How To Do Effective Link Building Keeping In Mind Google’s Recent Warning

 MAY 29, 2017  11 MINS READ

Link building SEO is an important unavoidable process for any website. It helps your website to gain more authority which in turn it boosts your website’s pagerank.


Google has recently published a post on its Webmaster Central Blog about the spammy links in the guest post on the advent of getting more links to the website. How to make an effective link building SEO for your website without affecting Google guideline? That’s what we are going to see here now.

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Google’s Warning In Getting Links

Google seems really upset with the guest blogging technique people used to get backlinks. The reason is that they recently found an increase in spammy links in the contributor posts, guest posts, partner posts, or syndicated posts.

Here are the points that Google will consider as violation of its link scheme guidelines

  • Stuffing keyword-rich links to your site in your articles
  • Having the articles published across many different sites; alternatively, having a large number of articles on a few large, different sites
  • Using or hiring article writers that aren’t knowledgeable about the topics they’re writing on
  • Using the same or similar content across these articles; alternatively, duplicating the full content of articles found on your own site

Link Building SEO Technique Via Guest Blogging

Well, Google does not say guest blogging is bad. Guest posts are appreciated if the post educates the readers or introduce really valuable content to the new set of users. The baseline of guest blogging is that establishing a network and exposing your writing skills to a new set of users.

Guest blogging is good until it stays healthy for the internet and the website. This can not be used for link building alone. Guest blogging has lot more purpose than link building.

[blockquote]”So stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy.”
– Matt Cutts, Former Head of Google’s Webspam Team[/blockquote]

By guest blogging, you and your website are gaining a positive image. You are going to get a new set of users to your website with the quality of your content not by just placing a link in the content.

If you are going to do guest blogging by keeping link building as the priority then it is definitely going to end as a spammy content, which users and the website will not like it. This made web spam team of Google come up to a decision guest blogging is done it is full of spammy.

But some well-reputed websites are having “Write For US” program with one clean principle quality content, not just any content only quality content. Click here to get the template on how to pitch guest blogging

Internal Linking VS External Linking

Before getting into link building we have to know how Google treats the link to the websites. Last year Internet celebrated its 26th birthday from its first year till now the internet has evolved a lot.

The only thing that remains the same is the link sharing, search engines have developed complex algorithms to find the healthy and worthful content filled websites to the users, one thing that they still stick to rank the websites is the rank.

[blockquote]”Nearly 20 years later, links are STILL the best way to determine the quality of a web page. That’s why backlinks remain Google’s go-to ranking signal.”
-Brian Dean[/blockquote]

Internal linking are the links that you give within your website pages. For example, from the home page, I am giving links to my blog page or my service page and vice versa that is from to all these are internal linking.


External links are those links which my website gets from other websites, say for example if I am sharing my blog links over the social media like Twitter, Facebook each and every link is considered as external links that are from to All these links are external links.

So which one has higher weightage internal or external? Of course, it is external, because other than someone from the own website is recommending our site so the Google thinks “Another person is recommending this website content then it must be good stuff, we should suggest this page to the people who search for this related content”

Link Building SEO Behind External Links

So now we know that Google gives higher weightage to external links than internal links, it does not mean that internal links are not considerable. They do help you to boost your PageRank, you have to structurize it a bit to get a better result which I will be explaining later in this section.

Not all the websites that give a link to your website will help you gain better rank, the quality of the websites that links to your website also matters in the in the search engine factor of ranking. This is a reverse engineering or technically they say this as anti-trust rank

[Tweet “If websites like this linking to your website then your #SEO rank is a big question mark”]

If a good quality website is linking your website that is good for your website at the same time if a spam or junk website is referring you there then the trust and authority of the link come with a big question mark.

Things To Consider While Doing External Link

In the link building SEO process you have to keep these points in mind

  • Domain authority of the website that is going to link your site. You can use the MOZ to find the domain authority of the website
  • Page authority of the page in which your website link is going to sit. Always try to get a link from high authoritative websites than your website. It is more like the charging your phone with the power banks. Charge your website with the websites that have high authority.
  • Link building is not only for getting better rank it should also help you to get traffic to the website. Giving your website link on the website that has a good reputation among the users. Selecting website with a good amount of traffic will also help you to get a little amount of traffic to your website.

Use No Follow Link Or Canonical links

Try not to use keyword rich anchor text links. Google found this as spammy as most of the words are already exploited a lot. If you are linking the same word to the site in different place Google suggests you to use no follow links or to use canonical links.


Google tends to take the first link on the web page most prominently than same other links that appear below in that page. Rand Fish and Brian Dean in most of their post quoted this, the first link is the most preferred than the links in the footer or some other place. Try to make the links fall within the content that is in the middle of the content. Editorial links are most preferred in this case

That’s a whole lot to remember, right? We make things more simple for you download the checklist for making effective link building plus a list of the tools you can use for link building SEO and email template to pitch for a guest post. Click here to download

Structuring Your Internal Links

Link building SEO technique helps you get more power from other websites to yours. But in order to sustain the power in your website vessel, you have to make sure your website is designed properly for the SEO.

  • As told before Internal links do help you gain higher ranking in the Google result pages. The whole concept is a big one that needs another separate blog I will keep it short and sweet here. For a detailed view you can see Rand Fishkin’s video here he made it very clear here.
  • As I told in my previous SEO tip make your website page link fall within just three or few clicks away from the homepage. For instance, in our blog Unbelievable WordPress Stats was our first infographic it will be at least 4 pages away. You have to navigate through all four pages to find it. Instead, you can categorize your post or add tags or like we do put a separate navigation if your blog is a subdomain of your main domain website.

[experts_box experts_title=”Easy One Click Solution:”]Optimized website always gives a tough fight to your competitor’s website. Get SEO and Other Optimizationsfor your website here[/experts_box]

Distributing The Authority To Other Pages

Try to distribute the page authority to others. Just like osmosis high link potential area to low link potential area to maintain the equilibrium of the Website over all authority. In simple if am having 10 links on my blog page from here I can give a link to my service page and calculator page which have let’s say a 3 or 4 links. Charging other pages with the charged page (pages that have more external links)

[Tweet “Connect pages with more link to the pages with lower rank. Maintain #SEO equilibrium”]

If I have four or five consecutive links to my blog on my homepage the first link and the first anchor link be taken by Google first say if the first anchor text says WordPress tips & tricks blog that word and link will be considered by the Google. If you have an image over there then Alt text of the image will be considered.

Link Building Tools

These tools help you to get a better insight of your page links. These tools have both free and advanced Pro features for premium prices. You can strategize yourself to which pages you need to take an extra care.

  • Majestic SEO – Free for your website when you register and verify your website. In order to analyze other websites you need to pay
  • Moz Open Site Explorer – My personal favorite in pro version you have better insight, unlimited reports, track links over time.
  • BuzzStream Link Building – It’s a CRM system for link building with applications for SEO as well as online PR
  • Hubspot Website Grader – It is a free SEO tool from Hubspot which gives your website an overall SEO score. The score is based on traffics, inbound links, security, and lot other factors.

Ready For Your Link Building SEO Campaign?

Link building SEO is a major task for any website to get your website a page rank boost. It is like putting strings of links together to form rock solid web pages in your website. In Order to get effective links for your website, content marketing is the best way.

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You can also use social media marketing and email marketing to make your content reach more audience and also to get your link shared a lot. Whenever a link from your website gets shared you are moving a step higher in the Google Ranking. But, try to do it in the legitimate ways, when you over do this may end in spamming.

What are the techniques you used for Link building SEO? Share with us in the comment section and let us get our experienced and knowledge shared.

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