20 WordPress Plugins that Steals Attention to Engage Visitors of Your Site

MARCH 6, 2017  20 MINS READ

Are you looking for a WordPress plugin to engage visitors of your site? Offering interesting element to engage visitors is very important as it increases website traffic by making people visit the page again and again. In this article, we have hand-picked the best WordPress plugins to engage visitors.


Time is a relative element that varies from person to person. Einstein explained it simply, time will be felt fast when we are with our lover and time will be felt long while we are in our classroom.

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Engaging visitors is also like Einstein relativity to time. When you make interesting and attractive things to engage visitors they don’t know the time they spend on your website. It increases the dwell time which is a good factor for the page SEOranking in the search engine result page (SERP).

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[tables_content title=”WordPress plugins to engage visitors of your site are categorised into”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Engaging plugins for Comment Section: Encourages the reader to read more of your post.” link=”#comment”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Interaction plugins to engage visitors: Change visitors into customers.” link=”#interaction”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Social Interaction and Sharing Plugins: Helps you achieve social presence.” link=”#social”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Sidebar Engagement Plugins: Sidebars can also be used to generate revenue by placing ads.” link=”#sidebar”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Customer Support Plugins: It is more important to keep your customers engaged.” link=”#support”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Email Marketing Plugins: Cope up with the customers in email.” link=”#email”][/tables_content]

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Engaging Plugins for Comment Section

Replying to the reader’s comment gives a personal touch, it encourages the reader to read more of your post. It also helps you to know about the caliber of your writing and what people thinks of your writing. Chat segment is the place where actual interaction takes place and ideas are shared.

These WordPress plugins help to engage visitors by giving better comment experience.

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Disqus is more than a comment section plugin. It also helps you to generate revenue in the chat segments by placing ads in the comment segment using reveal. Growing audience in the comment section also helps you to generate revenue.


  • Automatically adapts to your site’s design and colors or you can set it to your own liking
  • Supports devices from desktop to mobile, including Google AMP
  • multilingual support, 70 languages supported and counting
  • Fun discussion interactions: upvotes, downvotes, threaded replies, recommends, and more
  • Rich-media-supported comments let readers add images and video to keep discussions lively
  • Instant activity notifications, email notifications, and email digests pull readers back in
  • Discover other top discussions through publisher profiles and organic discovery modules next to comments
  • With Disqus Home, publishers get a built-in network of the Internet’s most active commenters

[blockquote]”Plugin that helps to generate revenue in the chat segment”[/blockquote]

Yoast Comment hack


Yoast Comment Hacks is a simple plugin that makes WordPress comments system easier. This plugin currently has 5 modules, all of which were previously separate plugins.That is now you get all in one plugin.

Modules and Features

  • Minimum Comment length- This module allows you to set a minimum length and prevent people from leaving a comment if they’re under that
  • Email- Commenters- This module adds an email link in the admin, when you hover over a comment. Send email to commenter directly or email to everyone who commented on a post
  • Comment redirect- Redirect first time commenters to a thank you page. Use this page to inform them about other nice things on your site, stuff they should really read, etc
  • Clean Notification Email- Keeps the comment email notification simple and clean
  • Comment Parent Edit- Some time you cannot edit the parent comment. The plugin adds a simple input field to change that

[blockquote]”5 in one plugin, saves space and loading time”[/blockquote]

Custom Comment  Form Title


Custom Comment Form Title plugin changes the default title to something more engaging, then set a custom comment form title on a post-by-post basis to really engage your readers.


  • Ask a compelling question, make a bold statement and much more
  • At present, it is compatible with the Genesis, thematic themes, and Disqus framework. However, you can try this to other themes if you encounter any problem support is there to help you

Interaction Plugins to Engage Visitors

Interaction plugins are the tools which gonna make your visitors stay on your website. If use these plugins to engage visitors properly you can even change visitors into customers.

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Intercom specially designed for live chat support, it has loads of features in it and it is very easy to use both in terms of interface and report analysis. You can set your chat box layout, only permitted emoticons are visible. You can make different chat box title and welcome message for each page.

It actually sells its services in three products

  • Acquire- Live Chat
  • Engage- Targeted in-app, email and push messages
  • Resolve – Support services via in-app chat, email and you can combine another technician of your team to solve issue

It has a lot more features under its sleeve have a detailed look. Speaking about pricing it offers the plugin for free but for services you need to buy a plan.

