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APRIL 10, 2017  8 MINS READ

Howdy WordPress users!! Meet WP Team Support the most affordable and smart WordPress maintenance and service provider. In this post, we are going to walk through around WP Team Support.


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How To Start With WP Team Support

If you are new to WP Team Support setup new account by providing necessary details that were asked in the sign-up form.


After completing the setup process login to your account with your account details. You will see your dashboard.

Introducing Advanced User Dashboard

Your WP Team Support advanced dashboard will welcome you as like below


WP Team Support user dashboard has been designed for the user to handle their all support services and other account details easily at one place. You can almost control your account completely from the dashboard to reduce the complexity of switching from place to place. From the dashboard, you can manage

  • Your account details
  • Manage your subscription
  • Maintenance Plan Detail that you have chosen (will brief you how to subscribe maintenance and other plans shortly)
  • Services you ordered
  • Get Support from the WPTS experts

Choosing Your First Plan

Anyone can open their free account with WP Team Support after that they can choose the plan they want. If you open an account while subscribing to any plan that plan will be added to your WP Team Support account directly.

If you created your free account without choosing any plan, in your dashboard section under the Maintenance tab you will be seeing the maintenance plan available and from here you can choose your first maintenance plan.


Similarly, if you haven’t chosen any plan in the services tab you will be having Theme Setup plans, from here you can purchase your first theme setup plan.


From the dashboard itself, you can manage or choose and buy the Maintenance and the Theme Setup plan you want. If you want to buy support credits alone you can also buy the support credits from the dashboard itself.

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To have a complete look of all the WP Team Support Services and buy them as you see visit our Support Services inventory page.


After you bought your first service that services will be added to your account dashboard from there you can manage your services and also know the status of the services you requested. For example, I am going to buy Growing Business Maintenance plan now my cart will be like this


In the checkout page, you will be having your order summary and your account details. Choose your mode of payment and proceed to pay.

On clicking “Proceed To PayPal” you will be redirected to PayPal payment gateway screen. From there give your account details and purchase the plan or services you want. After completing the purchase you will be again redirected to your account. From the dashboard you can see your order details.

An Overview of The Services Placed

After you placed your support service your dashboard will be looking like this


For instance, I have chosen Maintenance plan, for now, you can see that dashboard has my

  • Subscription ID
  • My Subscribed plan status that is ACTIVE now
  • The Next Payment date
  • The amount I have to pay in the Total, I can manage and see other status of my plan by clicking the view button.

Now under the Services tab, you can see the ordered services to the WP Team Support as shown below

Getting Support From WPTS Experts

Getting support from the WP Team Support Expert is very easy, our friendly experts are 24/7 available for you to fix your WordPress issues. You can request for a support by opening a ticket and talk to our experts about your WordPress issues in the support section.


As you can see that at the Support Service itself you can see the status of your order. As soon as the agent who took your order will get to you. Tell the expert about your issues and the expert will get in action to solve your problem.


The marked lock symbol is the is the private credential. At WP Team Support our customer’s information security is our top provide your website details and other login credentials safely in this section. This information will stay safe between you and the WP Team Support expert.

Support Credit Usage

How does the Support Credit system work? This is the most common doubt for a new WP Team Support user, well we will help you understand it easily in this section.

Wp Team Support’s Support Credit system is the most economical and the smartest way to fix the WordPress issues. Pay only for your needs and not above that, Support Credits helps you save hundreds of dollar and help you fix the WordPress issues easily.

Whenever you need to make a WordPress fix in WP Team Support you need support credits to fix your WordPress website. You can buy the Support Credits from the Support services inventory page. Based on your need choose the Support Credit Pack.

Save 100’s Of Dollar With Support Credits

What will you normally do if you were with other WordPress support and service provider? You need to Upgrade your plan for just one fix that too you need it for only once.

In order to get that only one service, you have to upgrade your plan. On Comparing with the WP Team Support Service price structure itself you have to pay $199 for that single fix. Nearly you are paying $170 higher from the base plan $29.

[pro_tip title=”TIP:”]With the maintenance plan you get free support credits every month which also you use to fix WordPress issues[/pro_tip]

A unit price of the Support Credit is $5. With the help of Support Credits, you can fix this Speed Optimization fix with just $50. You are saving $120 with the Support Credits.

Support Credits System is the most affordable and smart way to fix WordPress issues to help YOU THE USERS to get more benefits.

You can see your available balance in your dashboard itself by clicking the Credits tab.


You can also buy support credits from here itself.

If you don’t have enough Support Credits balance with you in the product page you cannot see the use the support credit button in the product page.

If you already have the enough Support Credit balance Use The Support Credits button will be shown, the required amount of support credits will be deducted from your available Support Credit balance. For instance for the above shown “Add Custom Functionality To A Plugin” support service you need 20 Support Credit, only 20 support credits will be deducted from your Support Credit Balance.

Starting An Affiliate Program With WPTS

Starting an affiliate program with WP Team Support is very easy, you don’t need a separate account for different service. In WPTS it is always “One Account for all services”. In your dashboard select the affiliate tab you will be seeing a screen like this


From here itself you can generate your affiliate URL, you can have a look at how well your affiliate link is performing from here itself. You get your affiliate banners in the Creatives section. The detailed stats report helps you judge your performance. Your affiliate earning and other payment details can be seen in the Payout section.

Team Up With WP Team Support

So now you have an idea on How to use WP Team Support. Start your free accountwith WP Team Support now and start fixing your WordPress website very easily and more economically.

Join thousands of our happy customers who are smart and proudly own a perfect WordPress website. We know the worth of your website and maintain it to be in its best-optimized stage. We take good care of your website and your website takes a brilliant care about your business.

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