Startup Blogs To Follow- Unlock The Secret Of Success in Business

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“Successful entrepreneur” earning this title is every business people’s goal and towards which each and every one of us is moving towards.


Traits for being a successful business person comes from our own experience or through observing and learning it from the successful persons. While the first option depends solely on your life it differs, but the second option definitely we can help you with that.

Yes, in this post we are going to see the startup blogs to follow in order to move a step towards the success in business.

Types of blog need to follow

When you just type in the word “Startup blogs to follow” in the Google you get plenty of results which you don’t even have any idea about.

When you just type in a word in the Google you get plenty of results which you don’t even have any idea about

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To make it easy for you the startup blogs to follow can be categorized based on the sectors as follows 

[table][thead][tr][th]Blog Category[/th][th]Description[/th][/tr][/thead][tbody][tr][td]Blog for entrepreneurs[/td][td]Place where the Successful business people share their experience, or there will be interviews about them.[/td][/tr][tr][td]Growth and Customer acquisition[/td][td]Any business needs customers and of course, we need growth in our business.
[/td][/tr][tr][td]Marketing and sales[/td][td]As we told in our earlier blog regarding marketing automation tools, marketing is the revenue generating part for any business. There is always a new trend emerges in marketing you should know how successful person make use of them.[/td][/tr][tr][td]Customer Service and Support[/td][td]Customer support and services are very important for any brand or any business. Happy and satisfied customers are the real asset for the company. These blogs help you to improve your customer service quality.[/td][/tr][/tbody][/table]

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Startup Blogs to Follow for Online business


The next segments are for the online business. Well, now a days you cannot ignore online platform for any business. In fact online is the place where your business is going to flourish, as we had talked already in why we need a website for business.

[table][thead][tr][th]Blog Category[/th][th]Description[/th][/tr][tbody][tr][td]Content marketing[/td][td]Content marketing is the emerging trend, that providing quality will definitely pull potential customers to you.[/td][/tr][tr][td]Copywriting[/td][td]If you know any copywriter you know the demand for them now a days. These tips are really going to help your writing and also get your post get a lot of views, likes, and shares in the social media.[/td][/tr][tr][td]Social Media marketing[/td][td]Social media marketing is the current trend every big brand to small business include in their marketing strategy. Even we talked about the tricks you can make use of in the Pinterest marketing and Instagram marketing to improve your online business.[/td][/tr][tr][td]Search engine optimization[/td][td] If you are a blogger you might know how important an SEO is. As of in our WordPress stats, in WordPress websites alone nearly 69.5 million new posts are posted every month. There are plenty tips and strategies you must use to make your post really stand out from the millions out there.[/td][/tr][tr][td]WordPress tips and tricks[/td][td]WordPress is famous CMS help build your website. There are several other reasons for choosing WordPress for your new website or for the website you are planning to revamp. These blogs help you to know the basics of WordPress.[/td][/tr][/tbody][/thead][/table]

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Blog for Entrepreneurs


Successful stories really inspire us, these blogs are where the entrepreneurs share their experience and they managed the unusual challenging situations. These helps us to make a decision when we come across that situation in our startup business.



Onstartup is a blog for entrepreneurs where you get the advice and insights of the entrepreneurs in your field around the world. This blog also includes discussions, answer page where you can get yourself suggestion and ideas from your fellow business peoples.

This is really a useful startup blog to follow as this is run by Dharmesh Shah, who is a software entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CTO of HubSpot. Being a successful entrepreneur he wants to help the entrepreneurs like him with this blog.



Foundr started as a digital magazine, now it is a multifaceted digital business including the podcast, training platforms and lot more.

This is the place where new and young entrepreneurs learn from proven Entrepreneurs and startup founders. Entrepreneurs share their experience their podcast are really interesting to hear. In their blog, they share about their experience and other successful people too.

The interesting part is in their posts they mention the tools they use for the task they perform it is really useful for the new entrepreneurs.

[blockquote]”I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance
– Steve Jobs“[/blockquote]

Growth & Customer Acquisition Blogs


For any business, it needs to grow at a steady pace and that too in a proper way. To make this happen we need customers, to be precise we need regular customers. We do our best to make this happen but the people around the world make different effective strategies like a pro to achieve this.

These blogs are also to be added in our startup blogs to follow list.

Sixteen Ventures


Sixteen Ventures offers business strategies to help SaaS and Cloud companies acquire and retain more customers. This is their business and their blogs also very useful in retaining your customers.

Retaining your customers in this highly competitive world is a difficult task. Lincoln Murphy directly helped 400+ SaaS companies accelerate their growth by optimizing the Customer Lifecycle, from customer acquisition to retention to account expansion and advocacy. Their tactics and insights are really practical and useful.



Coelevate by Brian Balfour former VP growth at Hubspot. His articles are deep and clear in growing your business. You get more ideas in the user acquisition process you can make use of.

The interesting thing with Brian is that he do not over do his work, he usually manages to publish only one article per month that is very depth and clean. It will be a worthy addition to our list of startup blogs to follow.

Marketing and Sales blogs

The interesting and the most serious part of the business all our hard works in our business are really going to pay off us in this part only. These blogs are really useful in developing effective marketing and sales strategy that make your dream of running profitable business true.

These #blogs really help #startups make their dream of profitable #business true #WPTS<br>

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From our previous startup blog to follow list, you can see that most of the present entrepreneurs are former employees of Hubspot. This shows how much in depth their marketing strategies and the tactics the follow and recommend for their users.


