June 2017

WooCommerce 3.0 Everything You Need To Know As A User And A Developer

JUNE 30, 2017  7 MINS READ WooCommerce 3.0 updates are majorly for the developers by keeping in mind the future of e-commerce needs. This update is aimed to improve the performance and user experience. Bionic Butterfly name of WooCommerce 3.0 has a lot of colors to add to your WooCommerce experience. WooCommerce powers nearly 39% of the online stores on the internet. These updates are major, till their 3 beta versions it is

Best WordPress Plugins For Regular Website Maintenance And Minor Fixes

JUNE 29, 2017  7 MINS READ WordPress website maintenance is not a single step process nor just can be done in a single step. For website maintenance, you have to take many factors into consideration. There are certain WordPress experiments you should not try since it may cause an adverse effect. But there are plugins to help in website maintenance. That is what we are going to see in this post plugins to

How To Easily Add Google Analytics To WordPress Website With And Without Plugin

JUNE 22, 2017  8 MINS READ Google Analytics helps you to get a better insight of the website. This post helps you to know how to add google analytics to website easily with and without plugin In the new updates that are going to roll out soon all the Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Doubleclick all data is going to be integrated for deeper insight of your user behavior and ad

How To Make Google Ads Without Getting Blocked By Google’s New Official Blocker

JUNE 20, 2017  7 MINS READ Google officially announced that Google Chrome will automatically block annoying google ads from 2018. How to make effective Google ads that Google will not block and also to get the high conversion? That is what we are going to see today. Some of you who are up to date on the technology news might know that Google has combined with Coalition to make better ads without annoying

A Look Back On 14 Years Of WordPress History (Infographic)

JUNE 19, 2017  4 MINS READ WordPress was founded on May 27th, 2003 as a platform for bloggers. From then it has evolved in many ways as a content management system. This year WordPress has celebrated its 14th birthday. Being a beneficiary and big fan of WordPress we thought to remember some important moments in the WordPress history. Born From b2cafelog beCafelog was a platform which was being designed for the

How To Fix and Customize WordPress Website Maintenance Mode With Ease And Grace

JUNE 9, 2017  8 MINS READ WordPress website maintenance mode is a core feature that is been introduced in the version 3.0. Whenever we update a plugin, theme or core update a default page with a message a “website is under maintenance” will be shown. In this post let us see how to put your WordPress website under maintenance, the common problems that will occur in the WordPress website maintenance mode, how