How to Use Rich Snippets and Best WordPress Rich Snippet Plugins


Rich Snippet is the highlighted result shown in the search engine result page (SERP) based on the search query. Rich snippet is a short note of the content on the website, to help the user to choose the correct result they are looking after


Schema vs Rich Snippet vs Structured data

Schema is a micro data that helps the search engines to interpret and parse through your web page content effectively so that more relevant information is shown based on the search query. It gives the skeletal structure to the website content, makes it easy for the crawlers to understand the website content.

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Structured Data is the inclusion of structured name-value data pairs working in line with your content to help crawlers identify, classify and index your information.

Rich Snippet is the short description of the website show below the website heading in the SERP. All three are interlinked to one another. Only a slight variation between them based on their functionality and the place they used. Schema is the library, Structure data is the skeletal structure of information and Rich snippet is the end result of both schema and structure data.

All these data are used to help the search engine crawlers to better index your website taking only the useful details and make it easy for the user. It also helps the webmaster to make their website to come up in the ranking of the SERP. These are also used for the special featured snippet block at the top of the Google search results page.

#Rich #Snippet data are used by the search engine crawlers to take only the useful details #WPTS

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All in One Rich Snippets


The most popular rich snippet plugin. All in One rich snippet reduces the coding work of the web master, it is simple and straight forward to use. The best plugin you can get for free.

All in One rich snippet plugin allows you to add snippets for

  • Reviews- Allows the user to give the Reviewer’s name, product name and rating stars.
  • Article – User can add article image, name, short description, and author name.
  • People- You can add the person’s name, photograph, job title and website URL.
  • Event- Add details like Event name, location, start & end date, offers, and URL.
  • Product- Give details about product name, brand name, availability and your ratings in star

Like this you can add details and ratings for recipes, software products, videos and services. The minor drawback in this plugin is the snippet you added will be displayed in a box like a summary at the end of your post. Since google does not accept to show the content that are not listed in a post, the snippet you created will be shown as a summary at the last of your post.

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WP Rich Snippet


WP Rich Snippet is designed specifically for reviews and related webpages. This plugin allows you to have complete control over your structured markup on every page. The user can view how the rich snippet looks right from the dashboard and can customize it to beautiful review snippets.

You can extend the functionalities by using the add-ons. These addons can be used to create call to action button, table to compare products, rating template and also allow the user to submit a photo and their reviews too.

WP Rich Snippet also supports translation feature, you can translate snippets to your language. It also supports famous markup types to implement in the content.

The add-ons support famous services like woocommerce review, wprs short codes, data tables, software specs, box shortcode and many more add-ons listed in their Add-ons Page.

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  • Create clickable call-to-action buttons that stand out and grab attention
  • Customize the look of your reviews.
  • Import/export plugin options, and the ability to set default review settings
  • Supports famous schema types to add to your posts including star ratings, prices, addresses, votes, and percentages
  • Allow readers to submit reviews through WordPress comments
  • Create multimedia reviews with images, videos, slideshows, and more
  • Add-ons to increase the functionalities and also to integrate with other plugins.

Rich Snippets


Rich snippets is a snippet shortcode generator plugin. It comes with ready-made 7 shortcode examples. The user can use this or modify it to their need. You can also add your own snippet and save it for future use, like templates.

In the shortcode generator add your own rich snippet code. Define the schema markup for the micro data. Save this code and start using these codes in your post or web page.

The supported 7 snippets come pre-bundled are reviews, people, products, business and organizations, recipes, events, and music. This plugin does not supports call to action button as in WP Rich Snippet.

[blockquote]”Shortcode generator plugin. Pre-bundled with 7 commonly used snippets”[/blockquote]


  • Use shortcode generator directly in the post.
  • The user can develop their own shortcodes and can save it as templates.
  • Pre-bundled with most commonly used 7 snippet shortcodes, which can also be edited.

Schema App Structured Data


Schema App Structured Data markup entire web page and post. The user can edit the schema mark on the pages later if they need. The plugin also provides all three Google Site Structure features including Breadcrumbs, Sitelinks Search Box and Your Site Name in Results.

Schema App JSON-LD Markup Generator allows you to add additional markup to your site. If you want to add special strategic to markup for your website you can use the markup generator to modify content to your need.

It offers both free and premium version. In the free version, you can create and customize up to 50 data items for 10 web pages. In premium version you get multisite, full customization, premium support, can integrate Woocommerce service.

[blockquote]”Schema markup the entire post and web pages automatically”[/blockquote]


  • Automatically add schema markup for all your web pages and posts.
  • Can edit and edit or create your own code in the code generator.
  • Can create and customize up to 50 data items for 10 web pages in free version
  • You get premium support in the premium version.

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Adding Rich Snippet Manually

Adding rich snippet manually can be done in three vocabularies microdataRDFa, and JSON-Ld. RDF vocabulary is easier when compared to others.

How to add #rich #snippets manually in WordPress website? #WPTS

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Rich snippet for Spider-Man can be coded manually using RDFa vocabulary as follows

[code lang=”html”]

<div vocab=”” typeof=”Person”>
<span property=”name”>Peter Parker</span>
<img src=”johnsmith.jpg” property=”image” alt=”Photo of spiderman”/>
<span property=”jobTitle”>Spider-Man</span>

<div property=”address” typeof=”PostalAddress”>
<span property=”streetAddress”> Marvel Studios Found crawling on any wall</span>

<a href=”” property=”email”></a>
Website <a href=”” property=”url”></a>


The result of the Code:


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Testing Rich Snippet

Search engines do not pick up the snippets instantly. Search engine crawlers slowly index the web page. The user can witness this as their post or website snippet will change constantly, this means that crawler is reading your website.

Based on the crawler’s level of understanding about your website based on the snippets you provide the snippet shown will vary. To completely read the index you provide crawler will at least take a month or two. Without knowing this if you made any changes to the website markup again it slows down the process.


Fortunately google has provided Structured Data Testing Tool. You can either paste your markup in the tool box or click on the Fetch URL link to enter a URL. Click on the Validate button and the tool will review your markup.

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You can use coding directly if you are a programmer, for general audience you can use plugins mentioned above. Rich Snippet plugins reduces your time and make the task simple and easy for both the web masters and the search engines. Based on your need choose the plugin you want.

Share us your experience with the rich snippet making, using your coding knowledge or using the plugin in the comment section below.

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