Simple Growth Hacks To Transform Startups Into Six Figure Earning Enterprise

MAY 24, 2017  11 MINS READ

Simple growth hacks that your startup should follow at each stage of your business to transform your startup company into six figure earning enterprise level business. These steps will help you indirectly catalyzes your audience base and lead them into customers.


90% of the startup fails and only 8% of them found the way to sustain in the market and only 2% of them found the way to be tremendously successful. What does this 2% of the successful people use? That’s what we are going to see here now.

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Analyzing The Market Before Planning Growth Hacks


Do you know when you started your startup along with you that same year itself ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine startups are started? Seriously yes according to Inmind 100 million startups are found in a year.

[blockquote]”along with you that same year itself ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine startups are started. “[/blockquote]

The reasons for shutting down a startup includes various factors Bill Carmody explains about it in INC in detail. According to him, 96% of the startups fails in 10 years, oh that hurts really serious numbers!! Do you want your company to fall in that 4% of the successful company? We are here to help you.

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How All You Can Use Your Product

Products or services are created to help people and to make their day to day task more easier. For each and everyone the day to day task vary as a creator it is our responsibility to let the people know what are the place they can use your product or service.

The best example is APPLE the tech giant. For instance, take their Apple pencil they are the one brought the sophisticated touch screen devices and said goodbye to old stylus interface. Years back they are bringing back stylus, but how people accepted it?

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They showed them how really the product will help you in your day to day life. Be a designer or artist or constant note taker they showed how their new product will help you.

[pro_tip title=”Pro Tip:”]Spend more time with your product, you will find where all you find your product/service is helpful. It also will give us new ideas. [/pro_tip]

Rethink call all your employees sit together to make a brainstorm session ask their individual experience with the device. Note down with the ideas you can make use of and get into action.

Make An Autopsy Report Of Your Failures


We are humans we always can’t make the best, we will make mistakes. What matters is that what we learned from our mistakes. Make an autopsy report, think and consider each and every factor that are included in your failure product

[blockquote]Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes. – John Dewey [/blockquote]

In the report mark the best points of the product. Compare it with the same kind of product within your range of competition in the market. If you feel the good points are more than the failure points redesign or change the strategy how you promote the product.

Inherit Your Best Moments


Life is all about ups and downs, not from the failures we have to learn from our success too. When you get a success think about it “What gave us this victory?”Because you were best at that time completely focused and hit your goal at that time.

Look back at your successful moments spot the dots that brought you to success. Connect that dots with your present project in a more applicable way, sometimes even the dots need to be redesigned to make it to the current situation. If you find that product can’t be fit in your current scenarios find the alternate.

Know Your Audience


Most of the time what we miss is we will be drained. We waste our resources and time elsewhere rather than spending it on the potential medium.

Finding the potential medium will take you at least 3 months to 6 months this will be the toughest time in any startups. Once you found your potential medium stick to it allocate more time to this medium first and then to the rest.

First, make a note of what type of audience group will find your interest and then list down which age group will be your target audience. Get into your audience life know where they spend their most of their time and choose the medium.

If you had 100 target medium before you started now it will be 10 or 20. Choose the apt medium and start to engage with your audience gradually you will find your audience.

For example, take a look at our mobile vs desktop user analysis, most of the teen and middle age people love to use mobiles than laptops and PC’s if they are my target audience then the mobile platform is my way, I have to make my website mobile responsive.


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Improve your Presence


Once you have chosen your medium, improve your presence in it. Be more active in it, get to your audience interact with them. Make sure your audience look at your interaction or post in the social media consistently. Because there is only 10% chances are there you get your links clicked by the people in social media.

For instance, if your post’s organic reach of the audience is 500 then only you will be able to get at least 50 link clicks. Social media is that much populated at the same time you cannot leave it because it is the efficient way you can get new visitors.

Most of the startups what they miss is that they forget to retain their existing customers in the advent of getting new visitors. This is going to be the main hole in your business that soon will make your ship sink. Retaining your visitors and customers is that much important, you can use email marketing for this.


In our email vs social media marketing itself you can see that the ROI (Return Of Investment) is great for email marketing than social media marketing, the reason is simple you already impressed the email audience so that only they subscribed for your products or content.

Be Human Between Social Media Automation


To improve your social media presence you can use the automation tools to help you. This will increase your online presence but it will not help you to get the interaction. This is the place where you need a human hand than the binary codes.

One of the growth hacks for this is you can reach out for partnership with other brands related to your niche to promote you in favor you can also promote theirs. It helps to generate better link building for your company.

Listen And Be Heard

The important growth hacks in social media marketing is listening, which is what we miss often. In a conversation from the beginning if am talking about myself and not leaving to communicate definitely you will not listen to me at all.

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Listen to their posts too, interact with them manually. Your social media fans will love to be heard from their favorite brand, try this and see how your audience response changes thereafter.

Promote Valuable Content Than Self Promotional


Don’t always talk about your products or services, share with the people news and articles related to your niche. Your social media audience must feel that you are the valuable source of information that they can trust and also can get the field related tips and news first from you.

This one of the growth hacks you can make use to build your contacts and link. Most of the people will be happy to see their content being shared, except for those who are busy.

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For instance, you can’t share Syed Balkhi, Neil Patel or Jeff Bullas contents and expect them to interact with your content. Even if you share or not their content has already reached thousands of audience. Instead, choose quality contents written by growing bloggers or website. As an honor of respect, they will also share yours.

This is a bit time consuming to find the quality original content, but trust me it is good for your knowledge and good for your company image too.

Grow A Community


Once you notice that all your contents and shares are getting a good response from your audience. Say for instance you get regularly 1k+ likes and shares (including both) then it is the time for you to use the next growth hacks in your list, Start a Community.

The reason for setting the audience to reach near one thousand is even if some of them left your community it will not affect the social image much.

Believe are not once you have reached this level, thereafter your growth will be taken care by your audience itself

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For Example, You can take Nike. These people are nowhere two or three years back, they got stuck with the old marketing strategies eventually they found a saturation in their level. Then they start to interact with their audience.

Nike already have die hard fans for itself only thing they miss is to interact with them. Once they made the correct move with interaction they gained more momentum. When you buy a Nike gear you become a member of the community. Once you get in you will know the level of interaction and how much bonding you are making with the brand

Consistency In What You Create

Perseverance is the key to success. It doesn’t matter how many time you tried to reach there, the only thing that matters is, did we make it there?. Things to keep in mind whenever you do a growth hack

  • Stay organized improve productivity
  • pay close attention to your business trends
  • Never be afraid to take move just make the move if it fails at least you will know it’s the wrong way, and there is a better way
  • Never hesitate to explore

If make your mindset to this then I will be reading the growth hacks written by you, because all we know is little there is still a lot more to explore you will explore different paths that others don’t. Share your experience in bringing you startup to a stable position and other growth hacks you used to make your business successful. Cheers!!

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