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Ninja Forms


Ninja forms is the drag and drop form creation tool for WordPress. Even it is free its interface is simple and straightforward making it easy for the beginners. You can even use Ninja Forms as a framework, developers can customize forms at any step in the form building.


  • A gorgeous and intuitive user interface
  • No limitations on the number of forms, fields, emails, actions, or submissions
  • Dedicated, easy to use fields for emails, dates, phone numbers, addresses and more
  • Modify or create your own forms and save it as template for future use
  • Force required fields and correct data formatting with custom input masks
  • Give success message or redirect them elsewhere after visitor completed a form
  • Manage, Edit, and Export form user submissions
  • Export and Import forms and favorite fields
  • Email form data to administrators and/or users when every time a form is processed
  • Customize emails and add raw HTML(for photos, videos, and more) with the powerful Summernote HTML editor
  • Several anti-spam options including Google reCaptcha, question/response fields, and honeypot fields
  • Form submission via AJAX, allowing a seamless user experience without page refreshes (PHP version lower than 5.3 may face some issues)

[blockquote]”Simple and straightforward drag and drop form builder in FREE plugin”[/blockquote]

OneSignal-Free Web Push Notification


OneSignal is a complete push notification solution for WordPress blogs and websites. Visitors can opt-in to receive desktop push notifications when you publish a new post. This plugin engages visitors by notifications even after they left your website.


  • Supports Chrome (Desktop & Android), Safari (Mac OS X), and Firefox (Desktop) on both HTTP and HTTPS sites
  • Send notifications to followers every time you publish a new post. Set up a reminder that gets automatically sent to them if user haven’t visited for a few days
  • Send notifications to specific visitors based on language, number of times they’ve visited your blog, or even set up your own user attributes that you can target
  • Choose when and how to ask your visitors to opt-in to browser notifications. Customize the prompt they first see
  • See your notifications being delivered in real time, and watch them as they convert into visitors
  • Try A/B testing, send different messages to a smaller set of your visitors to figure out which messages are more effective and then send the more effective message to the rest of your visitors
  • Schedule notifications to be delivered in the future, based on a user’s time zone or even based on the same time of day they last visited your website

[blockquote]”Visitors receive notification even after leaving your website”[/blockquote]

Social Interaction and Sharing Tools

In the modern world a company’s active status is predicted in the online based on their social media profile. The more active the website in the social media the trust you build among the visitors that you are an active company. These WordPress plugin to engage visitors help you achieve social presence.

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Schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place. Buffer plugin posts the article or image in the social media automatically as per the time and date you scheduled.


  • Shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day so that your followers can see your updates more often
  • As you add content, you can easily select which of your social accounts you want to post to. Post the same message to all accounts or add context by customizing each
  • Can use multimedia like photos, videos or create an image with their Pablo services and share them instantly
  • Whether you are browsing the web or on the go, you can easily add content to your queue with buffer’s browser extensions and mobile apps
  • Create images with the perfect size and format for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Choose from various typography, font sizes and formatting options that engage visitors
  • Streamline your social media management by efficiently coordinating with your team. Allow multiple people to contribute while easily managing permissions and moderating contributions
  • Easily visualize the impact of your social media marketing with the rich analytics. Track engagement, conversions, and trends in order to prioritize your efforts

Social Warfare Plugin


Social warfare plugin is an awesome plugin which is very attractive to use and also blend well with your website and theme color code. It pays more attention for twitter share and it is really fun to use its tweet feature that surely will engage visitors.


  • Attractive social sharing buttons on the market. With a uniform and accurate aesthetics buttons look legit
  • Light and fast social sharing buttons to reduce lag and loading time. Easily match the buttons to your websites branding. Customize the look with over 5000 potential style combinations
  • Pinterest specific images and description
  • Customize the tweets that are populated when a visitor clicks your Twitter button you can even add images to the custom tweets
  • Create in-post tweetable quotes that make it easy for visitors to share. Display rich, large image summary cards in your tweets
  • Add a custom widget that will display your most popular blog posts by the number of social shares it has received. Display social share counts prominently even Twitter tweet counts (in premium version alone)
  • Display the share buttons with share counts hidden until a minimum number of shares have been reached
  • Allows third party developers to build upon and extend the functionality as needed in the form of plugin add-ons. Place share buttons anywhere with a simple shortcode or PHP snippet
  • Automatically adds UTM tracking to every shared link so you can track how your social shares are performing via Analytics. Includes Frame Buster plugin that prevents people from adding their own calls-to-action over top of yours
  • Allows the recovery of social share counts when switching permalink structures or going from HTTP to HTTPS protocol

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This plugin is available in both free and premium version. In free version you have certain limitation but you receive all main functionalities.



