Easiest Trick To Get Quick and Easy WordPress Support- Beginners Guide


How to get a better WordPress support and maintenance service? The question which always stuck in a beginners head when they encounter any issues in their WordPress website.
In this post, we are going to help you know how to get a better WordPress support.

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WordPress Support Services


There are a number of WordPress support and maintenance service providers out there including us. We provide complete support to the WordPress website right from small one minute fix to complicated fixes which may take hours and days to complete.

We are (I mean all the WordPress support and service providers here) to help you fix your WordPress site, surely there will be an expert to sort out the website problem. Every person in WordPress support business wants to give their best.

[blockquote]”The problem here is with the question or the request you ask for the issue to the expert”[/blockquote]

Even besides having an expert sometimes you may not able to get your issues fixed exactly.The problem here is not definitely with the expert, he is well experienced has come across a lot of difficult WordPress problems than the user because it is his profession.

Definitely, the problem is also not with the user. The problem here is with the question or the request you ask for the issue to the expert.

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Clearly ask for the required WordPress Support


Does the question we ask really matters? Yes, of course it does. You are going to get the result or the answer for the question which you had asked.

The fun part is the basic terminologies of WordPress support people means totally different to a normal person. You actually mean a different thing in your point of view, which the WordPress support people understands in a totally different sense. How come you get the right solution here?

Real Case Scenario

The above-mentioned topic becomes clear when we talk about it in the real case scenario. This is one of the scenarios we came across in our support team.

A request came from one of our user, the request is that he want his website to be more responsive. An expert from our team attended him shortly to brief his issue.

The user told “My website is very slow nowadays, it takes very much time to load. I want the website to be fast and responsive.”

[blockquote]”My website is very slow nowadays, it takes very much time to load. I want the website to be fast and responsive“[/blockquote]

Here from the user’s point of view he wants his website to be fast and to respond quickly to the clicks and other functionalities on the website.

The point of view and understanding of our WordPress support expert is the user is requesting for site speed optimization and the user wants a responsive website i.e the website can be viewed in different screen size and in different devices.

Site speed optimization and responsive website are two different things. Here the question conveyed and the solution to be provided is going to differ completely. The time involved in fixing both the problems is very intense and the process going tofix the issue will be delayed.

Unsynced point of understanding


If the user had mentioned that he want his website to be speed optimized that’s all he want only that site speed issue to be fixed, he doesn’t even want a responsive website.

Here we cannot blame both the user and WordPress support expert, both have their own point of view. The problem is both of their point of view did not sync here and the actual solution for the problem is drifting away.

Sometimes when getting a #WordPress #support the actual problem drifts away from the agent and the user https://t.co/sg31PiAtfn pic.twitter.com/Ajs1Fhdksg

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If a general brick and mortar gadget merchant speaks with the online marketer, the lead generation word have totally different meaning for both the person.

For online marketer, lead generation is the process of converting visitors into leads who will become a potential customer later. For the gadget, merchant lead generation means Leading Generation that means leading in the current trend.

How to get the required problem to be solved quickly and on time.


The solution for this is simple. The user should try to get some basic ideas about the platform, basic terminologies, and points. It becomes very easy for you also to communicate when you are getting into a conversation with the WordPress support people.

The basic questions you should be clear with yourself are

  1. What is WordPress?
  2. What is CMS (Content Management System)?
  3. In which hosting service you have your server?
  4. The version of your WordPress, plugins and themes
  5. When you last updated your WordPress, plugins, and themes?

These are the basic questions that can manage you to get you to the desired WordPress Support you want. Rest of the terminologies you will slowly come across as you deal with your WordPress site.

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Selecting a best WordPress support and maintenance service includes many factors, the WordPress support providers reliability, experience, 24/7 are they available and much more.

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But in order to get the better WordPress support from the best WordPress Support and Maintenance provider, you have to Make yourself clear with the issue you need to be get solved by the WordPress support people. Once you able to make the point clear then you can easily get the solution you need.

With WP Team Support we use Support Credits to make the WordPress support service transparent and easy for the user. Pick yourself the fixes you need and also pay only for the fix you need.

Getting a best WordPress support is no longer a tricky part!! Sign Up with WP Team Support.

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