The specialty with Hubspot blog is they always foresee the market trend and analyze how it will impact the marketing sector.

Less Accounting


Less accounting is one of the important startup blogs to follow. The uniqueness in the Less accounting is that they not only cover marketing they also cover accounting, managing, and accounting.

Their posts regarding accounts are really in depth that helps young new entrepreneurs to manage their financial planning and how can they wisely use their resources to induce their market growth.



If you really wondering why do you need the analytics data in a business and where to use it in your business growth well Kissmetrics is the place you can really understand the metrics and analytic reports.

When you look at the analytics report some of them may start to rotate your head. Their blogs are really useful here it gives the clear idea about the analytics and the business metric values and how can you really make use of these in your business marketing strategies.

This blog help you to understand head rotating #business#analytics data #WPTS<br>

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Customer Service and Support

Customer service is the area where you really going to retain your new customers without a proper customer support or service your business will become the worst nightmare for you. The blogs next we are going to have in the list of startup blogs to follow are as follows.

#Business without proper #CustomerService will become the worst nightmare for you #WPTS

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Helpscout helps you to get applicable ideas for how you can delight customers and build true customer loyalty.


Some of their posts are really valuable that they took real life examples and blend it well into their post of customer service. One of such post recently is What My Mechanic Taught Me About Customer Service.

Content Marketing


A rapidly evolving concept in the marketing sector. Provide your customers valuable information that they can really make use of in their life rather than just giving them promotional messages. This the concept behind content marketing.

Creating a quality content is a bit difficult task, to help you with this there are a lot of blogs out there but we gonna make use of only this blog.



Coschedule is an organizing and content scheduling software. They produce worth able content in their post that you can really make use of in your post too. Apart from just giving post tips they also provide useful tools for free which helps you to create great content

For example, their headline analyzer some of you create really a gem of a content which others can make use of. But without a proper attention grabbing heading it will end in vain. For those type of people, this tool really helps you write better heading.



Copywriting on demand skill at present in content marketing. In a second, millions of posts are published on the web and in the social media. How to make people look at your post, making it very unique so that traffic flows into your website. The answer is copywriting.

These two blogs are serving the same purpose only but each has its own unique characteristics. Which cannot be told but can be felt as you read these blogs continuously.

Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing(SMM) the principle is very simple, when you make your product or service available in front of a huge number of people. Automatically you will find your potential customers and make your business grow drastically. Once you understand and begin to make use of the social media power nothing can stop your business.

Buffer blog


Buffer is one of the most important tool you can use in the social media marketing to organize all your content in the social media. You can also manage when you want to post your completed article in different social accounts of you.

Their blogs are also very interesting and worth bookmarking it. Interviews and podcast of the people who are experts in various social media are available. The expert shares their experience, how they manage their social media life and how social media made them famous.

Search Engine Optimization


Making your content or the website search engine friendly is SEO. By doing this properly you can reach millions of users easily when they type in the keyword related to your business.

SEO is important for a business because people are so fast and so they need the appropriate result as quick as possible. Towards which the search giants like Google also moving. In order to make your website rank higher in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), you must know the functioning of SEO. These blogs in our startup blogs to follow list will help you know this.



Brian Dean the guy behind Backlinko. When you type in SEO this guy will pop up at least once on any website you go. He also does not release a huge amount of content but he updates his old contents frequently giving you new tips and current ideas you can make use of to your website.



MOZ is another important company in SEO, they have valuable SEO tools and one of the best in the market. Their tactics and ideas are very useful and practical. Rather than just mentioning for a god post you must have this much percent of keyword density they give a straightforward approach why and where to use it.



Unbounce is more are less you can categorize it into marketing blogs. But I think to put it into SEO because they give you a clear cut idea about where, when and what to use to optimize your conversion ratio. Which automatically induce your page ranking too.

Blogs of Oli Gardner are straightforward some times hit your face directly. But he makes the point really clear and worth for the reader.

WordPress Tips and Tricks Blog


WordPress is one of the most beloved and famous CMS. It has transformed into various stages from just being a blogging site into a big CMS engine. Now even news channels build their website on WordPress.

Knowing some basics of WordPress really help save time and more money. There are so many ways you can tune your website perfectly for you and your business. These blogs are a valuable addition to startup blogs to follow list if you run your website on WordPress platform.

 WP Beginner


Whenever you type your doubts about WordPress in the search engine most of the answer will be From WP Beginner. From basic level customizations to complex WordPress tips and tricks you get all your answers here. Posts are very simple and clear for the beginners.

WP Team Support

WP Team Support is also WordPress support and service providers. Rather than make your WordPress website robust, safe and secure, we also want our customers to grow their business.

WPTS provides you the on-demand unique topics that can make your business grow and also make your WordPress website the best and to tune up to your need.

This blog helps you to #customize your #WordPress website and grow your business #WPTS

— WPTeamSupport (@wpteamsupportHQ) April 4, 2017

Start following

Knowledge is all about sharing. There are a lot of broad minded successful entrepreneurs out there in every field to help and encourage and develop new startups and small business people.

Being a successful person in business is all about adapting you and your business to the new, innovative and current trends. The above-mentioned startup blogs to follow helps you achieve this.

If we have missed out some of your favorite blogs that have to be added to this list of startup blogs to follow please mention it in the comment section. Also, share some interesting blog topics you liked and make use of it in your business.

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