How To Make A Fortunate Business Website That Triples Your Business Success Rate


Making a business website is an easy job, but making a business website that helps you to be more successful in the business do need a lot of work.


Ok, let us ask ourselves how a business website should be? Wait, wait let me make it easier for you before squeezing your brain for all the items you have in your mind.

The answer is SIMPLE, yes a business website must be simple. Each business have their own characteristics and list for the need of the website but the ultimate thing we need is simplicity

[blockquote]”Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
 Leonardo da Vinci“[/blockquote]

Most of the successful people are the one who keeps the things simple. Same way to make a fortunate business website the website must be simple. Without further delaying let’s start building our business website.

[tables_content title=”Aspects covered to make fortunate business website”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Staying in Conventional HTML or To Be in Modern CMS Age” link=”#or”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Selecting WordPress Over Other CMS” link=”#over”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Choosing Domain Name For The Business Website” link=”#domain”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Brandable” link=”#brand”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Short and Crispy” link=”#crispy”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Intellectual Than Keyword Intense” link=”#keyword”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Prefer .com More” link=”#more”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Selecting Hosting” link=”#hosting”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Installing WordPress In The Server” link=”#install”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Selecting Theme for Business Website” link=”#theme”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Recommended Theme” link=”#rec”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Customizing The Theme” link=”#cust”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Home Page” link=”#home”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Set Permalink” link=”#set”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Brand The Theme” link=”#the”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Create Important Pages” link=”#imp”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Adding Important Plugins” link=”#add”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Social Sharing and Off Page SEO” link=”#off”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Backup Your Site and Open It for Google Bots” link=”#google”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”The Key To Sustain The Success” link=”#key”][/tables_content]

Staying in Conventional HTML or To Be in Modern CMS Age


When we start a talk about starting a website the first dilemma that strikes us is Content Management System (CMS) or HTML. Well, both has its own advantages over each other as we have already discussed it in WordPress Vs HTML. The important points to be noted again are

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[table][thead][tr][th]Features[/th][th]HTML website[/th][th]WordPress[/th][/tr][/thead][tbody][tr][td]Coding Knowledge[/td][td]Complete Knowledge in and out of HTML, CSS, Java. Dynamic website may need PHP[/td][td]Not much needed. Basic Knowledge in PHP, MySQL is appreciable for WordPress[/td][/tr][tr][td]Update Frequency[/td][td]Do not require regular updation[/td][td]Need to Regularly Updated whenever the update is available[/td][/tr][tr][td]Update Process[/td][td]Time-consuming and Code-intensive work[/td][td]Updates come over the air.All you have to do is to click update button[/td][/tr][tr][td]Responsive Site[/td][td]Use of HTML5 can make website responsive[/td][td]Themes developed with HTML5 for WordPress make it responsive[/td][/tr][tr][td]SEO[/td][td]It is our own responsibility to make the website SEO friendly[/td][td]WP standards reduce your burden with SEO. Plugins will take care of the rest[/td][/tr][/tbody][/table]

It is better to choose CMS to reduce the work burden that a website will gradually give to us. Especially business people, well most of us know the basic technical idea about a website that too when we are about to start a business website. The only thing that matters is the time, whether we can spare that much time for our website.

Selecting WordPress Over Other CMS


WordPress is the most powerful and user-friendly Content management system. First, the CMS is for bloggers but later it gradually developed into an engine that can manage any sites. In WordPress, you have small blogs big entertainment and news websites like SONY, The New York Times and much more.

WordPress is alone contributing 27.3% of websites that is live on the internet now. On taking CMS websites alone for consideration WordPress holds the share of 58.8%. Let us compare other CMS stats with the WordPress stats.

[table][thead][tr][th]Content Management System[/th][th]Percentage of CMS market share holding[/th][/tr][/thead][tbody][tr][td]WordPress[/td][td]58.8%[/td][/tr][tr][td]Joomla[/td][td]7.1%[/td][/tr][tr][td]Drupal[/td][td]4.7%[/td][/tr][tr][td]Magento[/td][td]2.6%[/td][/tr][tr][td]Blogger[/td][td]2.4%[/td][/tr][/tbody][/table]

[pro_tip title=”Pro Tip:”]It is better for the beginners to stick with WordPress as there are many tutorials and there are many experienced contributors are there to help you[/pro_tip]

Choosing Domain Name For The Business Website


So now we know what platform we should choose for our business website. Now we have to choose a domain name for our website.

A domain name is the name of your website. That is the word everyone is going to search on the internet to reach your business website. Hence the domain name should be attractive, unique and easy to remember. For example, If we are going to start a bakery the important factors we must consider while deciding a domain name are as follows.

