How To Double Your Team Performance By CoSchedule

MAY 4, 2017  4 MINS READ

There will always this problem in any business especially in small business or startups organizing employees and their work is the biggest task.


There will be a lot of divisions in an office management team, production team, marketing team, development team and much more based on your office type. Each one having a different tool to manage their team, it would be cumbersome if we try to manage all that in one software.

But there is a solution for this it is CoSchedule. CoSchedule is a versatile calendar based application to manage our work as well as our team’s works.

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Getting Started with CoSchedule

Once you set your account and choose your plan you will need to get into your CoSchedule app. Log in to your account, you will be greeted with this page


The screen shows your the post with their social share count, upcoming post and the tasks assigned to you.

On the left-hand side, you have the navigation menus and options. First, you need to connect your WordPress website with the CoSchedule. For that, you need to go to the settings options


First, you will be seeing the Calendar settings. The calendar settings page will be like above. It’s all about how you want your WordPress website to look for your easy workflow.

Connecting WordPress Website With CoSchedule


Here we already set our website with the CoSchedule, if you haven’t set WordPress website there will be a message to connect your WordPress website. For that, you have to install the CoSchedule’s WordPress plugin in your WordPress website. Once you install the plugin and come here and click here to validate your connection with the WordPress website.

Connecting Your Social Profiles With The CoSchedule

You can connect your social accounts by getting into the Social Profile options in that connect your and your team’s social accounts.


You can also invite others by sending an invitation to them through email, if the user is already in your WordPress website user list you can add them by yourself.

By adding the user you can easily manage their work from the calendar itself.

Managing Team With The CoSchedule

As you have added your team members you can easily collaborate with each other and can do their task then and there easily.

To schedule a post, marketing campaign or social media campaign head to that date and click the “+” button. For example, If I want to create a post on June 20th I head to that date and start creating my post.


CoSchedule allows you to create a blog post here itself in a clean Text editor environment and you can post it to your WordPress website. You can also get your blog post from Google Docs or Evernote and you can convert this post into the WordPress post easily from the options.


The CoSchedule also provides you the headline analyzer tools which analysis how good your title can perform with the reader. You can also assign tasks to your employees and also set them the due date, as you can see I have assigned tasks to our team. As the task complete the progress bar will rise.

Not only for content you can also use the same way to plan your event, product progress and marketing dates which helps us to know the due date and how much the team performance is and in which part we have to concentrate.

Social Campaigns And Reque

You can also manage your social campaigns and really this piece of CoSchedule is mindblowing. All you have to do is to make the message select the social accounts in which the social messages should go.

CoSchedule: The Editorial Calendar For WordPress

If you want a particular message to reque check the reque option automatically your messages will find its place on the calendar based on your schedules based on the reque behavior they designed.

Increase Your Productivity

CoSchedule improves your productivity by keeping your team work organized and saves most of the time in social media in the increasing social media marketing trend.

There are many marketing automation plugins are out there but CoSchedule is a bit different from them and also very useful with the features that a team should require. By keeping the team on the same line in a synchronized way will help you save a lot of money and time, that’s what the concept of CoSchedule and the product also performs as they promise.

What are the tools you use for marketing calendar and to organize your team please share with us in the comment section below, Happy Website!!

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