Convert Wix To WordPress Website Like Expert- A Piece Of Cake Job

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WIX have 100 million active users in 190 countries then why we need to convert WIX to WordPress or why we need to think about it and how to transfer or convert WIX to WordPress website. That’s what we are going to see today.


WIX is also a CMS like WordPress which eventually and gradually gained momentum and managed to have its own fan base. It has its own Pros over WordPress like the live WYSIWYG editor and WordPress’s visual editor. This advantage is also not holding the ground for WIX after the use of drag and drop page builder plugin.

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WIX VS WordPress


As you can see in the Google trends graph WIX to WordPress the interest among people is hiking. There are a lot of reasons as the recent GPL issues WIX using WordPress GPL code, this is clearly told by Shayda Torabi marketer from WP Engine in one of her Torque mag post.

The following table of stats from DMR WIX stats and WP Team Support’s WordPress stats helps you to clearly see the complete picture which is better

[table][thead][tr][th]WIX[/th][th]WordPress[/th][/tr][/thead][tbody][tr][td]Average number of WIX user signup per day 45000[/td][td]Almost 50,000 new WordPress websites are added daily[/td][/tr][tr][td]Has 200+ apps to help you with new features[/td][td]Has 50,231 plugins to extend our functionalities[/td][/tr][tr][td]500 WIX designer made templates[/td][td]The recommended themes for WordPress itself will be thousands and there are other premium themes to help you[/td][/tr][tr][td]E-commerce website subscribers in WIX is 15%[/td][td]WooCommerce an ecommerce plugin by WordPress alone powers 39% online stores[/td][/tr][/tbody][/table]

How To Transfer/ Convert WIX To WordPress Website


WordPress is another CMS just like WIX only thing is WordPress has its own aesthetics which millions of people around the world endorse. To start a WordPress website you will be needing to follow these steps

  1. Hosting Service, if you already own one that’s well and good
  2. Get the WordPress installed in your server
  3. A domain name for your website, if you have been using subdomain of WIX say for example then you have to get a domain name for your website
  4. Setting up your WordPress website
  5. Move your WIX blog post to your WordPress website with the help of the RSS feed
  6. Move post images to the WordPress website
  7. Recreating the pages in your WIX webpage
  8. Maintain your website

Selecting Hosting Service


If you already own a hosting service for your website, then there is much to tell you. But for the freshers hosting is a holder that is going to hold your website in the internet world and the domain name is going to be your address where your website resides.

The better part is most of the hosting service providers are offering one-year free domain name for their users. One more best thing is they are providing one-click installation to install WordPress on their server to make your website experience more easier.

Some of the best hosting providers for the WordPress website will be

For their detailed features and benefits see our recommended hosting page

Installing WordPress

Right from selecting a plan to setting up your domain name and your account is explained in detail with step by step procedure on how to set up a blog take a look for a clear idea. I will give an overview of installing WordPress to the server here

Login to your Bluehost account select the WordPress tools tab and your screen will be looking like this


In this provide your domain name, if you are setting up a subdomain name page fill the details in the path field. Provide your admin name, password active email address and click the Install WordPress button.

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The process begins and if any error occurs that will be notified in this window itself. After WordPress been successfully installed in your server a success message will be shown like below


Click the refresh now button you will be given your WordPress website details and login details. You can login to your WordPress website from here itself if you want to change your WordPress login password you can do it from here.

Setting Up Your WordPress Website


After completing your WordPress website you have to do some basic WordPress customizations to be done to unlock the full potential of the WordPress website.

The first thing you have to do is to install a WordPress theme this like the templates of WIX. It is the first step to convert to WIX to WordPress website visually. Themes are like skins to your website. It helps you to get the look and feel you need to your website.

[pro_tip title=”Pro Tip:”]Things to consider on choosing a theme

  • Lightweight
  • Simple and clean
  • Good quality code
  • Must contain important functionalities needed


There are many themes both free and premium are out there to help you, see the recommended themes for handpicked best themes for your WordPress website.