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More than just a name the domain name must have a punch in it. It should improve your business state a step higher as soon as it heard. It must be unique from your competitors. For example, for our bakery, the domain names can be

  • Baked With Love
  • Aroma Bakers
  • Makers than Bakers

More than just a name the #domain name must have a punch in it #WPTS<br>

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Short and Crispy

The domain name must be short and crispy. Because it is easy to remember and also to share with others. Make it as short as possible, two to three words are allowed to the max. And also don’t make it too short so that it doesn’t make any sense.

For instance, our bakery domain name can be

  • Crispy Bakers
  • Baked 4 You (or) Baked 4 U

Intellectual Than Keyword Intense

If a keyword related to your industry is available in the domain name. Well, you can take that, but don’t believe that taking a domain name with a keyword will boost your SEO. It will be useful at the beginning stage to call in a user but the website that engages users gets more website traffic.

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Prefer .com More

While taking a domain name try to get .com for your business website. Because when we are talking about the website the default TLD (Top Level Domain) we take is .com. If it is not able to get .com try to get other TLD related to your region like like that if you are concentrating your business only in your area. Or else you could go for other general TLDs like like that.

Selecting Hosting


Another most important thing for a website is hosting. Hosting provider allots a space for your website in their server. As we have seen before in our previous post on selecting a hosting the important factors we must consider are

  • SPEED – how fast your website loads no matter how much traffic it gets.
  • SECURITY – is the data provided and transition of information from the server and the browser is safe.
  • RELIABILITY – it means the server uptime, is your website is readily available for your user at any time.

There are different types of hostings available, based on your website needs you can choose one.

[pro_tip title=”Pro Tip:”]Never take a free server for a business site as it is not reliable and also you must place the server providing person’s advertisements in your website. Which makes your business website feel downgraded[/pro_tip]

[table][thead][tr][th]Hosting Type[/th][th]Description[/th][th]Best Suits for[/th][/tr][/thead][tbody][tr][td]Shared hosting[/td][td]A server is shared by a number of websites but each website functions independently. One website functions won’t other website’s function in the same server.It is very cost effective[/td][td]Small businesses and starting bloggers[/td][/tr][tr][td]Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting[/td][td]One physical server is virtually splitted into multiple separate virtual servers.[/td][td]Medium sized business and high traffic blogs[/td][/tr][tr][td]Dedicated Server[/td][td]A separate full server dedicated only to your website[/td][td]Well established businesses with high traffic per hour[/td][/tr][tr][td]Managed WordPress Hosting[/td][td]Hosting plan designed exclusively for WordPress websites. All the server side optimizations are done by the hosting provider itself. As it has many features bundled together it is a bit costly[/td][td]All the WordPress websites suits for this hosting type[/td][/tr][/tbody][/table]

Installing WordPress In The Server

After selecting the server, our next step is to install the WordPress to the server. Most server providers had made this process easy by making one click installation process. You can also do this manually. But for beginners, it is better to take one click installation.

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As Bluehost is the recommended hosting service by WordPress itself let us see how to install WordPress in Bluehost.

Step 1 Select your plan and give your domain name. If you already have a registered domain name give it or Bluehost offers you free domain name for one year.

Step 2 Complete the payment process and provide all the details related to the website

Step 3 After that sign in into your Bluehost account, in the tools tab, select your registered domain name. Give your site title, admin username, admin password and admin email address. Click Install WordPress button.


Step 4 Once the installation starts all the fields will become clean and the setup progress begins. A success notification will be shown at the bottom as shown in the above image. If any error occurs it will also be notified here. Click the Refresh Now button to finish the installation process.


Step 5 After the successful installation, your website URL, and other user details will be shown as in the above image. Click Login to get to the website directly from here. You can also reset the password from here.


That’s all your business website is set with WordPress on your server. Now we have to start building your business website.

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Selecting Theme for Business Website

The theme for your website is like a skin. It decides the look of your website. Luckily we have plenty of themes available for WordPress.

At the same time, we have to be careful in choosing a theme for a business website. There are certain major criterias you must see before selecting a theme, they are

  • The quality of the theme, bad coding which keeps on putting common functionalities in a loop will create continuous request to server and create a server overload
  • Themes must be light. Because some themes with a lot of unnecessary gimmicks have too much of files to load and slow your website.
  • Ease on customization. Some themes provide you mind blowing functionalities but will not allow you to alter you the functionalities to your need

Mobile responsive theme. As the use of smartphones has increased greatly 63% of the online traffic is from mobile devices. It is very important to make the website mobile responsive

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In short, a theme must be light, responsive, easy to customize and also with good coding quality. These are important because a theme without these qualities will end your website before starting.

#WordPress #themes without these qualities will end your website before starting #WPTS<br>

— WPTeamSupport (@wpteamsupportHQ) April 4, 2017

Recommended Theme

The most recommended theme for business is premium themes. Even though there are free themes available for WordPress we cannot rely on its coding quality and support you get for that theme. We cannot take an unnecessary risk on our business website.


With premium themes, we get more features, better support and most importantly easy to customize the theme to our needs and taste.

