How To Install And Add A Contact Form To WordPress Website Within 2 Minutes

 APRIL 7, 2017  6 MINS READ

A contact form is an important feature to be present in a website. It helps your viewers to contact you and more importantly you can build your contact list. There are a lot of contact form plugins available for WordPress website.


In this post we gonna help you how to make contact form using the Ninja Forms and also going to mention other contact forms you can use for your website.

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Contact Form Plugins

There are both premium and free plugins available for the WordPress website. Here we mentioned both types of plugins which are good and are also famous among WordPress users.

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Gravity Forms


Gravity forms is a premium plugin. You can build your form by simply using the form builder by selecting the fields you want on your form and create one.


  • Form Fields – Pre-designed form fields given to you already just select what are the forms you need in your form
  • Conditional Logic – Enables you to decide when and what fields to show to your website viewers
  • Order Forms – Helpful for billing form design purposes
  • Entry Management – Your entry lists are stored in your WordPress database you can manage these in from your WordPress dashboard itself
  • Notifications – Transmission emails, that is automatic emails are triggered to your users when they submit a form.

Contactform 7


Contactform7 is a free plugin where you can build your own form with simple markup code. It is been out there for years and has 3+ million active installers.


Here fields are created as tags. For beginners, it will take some time to get used to it, but it is a very powerful contact form plugin for free. In this also you can manage multi-contact form, customize form and also

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Ninja Forms


Ninja forms is available as both free and premium plugin. Its builder user interface is very user-friendly, all you have to do is to drag and drop the fields you want in your form. It is recommended for beginners in WordPress.


  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • Automatically inherits your theme’s styling saves time of customizing
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly out of the box
  • 30+ Available Field Types to choose for your form
  • Form Templates to easily edit the forms we need
  • Submission Management to organize the user details and forms
  • Spam Protection for security
  • Export & Import Forms to make the workflow easier

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In premium version, you get additional 40+ add-ons for the Ninja forms like

  • Email Marketing Add-Ons
  • Payment Gateway Add-Ons
  • Customer Relationship Management Add-Ons
  • Helpdesk and Customer Support Addons

Take a look at complete add-on list in their page

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How To Add Ninja Forms In WordPress

To add the Ninja form, from your WordPress dashboard under Plugins menu choose Add new option.


The window will appear like above in the search box type the plugin you want. Here I type as Ninja Forms the result will be like above.

Click Install Now the plugin will be added to your WordPress website

Creating Form Using Ninja Form

After installing the plugin you will see an option Forms in your dashboard. You will see all the form related options in this menu


The default form comes along with this mail is Contact Me form. The window now looks like


As you can see there is a short-code alongside the form. Just copy this code and place it in the web page you want and the form will appear there.

Creating & Customizing New Form

In the menu option choose Add New option, you will be taken to form builder window that appears like below


To start building your own custom form. Press the ‘PLUS’ blue button that appears in the bottom right of the screen. When you click the button following options will appear


On the right-hand side, you have all the form fields you needed. To make it more easy for you there will be a search filter at the top. You can use it to search and find your field easily.

Now I have to build a form that should collect the following information from the user

  1. First Name*
  2. Last Name*
  3. Email Id*
  4. Address
  5. Contact number

Going to mention * fields as mandatory fields


As said before to build your form just drag and drop the field at the location you want. To make the field as mandatory click on the field. You will get the options like below.


After finishing the form to preview your form click the Eye Icon that appears on the top. Our form will look like this


You can also rearrange the form fields, for that also just drag and place it in the location it needs to be. Note this feature is available only in the premium version


After completing the field alignment again take a preview, the form will now look like

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All our changes are stored as revisions automatically. Se whenever we want we can revert it back from the clock with the reverse icon at the top near Publish button.


After completing your form click the publish button, the following window will appear


Adding Form To The Page

After publishing the form you can see our new form “Contact Form Sample” on the form page.


Now that we have created our form we can add the form directly from the page or by pasting the corresponding form’s short code at the page we want.


After inserting the form in our webpage “Ninja Contact Form Sample” our final web page will look like this.

Start Collecting Your Website Viewers Information

So now you know how to add a contact form to your WordPress website. As said before contact forms not only helps your users to reach you but also helps you to develop your contact. It is the most valuable asset for any business website or when you start a professional blog.

It helps you in the email marketing and social media marketing campaigns. What are your favorite contact form plugins mention it in the comment section and also please mention what feature in your favorite plugin impressed you the most?

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