January 2017

23 Must Avoid DIY Experiments to Fix WordPress issues Especially For Business People

JANUARY 28, 2017  20 MINS READ WordPress is a lovely CMS which supports from simple blogs to websites with high functionality and heavy data. Due to its popularity, there are many tutorials out there for WordPress small fixes and basic fixes. However, there are certain forbidden areas in WordPress from the general users. You should have a deep knowledge to play with it or else you have unlocked a ghost out of your WordPress website

2017’s Best 33 Free Responsive WordPress Themes For Startups & Beginners

JANUARY 24, 2017  16 MINS READ WordPress themes are the one which is going to act like the skin of your website. It gives the look and feel you want on your website. As we have already talked in our WordPress vs Static HTML website themes is one of the important power factors of WordPress. In 2014 total WordPress theme downloaded from wordpress.org in that year alone is 123,498,018. This number would be

Factual WordPress Security Checklist (Boost Security by 10X times)

JANUARY 19, 2017  10 MINS READ WordPress the most popular CMS, the WordPress security concern is also increasing. To make the WordPress more secure regular updates are released to improve the security and fixing the bugs. WordPress security is not a single factor it includes various factors in it. In this post, we are going to see how to improve the WordPress security and also the security factors you need to

Startup Blogs To Follow- Unlock The Secret Of Success in Business

JANUARY 13, 2017  14 MINS READ “Successful entrepreneur” earning this title is every business people’s goal and towards which each and every one of us is moving towards. Traits for being a successful business person comes from our own experience or through observing and learning it from the successful persons. While the first option depends solely on your life it differs, but the second option definitely we can help you with that.

How to Use Rich Snippets and Best WordPress Rich Snippet Plugins

JANUARY 9, 2017  8 MINS READ Rich Snippet is the highlighted result shown in the search engine result page (SERP) based on the search query. Rich snippet is a short note of the content on the website, to help the user to choose the correct result they are looking after Schema vs Rich Snippet vs Structured data Schema is a micro data that helps the search engines to interpret and parse

Successful Instagram Marketing Tricks Lead Brands Feared NOT TO BE LEAKED

JANUARY 4, 2017  12 MINS READ Instagram the world of pictures which was first launched as an iOS application. Within 12 hours it was downloaded more than one million times in Android launch. This shows the popularity and craze of the Instagram and Instagram marketing. More than 80 million photos are uploaded per day, this shows how big and how much people are active in this social media. As a marketer who