A Look Back On 14 Years Of WordPress History (Infographic)

JUNE 19, 2017  4 MINS READ

WordPress was founded on May 27th, 2003 as a platform for bloggers. From then it has evolved in many ways as a content management system. This year WordPress has celebrated its 14th birthday. Being a beneficiary and big fan of WordPress we thought to remember some important moments in the WordPress history.


Born From b2cafelog

beCafelog was a platform which was being designed for the bloggers. Where bloggers can write their blogs without worrying about the technical side of a website. Due to some reasons, beCafelogs creators and developers decided to drop the project.

In the same platform, two important persons who are going to change the view towards website building was using the platform. When the project was dropped, these two persons decided to develop it from where beCafelog left. That two men where  Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. beCafelog becomes a lot better by these two men’s effort and becomes WordPress.


A Year By Year Look Back


Birth of the platform that changed the internet world and gave freedom to all that anyone can create their own website. No coding needed becomes the attraction word for many developers to get their customers.


Need a contact form? or a need to improve security? name any functionality you need to add to your website it is here. Plugins were introduced on this year. No more hours of developing or hiring experts for small functions. Just download, install and start using the feature you want.


Gave a better look for the website, more user-friendly and less complicated. Same year admin panel was introduced, the cabinet center from where you can control your website system


Automattic geared up!! Matt Mullenweg created Automattic to register WordPress and the WordPress logo. Same year Matt organized the first WordPress camp in San Francisco, gathered all the supporters to make one big dream come true.


WordPress becomes more organized. This year helped the user to keep their content more organized so that it will be easy for them to keep track of the content and also easy for the users to fond search for the contents. This year gave the WordPress user a new UI, autosave functionality, spell check; Speed optimization; tagging and a new taxonomy.


WordPress has really grown a much and it needs a new UI completely new user-friendly UI with a professional touch, with the people who understands the user behavior. WordPress combined with Happy Cog to create a new UI to its system. This also included Post Revision feature which helps the user to roll back their changes easily.


Manage your theme within the WordPress itself. Install new themes or toggle between your existing themes easily. Built in theme installer was introduced.


It is the major year for WordPress, many major updates came. Many doors of WordPress customization were opened for its user.

  • custom post type
  • custom taxonomies
  • and also gave the option of custom menu management

Along with this users also get undo features and bulk plugins feature this helped most of them to avoid getting stuck in the WordPress maintenance mode.


From this year WordPress started to release its own default theme, which has the latest design trends and functionality to its users as a free theme. Twenty Eleven theme came up with the little surprise under it sleeved it brings new admin messageand feature pointer option.


WordPress give its user theme customizer and theme previewer to help the user to customize their theme by themeself. Which is one of the factors why the point holding the WIX user to move to WordPress.

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New responsive WordPress interface was introduced which helped the user to control their website from any device. This also showed the importance of responsive themes for WordPress and responsive feature becomes default now in almost all the themes.


WordPress attracts the media rich website owners, this year update was aimed for improved media experience and improved visual aesthetics for better user experience.


WordPress becomes helped its user to be more interactive and give a personal touch to the conversations by supporting emoji and extended character support.


Focused more on text editors to help its user have improved text editing experience. This year includes the following updates.

  • added inline links
  • added formatting shortcuts
  • responsive previews in Customizer

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In this journey of 14 years, WordPress have evolved a lot and it will continue to grow. At present WordPress powers, 27% of websites on the internet and its aim is to make it 50% within next few years. Unlike other platforms, WorPress remains a non-profitable brand focused only to contribute to the internet world and to make the website available for everyone. With millions of supporters around the world, it becomes the unassailable CMS system.

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