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Install the plugins you need, plugins are just like the apps in the WIX, they are used to extend the functionalities. This second step to convert WIX to WordPress website includes transferring the functionalities you been using.

You can use the plugins while starting a WordPress website to

[recommened_reading id=”4821″ title=”Recommended Reading:”]

Transferring Blog Posts From WIX To WordPress


Rather than making the blog post manually you can transfer them easily from the WIX to WordPress website easily using your RSS feed. This third step to converts WIX to WordPress website includes moving your contents.

You can get your WIX website RSS feed by this step

For instance, if my noncustom domain WIX website name is

Here user name- wptsblog name- wptsblog

If I have a custom domain name then my website XML can be found in You will be getting a file with full of codes like this


Right click and save the file in your system. After that go to your WordPress website login to your admin panel head to tools menu section and import the downloaded RSS feed XML


Run importer message admin notice will be shown in your admin panel. Click the Run Importer option after that you would be asked to select the RSS file, select the RSS file downloaded and import it to the website.


To cross check whether the blog post contents are properly imported go to Post > All Post you will be seeing all the post click view to see how your blog content look on your WordPress website.

Move Post Images To The WordPress Website


The RSS feed will not bring the images with itself, it will still be the WIX media file for this you can use the External media plugin to move images to your website easily. This convert Wix to WordPress step involves moving images from your blog post.

In the admin panel go to Plugins > Add New it will take you to the WordPress plugin directory. Search for External Media Plugin install and activate it on your WordPress website


After installing go to Settings > External Media in that select the URL option and check the enable this plugin option.


After completing the settings, go to Media Library > Add New the following screen will appear in that select the Import from External URL option


In the next screen paste the image URL of the image you need to add and the image will be added to the WordPress media library, you can use this whenever you want. To get the image URL right click on the image you need to import and Select copy the image URL.

Recreating Web pages


Unfortunately, you can’t bring back the web pages in the process of convert WIX to WordPress website. You have to rebuild your web pages manually like you have on your old WIX website. You can use the Page Builder plugins to help you in this.

For this go to Pages>Add New in your WordPress admin panel. Just drag and drop the web page elements in the place you want and just simple as that your web page will be completed.

Remember to keep the web page slug the same as on your old WIX website for SEO reason. You don’t want to spoil your website’s SEO in this convert WIX to WordPress process.

You can use the redirection option to make your user hit your new WordPress website. It will also notify the search engines to under the transfer of WIX to WordPress. Use the following redirects.js code to make a redirect.

[code language=”js”]

var hashesarr = {




for (var hash in hashesarr) {

var patt = new RegExp(hash);

if (window.location.hash.match(patt) !== null) {

window.location.href = hashesarr[hash];




From the above code

“#!about-us/wpts” – it is the about us link of the WIX website

‘/about/’ – this is the slug of the new about page in the WordPress website

[pro_tip title=”Please Note:”]This can only be done if you are using your own domain. If you were using WIX subdomain then you cannot use this option[/pro_tip]

Similarly, you have to manually add all the web pages you had on your WIX website and the new WordPress website pages. Save this file as redirect.js as said before and add this to your WordPress theme’s/js/ directory using the FTP.

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Regular Maintenance


Regular maintenance is an important part in any website. There may be talks self-maintenance VS professional maintenance. You cannot always look after your website you have lot things in your calendar to improve your business and to improve your team performance.

At the same time, you can not leave your website. Two hands is always better than one plus regular maintenance will give your website the following benefits

  • Always optimized website for optimum performance
  • You are a step before your bad times with regular backups
  • Secure and safe website for both you and your website visitors
  • Fixing the issues at the beginning itself when they are minor without affecting website performance

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Congrats You Convert Wix To WordPress Successfully

We have successfully completed the convert WIX to WordPress process. WordPress is powering over 27% of the websites on the world wide web and it has the fastest growing community with lots of contributors. This is something you can’t get in any other platform.

If you already made this convert WIX to WordPress website process please your experience in the comment section. And also if you have any problem in conversion process please leave your comment we will get back to you soon. Cheers!!

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