BuzzStream is a contacts and influencer builder and managing plugin. It research influencers, manage your relationships and conduct outreach that is personalized and efficient.


  • BuzzStream discovers contact information, social profiles and site metrics for you. It is easy to prioritize the most important, influential contacts
  • It automatically saves your emails and tweets and lets you set reminders to follow-up
  • BuzzStream gives your entire team one centralized database to work from. You can collaborate with teammates, share notes, and keep projects organized
  • Get more attention for your content through earned media. BuzzStream helps you build lists and pitch influencers make distribution of content easy

[blockquote]”help you manage your relationships and researches influencers”[/blockquote]

Floating Social Bar


Floating social bar is a light-weight WordPress plugin that adds a horizontal floating share bar to your blog posts, pages, and other post types.


  • Floating Social Bar only loads scripts when necessary. None of the social media scripts are loaded when the page is loaded
  • Simple interface that allows you to drag-and-drop the social buttons that you want to display. You can also use the drag-drop interface to control the order of how social share buttons appear on your site
  • You can disable the social media bar on specific posts or pages
  • For developers there are template tags available for custom use cases

Sidebar is the place where you can place all the promotional items a, interesting elements and widgets to engage visitors. Sidebars can also be used to generate revenue by placing ads.

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Yet Another Related Post Plugin(YARPP)

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Even your old post can help you gain more traffic and also helps the reader to stay with your website for a longer time. By giving the reader a suggestion based on the post they are interested YARPP plugin helps the reader to have a better reading experience and come to know more about your products.


  • Thumbnail or list view of related content
  • Related posts, pages, and custom post types
  • Pre-designed Templates are there help you select the way your content list must appear
  • Contents are selected based on post title, content, tags, and categories
  • Related posts in feeds

Category Post Widget


As the name implies this plugin helps you to display the post in your website based on its category. Category post widget narrows down the user’s search criteria by providing the category list, which helps to engage visitors more.


  • Uses shortcodes, can easily change all shortcode options in the customizer
  • For editing, shortcode adds a Customizer link to the admin-bar
  • Option to show post thumbnail & set dimensions by width & height and also to put a thumbnail on top. Mouse hover effects for post thumbnail
  • Jetpack ‘Social buttons on posts’ support
  • Set how many posts to show. Can change ordering of posts
  • Set which category the posts should come from. If category have currently no posts can hide the widget
  • Can hide posts without thumbnail and can also exclude current post
  • Option to make the widget title link and date link to the category page
  • Show post author details and comment count
  • Provides Multiple widgets, multi site support and can manage any number of website

[blockquote]”Narrows down the user’s search criteria by providing the category list”[/blockquote]

Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnails.


Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnails plugin is based on the well-known WordPress default widget ‘Recent Posts’ and extended to display more information about the posts like thumbnails, excerpts and assigned categories.


  • The title of the widget. Set maximum length of post title
  • Number of listed posts and also open post links in new windows
  • Random order of posts with hiding current post in list option
  • Keep sticky posts on top of the list. Show post author, categories, post date, excerpt and number of comments
  • Ignore post excerpt field as excerpt source, builds excerpts automatically from the post content
  • Print slugs of post categories in class attribute of LI elements
  • Show posts from selected categories or of all categories
  • Registered thumbnail dimensions. Thumbnail width and height in pixels. Keep aspect ratio of thumbnails
  • Use the first image in the post as the thumbnail. If no thumbnail is available to use default thumbnail and default thumbnailURL

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Image Widget


A simple image widget that uses the native WordPress media manager to add image widgets to your site. It helps the user to show your infographics, article related images or your team outing pics which makes the visitors engaged.


  • Handles image resizing and alignment. Versatile and all fields are optional
  • Display title and description. Link the image to the desired location
  • Upload, link to external image or select an image from your media collection using the built-in thick box browser
  • Supports override of template so that you can override the template for your theme
  • Responsive compatible any device screen

[blockquote]”Show your infographics, article related images or your team outing pics”[/blockquote]

Customer Support Tools

It is more important to keep your customers engaged and interacted than your visitors. Without customer satisfaction, there is no business. These plugins help you to provide better customer support to the user.

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Help Scout


Help Scout plugin covers almost all the features that a help desk should have. Have a look at their features.


