Successful Instagram Marketing Tricks Lead Brands Feared NOT TO BE LEAKED


Instagram the world of pictures which was first launched as an iOS application. Within 12 hours it was downloaded more than one million times in Android launch. This shows the popularity and craze of the Instagram and Instagram marketing.


More than 80 million photos are uploaded per day, this shows how big and how much people are active in this social media. As a marketer who will leave such a wonderful place.

Instagram marketing secrets are not an ancient Mackenna’s Gold secret, you can easily grow your business in Instagram if you carefully use the tricks shared with you here.

[tables_content title=”Instagram marketing tricks”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Observe Competitors” link=”#observe”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Finding potential customers” link=”#finding”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Story Telling” link=”#story”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Make use of your Product/Service Fans” link=”#make”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Consistency and Quality in Instagram posts” link=”#consistency”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Hashtag Engineering for Instagram Marketing” link=”#hashtag”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Using Hashtag” link=”#using”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Brand your Hashtags” link=”#brand”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Be responsive and interactive” link=”#be”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Make use of @names” link=”#@”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Follow your follower” link=”#follow”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Paid Instagram Marketing” link=”#paid”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Run hashtag contest & ask questions” link=”#run”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Instagram Marketing Tools” link=”#tools”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Calendar tool- Later” link=”#later”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Know your competitors with Onlypult” link=”#onlypult”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Instagram marketing analytics tool-” link=”#minter”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Instagram WordPress Plugins” link=”#plugins”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Instagram Feed” link=”#feed”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”- Enjoy Instagram” link=”#enjoy”][/tables_content]

Observe Competitors

Successful people are always good listeners and GOOD OBSERVERS. To be a successful marketer we have to do these two

— WPTeamSupport (@wpteamsupportHQ) April 4, 2017

Successful people are always good listeners and GOOD OBSERVERS, obviously to be a successful marketer we have to do these two. All you have to do is to keenly observe what your competitors do. It is like a warm up before getting in the field.

Watch and learn what are the Instagram marketing technique they use? How they convert Instagram users into potential customers?

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Jot down the points you came across, what are the techniques you can make use of. Now take the list filter out the Instagram marketing practices you can do.

Finding potential customers

So now you have some idea about what you are up to and what type of work you have to do. Now it is time to find out the potential customers of your business. It is quite a difficult task to narrow down and pinpoint the potential customer from 600 million monthly active users.


But still we can do this, this is a difficult task in Instagram marketing, not an impossible job. For example, if you are running a B2C business like selling T-shirts. Both male and female customers are required for you. If you just use the hashtag t-shirt you will get the result as.

The result contains both promotional pictures, your competitors Instagram marketing results and people who use them. To narrow down the search result you have to use the hashtag engineering, we will talk about it later in this post.

Story Telling

Your image can speak more of you and your product. The image you use helps you to emphasize your product and how useful it is going to be for the users in their day to day life.

[blockquote]”No matter what your cultural sophistication or what language you speak, everyone can understand images.

 Tibor Kalman“[/blockquote]

For example, Samsung in its Instagram page uses same Instagram marketing strategy, it emphasize its phone in normal user’s day to day life. Of course, it’s your Instagram page you have to highlight your product, who else would do?


It doesn’t mean that you have to take high budget photoshoot like Samsung, but make yourself clear with the concept and make good photos.

Make use of your Product/Service Fans


Sometimes your customers do this job for you. Make use of their photo in your Instagram page don’t forget to thank them, it increases the interaction (another important part in Instagram marketing we will see about it shortly), liking and credibility of your service.

Consistency and Quality in Instagram posts


70% of Instagram users check it at least once a day. This shows how much consistent you have to be in the Instagram marketing. Try to add posts to your Instagram at a regular period.

[blockquote]”Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.
 Dwayne Johnson”[/blockquote]

Do not put all your product pics all at once and leave your page ideal for the whole month. Try adding two or three images per day, if you are a growing business at least add pics once a week. This shows how much active you are in your business.

Posting consistently helps your brand seen regularly by your followers, this increases the chance of converting followers into customers.

Take an insight into your posting timing. Use analytics tool, note when your post is getting high traffic. Post your Instagrams pics at that time to reach more people in short period of time. When your Instagram pic reaches more people in short time your post may have the chance to reach the Top post position easily.

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Hashtag Engineering for Instagram Marketing

Hashtags are like pointers which are used by the social media search engine to organize all the shares and post made by its users around the world. It makes the search in social media very easy and this is what going to help us in the Instagram marketing.


Now you have to narrow down the search of potential customers as we talked before. Let’s keep you are selling party t-shirts. Search for it and the result will be

Using Hashtag


Hashtags are an important part of Instagram marketing, it helps to get you to the customers who are interested in your niche. Use hashtags in your post, don’t desperately type everything in the hashtag as it does not have any character limitations as twitter have.

