Proven Content Marketing Strategies By Experts To Get Tons Of Backlinks

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Content marketing strategies that helped us to increase our domain authority from 3 To 21 in few months. Shared the strategies that really worked out great for us and also helped us improve our authority and ranking.

Content marketing is the hot topic on the internet world now. Need to make your website the nucleus of your niche world that all other website links back to your site? Content marketing is the best way to do that. Beeing said that you need a clever content marketing strategy to succeed in this highly competitive way.


In our previous blog post, we helped you to know how to make an effective link building with reference to Google recent warning about spammy links in the guest post. We said that content marketing is the best way to make other websites to link to your website. That is what we are going to explain to you folks today.

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Types Of Contents

Speaking of content marketing strategy we must first know the types of contents. Content does not need to be in the form of letters and blogs alone. Contents can be produced in any form visually with pictures, videos, and interesting audios.

When I mean pictures am saying about infographics, charts, tables and when I mean audio the recently trending and really promising content trend Podcasting. Whenever you share a knowledge or educate the user no matter what form it is, the basic stuff in it is content. We believed in quality content a lot that is what helped us to improve our authority.

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content-marketing strategy-wpteamsupport-increase-domain-authority

These are the content types that we are going to use in this content marketing strategy

  • Visual Contents
  • List Posts
  • Research Articles
  • In-depth Guide

Visual Contents

Visual contents have higher visitor retention rate than any other form of content. A picture can speak a million words. As I said before these are the visual form of content you can make use in content marketing

  • Post Images
  • Illustrative Diagrams and Charts
  • Infographics

The power of images is always unmeasurable we don’t know which image will link us to which page. If we were lucky sometimes these images may even sit in the blogs with higher traffic and bring us a feasible amount of traffic to our site.

Even we experienced this one of our infographic “Interesting WordPress stats” git featured in the London Loves Business website. A high authority page giving link to our website which is good for our SEO


Some of our infographics are still bringing us links to the website and little bit amount of traffic. Graphs and analytical charts will bring you lot more amount of links to your website than you could ever imagine

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Reason is simple there is a lot of search for valuable contents, especially visual content. Once you made an interesting and informative content, the rest will be taken care by the content itself.

List Posts

List posts always do really plays a critical in any content marketing strategy. This content type is like a genie in the lamp, you don’t know when it will appear and gives you tons of traffic. Sometimes this might even go viral and becomes the turning point of your website life.

This content type comes handy in our busy schedules too. Say if you are having a tight schedule this week and you cannot make really big content with that much of information list post will help you. Plus they also have a psychological impact on the search person too.

When people type a keyword say free WordPress theme the result will be like this


As you can see minimum is 15+ and to the greatest is 50+ woo that’s a big list. If you really spend some time on gathering best themes in this list and mention the uniqueness in them then it’s bang!! your blog will be definitely will be the one among them.

Try to make skyscraper list that 151 keywords, 101 power words like this with some valuable contents you will get more links to your site. Why would someone want to waste their time in creating such a huge list when already one best is out there.

[pro_tip title=”Pro Tip:”]Try to make skyscraper contents as downloadable assets that could help you get more leads on which you could work on and get good conversion rates too.[/pro_tip]

Research Articles

Research articles are always the exclusive and authoritative content form in the content strategy. Once you made the in-depth research and have trustworthy details and metrics then it becomes the asset of yours. With this data, you can even make talk show for one complete year, a big time saver

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When you make a research article the audience awe and wow. These metrics are yours who would have this much data unless they are professionals. The ultimate aim of any content marketing strategy is to bring the valuable audience in your website who can be a valuable customer tomorrow.

Research articles are really useful for the users as well as other such companies in your niche. When you combine this with the visual content I told before then this piece will become the blockbuster hit content will bring you traffic plus backlinks, as a result, a huge bump in the Google ranking.

In-Depth Guide Content Types

If you are a thought leader or having years of experience in your niche then your are the best content for your website. Share your expertise with your audience give them unique ways that you have explored and succeeded.

Not only success stories perform well failure stories will also inspire more readers.