VictorThemes is one of such theme which has all the quality standards we talked before.

  • The themes of VictorThemes are light at the same time the important functions needed are not skipped.
  • Along with their themes, you also get important plugins needed for that theme comes pre-installed.
  • To make the customization easier they provide user-friendly shortcodes which make the basic customizations and editions easier.

Customizing The Theme

Now our website is ready next we have to make the website to fit our business. You have to customize many things to make the WordPress website to your Business website. The important things to customize are as follows

[pro_tip title=”Pro Tip:”]It is wise to create a child theme before start customizing the theme. Because even if you update the theme the changes done remains with the website[/pro_tip]

Home Page


Mostly home pages come default in the theme you purchase and customizing them also varies from theme to theme. The most common way is to create a page and customize them with the page builders.

You can create a “Homepage” easily from the WordPress admin dashboard which will be shown on the left-hand side. After creating and publishing the page to make it home page go to wp-admin (your admin panel once you logged in) >> settings >> reading in that set Homepage as the “Front page”

Now you can build your home without any coding easily using the page builders. With the page builder, you get both front and back end drag and drop editing options. All you have to do is to drag and drop the element you want in the place you want.

For instance, if I need a button after a paragraph just drag and drop the button at that location.

Set Permalink


Permalink is an important factor for a web page. It ensures that the web page link remains the same to avoid linkrot problem. In WordPress, it comes by default but we only have to configure it to our page.

Select wp-admin (your admin panel once you logged in) >> settings >> permalinksin that by default Plain radio button will be selected by default, this does not allow you to manage your web page permalink. Select Post name radio button to manage permalink.

Brand The Theme

Now we have to change the theme to our business brand. That is we have to change the theme default color to our business color and add our company Logo.

Most of the new themes allows you to change the color of the theme. But the theme that is not updated for very long time and old themes will not allow you to do this.

Again customizing theme color varies from theme to theme by default you can do this by going to wp-admin (your admin panel once you logged in) >> appearance >> customize


From the customize option you can change the colors, header image, background image, widgets, site identity and much more. From the colors option, you can change the theme color.

To add logo go to the site identity option in the customize menu we saw above.


In the logo segment upload the company logo. In the Site Title box give the company name, from our bakery example let us keep the name as Makers than Bakers. There will also be another option Site Icon, it is your site’s favicon that appears in your website tab in the browser.


For this add your website’s favicon in the site icon section and save this setting


Like the same way you can customize your header and background images too from the Customize menu

Create Important Pages

After creating the home page and customizing the theme add important pages to the website based on your needs. The general important web pages to be added to business websites are

  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Portfolio/ Product/ Services
  • Team members page
  • Client Testimonials
  • FAQ page
  • Support page
  • Archive page
  • Coupons or Discount page
  • Careers page

Adding Important Plugins


Plugins are the function adding or function extending software that helps you to do more with the default platform or tools. Important types of plugins we needed for business websites are

Social Sharing and Off Page SEO


On page SEO is based on how user-friendly your website for the website viewers and also little based on the quality of the content.

Off page SEO is the things you do outside your website to boost the overall website SEO ranking. In this major part is played by the social media. When we take a look at most of the leading brands they will be active in social media.

For a successful business social media marketing is very important it plays a crucial role in the SEO ranking of a web page. The important plugins you need to use for social media integration and sharing is already explained in detail with their functionalities in the engagement plugins post. So that I will be mentioning those plugins alone here now

[recommened_reading id=”2577″ title=”Recommended Reading:”]

Backup Your Site and Open It for Google Bots


Once completing the customizations, adding pages and contents take a backup of the site. Regular backup of the site is always a recommended practice for a business website. After keeping the website files safe, open it for the Google to index your page.

For this again you have to go to the Reading segment in the control panel wp-admin (your admin panel once you logged in) >> settings >> reading. In that make sure the Search Engine Visibility Checkbox is unchecked and save the changes.

The Key To Sustain The Success

So now we have completed our business website and the traffic of our website is increasing. What should we do next, we have to maintain our website regularly. Maintaining your website regularly helps to keep your website away from big threats and also let you know the problems that may cause you big trouble in the future.

[recommened_reading id=”153″ title=”Recommended Reading:”]

In a business one thing, we cannot make or spare is time. We can build our own website and we can also solve some WordPress website issues by ourselves, the question here can we do that in our busy business schedule. So it is always better to maintain your website than praying to fix your website quickly after being hit.

#Website #maintenance is always better than praying to fix your website quickly #WPTS<br>

— WPTeamSupport (@wpteamsupportHQ) April 4, 2017

Success Is Awaiting For You

Now we know how to make a business website that helps you increase your success rate in your business. As said at the beginning of this post to be successful all we have to do is to keep the things as simple as we could. Share your success stories below in the comment section and also mention how important is a website for your business. See you soon.

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