and also to maintain it easily.

What A Business Website Must Have

At present, a business website must be very active than any other website. Being an active website brings two advantages,

  1. website gets a boost in the Google search results
  2. More traffic to our website which will help us gain more leads and more customers
  3. Increase in Website authority

Being active gradually make your website noticed by many people. Eventually, you will get more leads and conversions. When you combine content marketing strategy with your website your result will be doubled.

For example, have a look at our website strength since we have been very active, this is the result we get

content-marketing strategy-wpteamsupport-increase-domain-authority

At WP Team Support we raised our website based on the content marketing strategy only. Our website has grown tremendously than we expected. Content marketing strategy 7x our website authority and also helped us to get tons of backlinks.

Bottom Line:

To make such an active website we need to use WordPress to create a website. All we have to do is to log in to our WordPress admin panel update your content and publish. It is as simple as that.

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Less Time Consuming

During the early 2000’s in order to create a website we need a developer team. After completing the website if you need to upgrade it again you need the developers help.

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When you create a website with WordPress you can update or redesign your websitewithin your coffee break. There are thousands of themes both free themes and premium themes are there to help you.

We always recommend a theme which has a clean design and good quality coding. Which is better for the website SEO and also optimize the site speed.

For example:

Say I run a resort, on my website I have to update the photos of the latest food fest I hosted. I no need to mess with HTML or PHP. Just login upload the photos to the media library and place it in the page or post I want.

As a businessman, something which I cannot afford is “TIME”. Even if I know the technical side I cannot sit with my website all day for simple tasks. When I create a website with WordPress I get more time to take care of my business as well as I can make my business active on the internet.

There Will Always Be A Plugin In Any Stage Of Business

As our business grows our needs also grow. At the beginning I only expect my customers to buy a product from me. After achieving it I expect to get feedback from my customers and later I think of installing a user review system.

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Without A WordPress website I need to write pages of codes and also I need to reshape my existing code. When I create a website with WordPress all I have to do is to go to the plugin archive search for the plugin and install it. That’s all, like installing an app on your smartphone.

Plugins extend the functionality and also brings new functionalities to the website. As my business grows I can add additional functionalities to grow my business and also make the business, even more, simpler with my customers.

I Can Always Keep My Website On The Latest Trend

Not only customer behavior but also their taste varies from time to time. New designs, new functionalities, and new effects come day to day. According to which we need to revamp our website and our strategies.

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For example:

Before commercial ads in televisions, radio and newspapers are important. We don’t even have the chances to speak with our target customers unless they step into our stores. In the digital age, we can target our customer understand their present needs and can easily reach them with social media marketing and the email marketing before they step into our stores.

Design upgrades are very easy with WordPress website. Select the theme with the modern aesthetics that attracts the user and promote your product in a more presentable way. You no need to build your website from the ground again just repaint it.

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Can Create A Website On Budget

The best thing about WordPress is when you create your own website you can finish it within your budget. Once you have registered and select the best hosting for the website there isn’t much you have to spend again on your website.

Premium themes are always recommended for better website performance and support. If you are running on a tight budget you can use free themes for now.

If you need to add a functionality to your website just install the plugin. Both free and premium plugins are out there to help with your business.

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I Can Build My Own Website

Most of the WordPress themes come with their own page builders. Even if they don’t have you use the page builder plugins to help you.

To create a page all you have to do is to drag and drop the elements in the place you need. You can build your own web pages or you can design your own website.

Create Your Own Website

Now you can understand how WordPress can help you create a website to grow your business. Websites have become a part of the business strategy to acquire new customers. As said before 87% of the people turn to search engines to know about something.

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Websites with proper SEO and higher authority help you stand above in the search result. Which increase your business visibility to more people. By default, WordPress takes care of the basic SEO burdens and helps us stand ahead in the website race.

Share your experience if you have switched from Non-WordPress website to WordPress or why you still have to stick with your same old non-WordPress website. Am interested to hear from you. Happy Website!!

PS: Painting GIF image courtesy Lathom Arnott

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