  • Create multiple mailboxes for each shared email address so you can work seamlessly across departments, or manage several products/brands from a single account
  • See which team member is viewing or replying in real-time
  • Categorize conversations or trigger automation
  • Two-click access to your most common responses
  • Communicate privately with your teammates
  • Measure team performance, spot trends to prevent issues, and monitor customer happiness
  • And much more automation process like automate action, bulk replies, custom folders and a lot other
  • Help Scout seamlessly integrates with services like Olark and Snap Engage so that every chat is automatically stored in the customer’s profile
  • It also provide customer satisfaction ratings and 75+ keyboard shortcuts

[blockquote]”Plugin that covers almost all the features that a help desk should have”[/blockquote]

WP Helpdesk


WP helpdesk is a good plugin specifically for ticket submission and support updates on the client’s submitted ticket. You can easily manage multiple tickets and drafts are autosaved for every 30 seconds.


  • Easily reply to tickets and view all information relevant to a ticket
  • You can search whole tickets or can narrow search by subject, from, to or body
  • Email configuration is simple for both outgoing and incoming mails. Interchange support agents assigned and customize the email format on the same page
  • WPHD will inform you about email drafts from other agents, or if a specific agent is already busy with a ticket you’re viewing
  • It supports and integrates third party contact forms
  • Convert the request comment in a blog into a ticket in a single click

[blockquote]”Best plugin for ticket submission and processing”[/blockquote]

Awesome Support


Awesome Support is a versatile support plugin for WordPress. The interesting part is that it is a free plugin and can be found in the WordPress plugin directory.


  • It is compatible with all the existing themes both free and premium
  • Responsive design compatible with any device and any screen size
  • Users can submit tickets from the front-end, and your agents can help them from the WordPress backend
  • Relevant people are notified of certain actions by e-mail, and all e-mails are customizable
  • All correspondence is private between the client and the agents
  • You control when files can be uploaded, how many files, and how large they are
  • Multiple products: provide support for as many products as you want
  • Easily set up additional custom fields
  • Identify old tickets quickly with tags
  • Can use extensions to add functionalities, popular extensions E-Mail PipingWooCommerceCanned Responses

Email Marketing Plugins

Make use of your email subscribers try to cope up with the customers in email. Engage subscribers by providing  regular newsletters, a copy of your content marketing, information about new features and updates regarding your product or services.

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MailChimp is a very famous email marketing plugin with more than 14 million users. It lets you send and track emails, manage subscribers, view analytics, create nice email templates, and set up autoresponders.


  • You can create targeted campaigns
  • Automate helpful product follow-ups
  • Send back-in-stock messages to customers
  • Learn what your customers are purchasing, then send them better email
  • Easy drag and drop designer to create campaigns that match your style
  • Target customers based on behavior, preferences, and previous sales
  • Get in-depth analytic insights to make every automated series you send better than the last
  • Monitors sales and website activity with revenue reports, and inform your email content with purchase data using Google Analytics

It provides lot more services and features to almost all type of customers and business around the globe.

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[blockquote]”Email marketing plugin with more than 14 million users”[/blockquote]

Sendit Newsletter


Sendit enables you to send newsletters and collect subscribers from your blog. You can manage one or more lists and put the subscription form via a shortcode in the post or use the Sendit widget. It offers both free and premium services.


  • Add a subscription widget form in your sidebar or pages
  • Mailing list and subscribers management ajax powered in wp-admin
  • Double opt-in subscription widget
  • Custom post type integration
  • Send your posts to your readers with featured image
  • Build and send newsletter within WordPress
  • SMTP integration (works great with external SMTP services)

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The most widely used Opt-in lead generation software. Optinmonster tracks the movement of your mouse cursor and displays the form to the user at the most appropriate time when you will be getting more leads and conversions


  • Easy drag and drop form builder
  • 6 optin form type
  • A/B Test to choose the better result giving strategy
  • Analytic report to have insight of the marketing strategy
  • Fullscreen welcome gate
  • Mobile specific pop-ups
  • Location specific inline form
  • MonsterEffects which adds animation effects to the pop-ups

That’s All for today Folks

Well above given plugins would help you to engage visitors of your site. Engaging visitors cannot be done in a single aspect or from one point. So we have mentioned different types of plugins you can use at different areas, which could give the highest chance of engaging visitors.

Have listed most commonly used and preferred plugins by other users. Would like to hear from you about other interesting plugins you use to engage your visitors, share with us in the comment section.

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