In hashtag use only the tags related to your business and the things what your customers interested in. When you add too many tags it hinders the post performance and also it takes too long to get the TOP POST rank in the particular hashtag segment.

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Try to incorporate trending events as this is the FEB month most trending thing would be valentine day try using #valentinetshirt in the tags and eventually you can bypass little amount of general traffic of your niche

Brand your Hashtags


Try to add your business to the hashtags, it indirectly helps you create a branding image to your products or services. For example, in the above #partytshirt imageyou can visualize one of the pics has #LIFEISAPARTY they are branding their product.

Try also to incorporate general hashtags along with your pic, because as you eventually gain familiarity these general tags help you gain views in the future.

Be responsive and interactive

Being interactive and responsive to the comments encourages your followers to like your products more. This Instagram marketing trick changes I don’t want to know people into your brand’s valuable customer.

This #instagram #marketing trick changes “I don’t want to know people” into fans of your brand

— WPTeamSupport (@wpteamsupportHQ) April 4, 2017

Make use of @names

Another way to improve your interactiveness and surprise your customer is to say mention their name in your post. As said above some of your work is taken care of one of your customer, when you thank them for this or say something good about them you are making your customer feel shy about their great work. It inspires other followers of your brand too.

Make your customers feel shy about their great work they done for your company by thanking them #instagram marketing

— WPTeamSupport (@wpteamsupportHQ) April 4, 2017

Mention who are the top commenters and interactors of your post. It changes just visitors into followers of your product or service.

Follow your follower


Instagram marketing is all about keeping on things interesting. It not only means that only your customers need to like and comment your brand, you can also like your follower’s post and comment in their pic. By following this your product or services becomes something more than just a brand to your customer.

[Tweet “By following this your product or services becomes something more than just a brand to your customers #WPTS”]


If you have the budget then definitely make use of this option for Instagram marketing. You can target the potential customers you found and give some call to action techniques like “WOW limited period offers. Be that one lucky customer”

Instagram paid marketing helps you have a detailed result of your marketing campaign is going on. So you can do A/B testing as we all marketers do in any marketing field. It helps you to know what technique is really paying you off very well.

Run hashtag contest & ask questions


Run a hashtag contest, ask a question related to your niche, to your followers and let them talk and share their views about it. For example, for t-shirt business, as we discussed above you can ask “What type of t-shirt is best for this vacation?”

This Instagram marketing strategy helps you gain more future product ideas. As you are getting answers from the users directly there may be chances you can get some interesting answers which you can really make use of.

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Instagram Marketing Tools


Though there are many Instagram marketing tricks you can do, you cannot be online at all the time. These are some Instagram marketing tools helps you with this and keep you organized.
[Tweet “These are some #instagram #marketing #tools helps you with managing and organizing your #instagram #marketing #WPTS”]

Calendar tool- Later


Later offers both free and premium services.It allows you to upload media files to your account then you can start managing your post schedule.

Know your competitors with Onlypult


Onlypult Instagram marketing tool helps you to observe what your competitors do as we talked at the beginning of this post. After setting up your account in the favorite tab add your competitor’s name using search, their complete post details will be shown to you know.

Instagram marketing analytics tool-


As we discussed in the paid Instagram marketing you need to know which campaign technique is really paying you off well. For this, you can make use of this Minter.iotool. The tool analyzes the entire history of your profile. It also gives some changes suggestion for the better impact of your Instagram post. You can visualize the entire result in the way you want and the frame you need.

Instagram WordPress Plugins


Integrating Instagram feeds in your website help you get more visitors from Instagram to your website and vice versa. It increases your website traffic. These WordPress plugins help you integrate Instagram feeds into your website to keep them engaged.

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Instagram Feed


Display Instagram photos from any non-private Instagram accounts, either in the same single feed or in multiple different ones. You can even manage multiple Instagram accounts in the same feed. It is responsive and mobile friendly by default. Instagram Feed is free and you can download it from the WordPress plugin directory.

Enjoy Instagram


Enjoy Instagram is also a free plugin. It allows you to view the Instagram feed in your website with carousel and grid view with lightbox effect. It is also mobile friendly and responsive. All the basic Instagram features are supported in this plugin.

Selfie time!!


So now you may get an idea on how to make use of the Instagram for your business. These Instagram marketing tricks help you boost your business page performance in the Instagram. The things you need to remember in Instagram marketing are

[pro_tip title=”Pro Tip: “] Things to remember in Instagram marketing

  • Make quality and interesting images.
  • Be regular and consistent in the Instagram post, maintain a schedule.
  • Be interactive and respond to your follower’s comments.[/pro_tip]

    There are 57 million photos bearing #selfie hashtag its many variations on Instagram. Make yours with your product/service and start running a successful business.

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