[pro_tip title=”Pro Tip:”]Keep your content tone inspiring and motivating in this type of content especially when you are writing failure stories it should motivate the readers a lot[/pro_tip]

When you grow two years older there will be two years younger people educate them. These type of content in the content marketing strategy is evergreen it will bring you traffic and links throughout the year in fact throughout the lifetime of your website.

80+ Best Result Given Link Building Sites

Website directories also play an important role in increasing the website authority. This content marketing strategy generates traffic plus links to your site. This also helps small blogs and the websites that are growing insert our links into their contents. We tried a whole lot of website directories, 80+ of them gave us a better result, most of them were especially for our infographics it helped us to feature our infographics in some of the top website as mentioned above. The 80+ directories we tried are here

[pro_tip title=”Infographic Promotional Sites:”]Slideshare,, Scribd, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Daily Infographic, Cool Infographics, Infographics Archive, Infographic Journal, and Infographics Showcase The best 80+ websites that gave us better result is in the kit. Download it to get the full list[/pro_tip]

Including The Power Of Email Marketing In Content Marketing

Email marketing is the best and the most beloved marketing method used by all the marketers. There are many reasons for it, as we have discussed in our email vs social media marketing most of the marketers accepts that ROI of email marketing is higher and the traffic that it brings to the website is also higher notably with it has very less bounce rate.

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Email marketing also one of the best way to keep in touch with your customers and audience. It also helps to retain our old customers.

Scenario 1

Reach out to your niche related websites who have written topics related to your content, just type in the “Keyword” + inurl:links.

For Instance, I have used the keyword content marketing this the result I get now


Try to request for the page with higher authority, because the link from this website gives you a significant boost than other websites.

Reach out to them with an email say what part of the content really admires you and gently introduce the content you have written about request him to take a look at it and ask for his feedback and genuinely ask for him to add your link.

This will be helpful only if your content fits with the person’s content if it does not fits here, then this ship is not for the ticket we bought search for another.

Scenario 2

You can also use this email outreach when you found some broken link in an article that they are referring, it may be an evergreen article of them as we talked before as time goes some of the links may end up fancy 404 page of the website or the entire website may not be alive now.

[pro_tip title=”Pro Tip”]You can use this tool for finding bloggers email address– here you can type in the website detail and you get the official email address of the person related to the website

This is the golden chance! notify them about the broken link, make two or three good words about their content, and genuinely introduce your content to them and request them to give a link to your website content. Here is an example email of Brian Dean

You may be wondering if I get a template for this email It will be helpful, we are here to help you can download all the templates here

Best Day To Send Email (Simple Hack)

Email marketing is the best way to get the best result in any marketing strategies including content marketing strategy. When you send this mail in the most optimized time then you will make your result even more better.

Mailchimp from their data made this interesting chart depicting when is the best time to send an email, according to it the best day is Tuesday and Thursday. By my personal experience, Thursday is the best time for me, I will be getting a reply from within the next day.

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This is a simple hack most of the team and companies will be having their request emails checked and discussed among the members on Friday, they will be having a meeting and discussion of what to do next week if you are going to make an obligation or request make it on Thursday plus you no need to wait for very long time. Try this and let me know what was the result in the comment section.

Best Time To Send Email (Simple Hack)

The best time to send an email is the starting hours of the office in your area 9 am to 10 am for the official email, if you are reaching a person in personal email make the time between 7 am to 8 am on weekdays.

Reason for this for official email address emails will be opened as soon as they get to their chair. Personal emails will be checked either in the late evening or in the mornings, people who use late evening will be less they will be already exhausted.

[pro_tip title=”Pro Tip:”]Plain text emails with proper explanation tend to have higher open rate and CTR than emails rich with images[/pro_tip]

The best sweet spot for both types of emails is the noon time. The inbox will already be cleaned, less crowded and better chances to get your email opened.

Start Making Your Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Now you know how to make your Content Marketing strategy that would help you get more backlinks as well as more traffic. To make your process even more simple we have made email templates to make your content reach out to authoritative web pages plus the best time and day you can use to get a better result.

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What are the strategy you use to build your link network share some of your experience in the comment section, interesting tricks will be added to this content along with a link to your website a small favor for our readers. Happy Website!!

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