How to reset WordPress website? Both Using Plugin and Manually

APRIL 3, 2017  5 MINS READ

How to reset WordPress website? A common question among the WordPress users. It is just like factory resetting your smartphone. That is reverting your WordPress site to its very beginning stage by removing all its tables and details, it is also like a revamp of your website.

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As it is WordPress you can easily reset WordPress sites using the plugin or else for a little more clear picture of what are you doing with your website files you can manually reset WordPress website. In this post, we included both the methods to reset your WordPress website.

Reset WordPress Website using Plugin

Resetting WordPress becomes very easy using the plugin WordPress Database Resetplugin. The advantage of this plugin is you can delete a particular file from the database if you no need to reset WordPress website completely.

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Following are the steps to reset the WordPress website using the plugin

Step 1

WordPress database reset plugin is a free plugin. You can download it from the WordPress plugin directory to reset WordPress website.

After completing the installation select Tools > Database Reset.


Step 2

Select the table you want to reset from the website from the drop down box. If you want to completely reset WordPress website then click Select all option.


Step 3

After selecting the files you want to remove, check the box Reactivate current theme and plugins after reset if you want to retain your theme and plugin to be on the website after the reset WordPress website process or else you can leave this.



To ensure that you are sure about deleting the files of your website as it is irreversible you have to type in the security code in the second option and click Reset Tables button.



If you select the user’s table your user account will be reset. This means you will have to reset your password and log back into your WordPress installation after using the reset plugin. To avoid this, remove the user’s option after using the select all quick link.

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If you had chosen users table in the reset process then you have to login back into your WordPress installation.


Reset WordPress website manually

If you are an adventure loving person and love to do the risky task by yourself you can use the steps given below to manually reset WordPress website using phpMyAdmin.

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Step 1

Login to your cPanel interface. From the main cPanel screen under the databases category choose phpMyAdmin.



Now you will be inside the phpMyAdmin tool. In that choose the Database tab at the top of the page. It shows the available database in your account, click on the database you want.


Step 3

The tables related to the selected database will be shown on the screen. Select the file you want to drop or empty or if you want to completely drop all tables then select all.


Step 4

Once finish selecting the tables select the Drop option from the drop down option. If you just want to empty the table then select the Empty option


[pro_tip title=”Note:”] With drop option, you are completely resetting your website, you have to login back to the WordPress installation, it is just like resetting your user file using the plugin.[/pro_tip]

Step 5


Confirmation screen that displays the SQL Query phpMyAdmin will be shown. Click on the Yes button to confirm and run the query.

Step 6

After the query runs, the tables will be removed from the list. “No tables found in database” message will be shown at the top of the page. This means the database is empty now.


Step 7

You have to login back to your WordPress, it should look like a brand new installation. If you click on Posts you’ll see that your website has gone back to the original WordPress “Hello World!” default post, complete with sample comment. And if you check under Pages default WordPress “Sample Page” will be also back.


That’s all for today folks!! Thanks for reading this post, use the plugin or if are really strong and clear with those digging stuff on your server then you can use the manual method to reset WordPress website.
Leave your comments below, if you face any issues fear not we have experts to help you, just let us know. After all, we are WP Team Support people right, Happy to help you!

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