Email Vs Social Media Marketing Performance Analysis For Healthy Business in 2017


A successful business is marked by its healthy performance record in the industry. The growth of the company should be steadily raising. Email marketing and social media marketing plays a vital role in the business growth.


On comparing email and social media marketing you can get a clear cut idea about how each of them performs in developing the business. The following stats of email marketing vs social media marketing gives their performance track report.

Factors on Which Email Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing is Done

The Email marketing vs social media marketing analysis for healthy business is done based on these factors.


Factors improving your business in the long run and stay in the competition

  • Customer lifetime in a business cycle
  • Investment in Automation Tools
  • Return of investment


Factors makes your business stronger and helps you stay ahead of your competition

  • What makes the readers or customers engaged
  • Click Through Rate
  • Conversion rate

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Keeps your business stable on all aspect and holds you tight at every time

  • Holiday and non-holiday sale keep your business running profitably anytime
  • How often and consistent the strategy should be


Factors which makes your business reach more audience easily

  • Device based marketing
  • Regions where you can get better result

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Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing in Engagement

Engaging people is an important criterion in marketing. Once your marketing strategy performed well in this your business will easily clear the first level of being a successful company.

Let’s see how email marketing perform in this

  • On an average, a reader spend 8 seconds looking at the email
  • 26% of the email readers glances an email and 22% of them just skim the email

that’s not a bad score for one to one direct interaction. Let’s see how mass reach Social media marketing performs in this

  • Average interactions per post as per 1000 followers is 70%
  • Most interactive social media is Instagram

Looks like the engagement level is clearly high in social media marketing and the star player among the Social media in engagement is Instagram.

Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing in Unique CTR

So we managed to get the reader’s attention now what? We have to measure how email and social media marketing perform in the Click Through Rate (CTR) analysis.

As you can see from the above stats the time we got to engage readers is only 8 seconds and nearly 1/4th of them just skim our emails. Naturally their efficiency in getting the response drops. The average CTR for email marketing is just 9.5%

With the social media marketing, it depends on how attractive your post is. On our analysis, we found that 84% of the post with engaging images get more CTR. For exampleTweets with the image get 18% more clicks and in the Linkedin post with images get a 200% more engagement.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the second most important level in the healthy business performances. As this the most important and the first step for the income generation part for a company.

Email marketing brings 174% more total conversions than social media marketing

Even if you have 1000 followers getting 500 customers from it is a difficult task. That means getting even 50% return of investment (ROI) from Social media marketing is a tough job. Speaking about ROI, it is going to be our next analysis criteria.

Therefore email marketing vs social media marketing comparison in the conversion rate clearly states that on overall Email marketing provides more conversion rate.

Return of Investment (ROI)

From the above point itself, it is clear that email marketing performs way better than social media marketing.

  • Email marketing provides 21% ROI
  • Social media marketing provides 15% ROI

One of the main reason for ROI rate higher for Email marketing is that cost for email marketing is very pocket-friendly. In social media marketing, you have to pay to promote your business. Facebook’s 2016 revenue through advertisements is around $27 billion.

Customer Life Time

We made all the effort to bring in the customer and converted them into the valuable customers. But now the question is how long will these customers is going to stay with the company. That is which customers (customers bought through email marketing or social media marketing) gives more stamina to the company’s income.

  • Customers bought through Email marketing gives more than 12%
  • Social Media Marketing customers provides more or less equals to only 2%

Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing Frequency Level

Consistency is the factor that is going to make a big difference between a successful company and a non-profitable company. So how consistent you have to be in the email marketing and social media marketing.

  • On an average 5 emails are send to the customers per month
  • Finance, banking and insurance sectors sends more email to their contacts with 12.2 emails per month

[pro_tip title=”Note:”]Don’t spam your contacts inbox as this may result in unsubscription or report abuse problem[/pro_tip]

  • Per week 9.64 posts are posted across all the social media
  • Real estate and marketing services posts 19.21 posts per week

Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing Mobile Users

As the most important buzz in all the business is “How to make their business mobile friendly?” Mobile users are increasing drastically day by day. So let’s take an insight on readers behavior and response in the mobile.

  • 55% of emails are viewed and read in the mobile devices
  • Out of 1.86 billion monthly active users in FB 1.74 billion users access FB through mobile

Performance Analysis in Holiday Sale

When talking about holiday sales in 2016 email marketing performance level dropped a bit than in 2015. The reason is simple most of us like to spend leisure time more socially than professionally by keeping funny out of office email responders. That is people spend more time in social media during holidays than in non-holiday times.

  • Email open rate is 18.8 percent lower during holiday season
  • CTR for emails had gone down by 28.6%
  • E-Commerce orders coming from social media grew a staggering 202%
  • 20% of online shoppers say that Facebook helps influence their decisions

Favorite Countries of Marketers

The country or region which gives a good response and which marketers love a lot are

  • Australia and New Zealand– nearly 61% people read their mail without skimming or glancing
  • Brazil people are more socially connected people. 55% people uses social media regularly

Industries Performing Well

The industries based on their client base adapts these marketing strategies well in their business.

In email marketing Nonprofits, Associations & Government sectors followed by Computer Hardware & Telecommunications sectors uses email marketing effectively.

In social media marketing also Nonprofits and education sectors perform well and also receives good engagement from the users. After education sector marketing services and real estates effectively use social media marketing.

Investment Made in Automation Tools

Marketers want to take advantage on both Email and social media marketing. Investment in automation tools various on different industries but when we take an overall look, marketers invest in both email and marketing tools equally.

Interesting Facts

Apart from the comparison of email marketing vs social media marketing with the technical metrics and details, both email marketing and social media marketing have their own interesting facts.

  • Transition emails that are the emails triggered or send automatically have unique open rate of about 47.1%
  • Canada has a highest 52.9% unique open rate, Unique CTR of 10.1% and bounce rate is almost 0% after the implementation of strict Canadian anti-spam law (CASL) in 2014.

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  • Most of the official communications and finishing of deals are done through emails only. So only in the countries where emails preferred a lot Australia and New Zealand, 25% of emails are viewed on the desktop.
  • 59% of Americans with social media accounts think that customer service through social media has made it easier to get questions answered and issues resolved.
  • Retailers and e-commerce business people make single biggest days of sales on Dec 22 and 23
  • 32% of teenagers consider Instagram to be the most important social network. Notably, Instagram has many female users than male.

Result On Which Marketing Makes Business Healthy

On our analysis with email marketing vs social media marketing which of these make your business healthy. Frankly speaking, both are important for a business to be healthy and successful.

Social media marketing brings more traffic to your business and creates a branding for your business. Social media is the place where you can build loyalty with your customers. It is the place where you can attract the new users and get sales boost during the seasonal sales.

Email marketing is the area where you can retain your customers. It also provides the highest ROI to the company. Email marketing also improves the lead generation, still, most of the top brands aim to get your email. Email marketing gives a personal touch to the customers. Segmented and emails specifically for a user increases more CTR. There are marketing automation tools to help you in this.

Which marketing suits your business? What type gets you more leads and new customers? share with us in the comment section. Looking forward to the replies, bye for now.

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