April 2017

How To Customize WordPress Dashboard Like A Professional – Basics

APRIL 27, 2017  9 MINS READ Basic small tweaks you can do to customize WordPress dashboard. WordPress has a user-friendly and a powerful admin panel, almost you can control your entire website. But still, you want to customize WordPress dashboard to your own wish this post will help you with that. Customizing the dashboard includes various topics right from changing the color, login page image, permissions, admin notice, and lot more,

22 WordPress Portfolio Themes To Proclaim You The Best Professional

 APRIL 18, 2017  10 MINS READ WordPress portfolio themes help you to get the audience interested in you and make them into valuable clients of yours. To choose WordPress portfolio themes there are certain criteria to choose from to make your work neat and appealing to the audience. Criteria For WordPress Portfolio Themes Simple and clean with neat layout designs that should not clutter your work There must be an option

Why You Need Regular WordPress Maintenance Service (Infographic)

APRIL 13, 2017  1 MIN READ WordPress engine helps you build your dream website. Your website is almost likely in a Grand Prix race in the internet world. The maintenance team is your Pit lane crew. We have already discussed the need for WordPress maintenance service as a blog post. To make this racing adventure more interesting for our WP Team Support readers we are giving it as an infographic. Happy and

Step By Step User Manual To Kick Start WP Team Support Right Away

APRIL 10, 2017  8 MINS READ Howdy WordPress users!! Meet WP Team Support the most affordable and smart WordPress maintenance and service provider. In this post, we are going to walk through around WP Team Support. [tables_content title=”In this post we are going to walk through around WP Team Support”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”How To Start With WP Team Support” link=”#start”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Introducing Advanced User Dashboard” link=”#intro”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Choosing Your First Plan” link=”#plan”][table_content

How To Install And Add A Contact Form To WordPress Website Within 2 Minutes

 APRIL 7, 2017  6 MINS READ A contact form is an important feature to be present in a website. It helps your viewers to contact you and more importantly you can build your contact list. There are a lot of contact form plugins available for WordPress website. In this post we gonna help you how to make contact form using the Ninja Forms and also going to mention other contact forms

How to reset WordPress website? Both Using Plugin and Manually

APRIL 3, 2017  5 MINS READ How to reset WordPress website? A common question among the WordPress users. It is just like factory resetting your smartphone. That is reverting your WordPress site to its very beginning stage by removing all its tables and details, it is also like a revamp of your website. [Tweet “How to #reset #WordPress #website? Both Using Plugin and Manually #WPTS”] As it is WordPress you can