How to Start a WordPress Blog (A-Z) Complete Guide for Beginners


WordPress rejuvenates blogging, it gives the blogger the identity they need and people recognize their reading. Not only that WordPress reduces the complex part to start a blog by giving an open source platform. Anyone can start a WordPress blog or can start a WordPress website without coding knowledge.


[tables_content title=”In this article we gonna help you how to start a wordpress blog in minutes. To start a wordpress blog you need”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”A domain name for your blog” link=”#domain”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Good hosting provider” link=”#hosting”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Server to install WordPress” link=”#install”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”WordPress theme for your blog” link=”#theme”][/tables_content]

Domain name to start a WordPress blog


Domain name is the unique string that is going to identify your website or blog on the internet. In other words, the domain name is the address of your blog or website. For example, is our website domain name

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Do you have a domain name in your mind to start a blog? then make sure it is short and intuitive, checkout MOZ article on choosing the domain name. Domain name should be registered, on an average, the domain name costs around $15 per year.

[blockquote]”Registering a domain name costs around $15 per year“[/blockquote]

Choosing Hosting


Choosing a hosting is another important part of your blog. Hosting provider allots the server space for your blog or website on which your website or blog going to exist.

Again hosting will cost you around $8 per month. On total, you need $23 to start a WordPress blog. This is quite a difficult amount for beginners, thankfully you got Bluehost to help you in this. Bluehost provides shared hosting for $3.95 per month with free domain name for one year.

[blockquote]”Bluehost provide shared hosting  for $3.95 per month with free domain name for one year”[/blockquote]

The hosting cost is calculated for 12, 24 and 36-month terms. The longer time frame you choose the lesser you pay and more you save. For instance, when I choose 36-month plan the amount I gonna pay for month will be $3.95, when I choose 12-month plan I will be charged with $5.45

Why choose Bluehost to start a WordPress blog? There are a number of hosting providers are out there to help you. But Bluehost is the hosting provider recommended by WordPress itself since 2005. BlueHost power nearly 1 million WordPress website.

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Installing WordPress to Server

Installing WordPress is the tricky part in starting a WordPress blog. You need to have a little technical knowledge about hosting, server and integrate database files. BlueHost has made it easy here, you can install WordPress to the server in just a few clicks, just like opening a facebook account.

Now you a question may arise in you ‘ How to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost? ‘  To start a WordPress blog follow the steps given below

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Step 1


You need to start a BlueHost account. Go to Bluehost’s home page and click sign up

Step 2


Choose a domain name for your site. If you already have a domain name that’s well and good, provide the required domain name details needed for transferring your domain name to the Bluehost. You also have a free domain name for a year.

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Step 3


Once you are done with your domain name next fill in your personal information like your name, email ID, address and phone number to reach you.

Step 4


Then you have to choose your hosting package, choose the package you need to start a WordPress blog. For beginners, basic shared server hosting plan with $3.95 is more than enough to start a WordPress blog. As said before the longer time frame you choose the more you save and it is beneficial to you too.

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If you ever need more than shared server, you can upgrade to VPS or dedicated server hosting later. Bluehost provides all type of hosting to help you. As an intro offer, you get 30 days money back guarantee.

Step 5

At last package information will be shown. Bluehost provide extra value added packages along with your basic plan like

  • Site backup option– automatic online backups with site backup and restore
  • Search engine jump start– Optimize your website to SEO and make it index better in the search engine
  • Sitelock security– Automatically scan your website for malware and display the Sitelock certificate of your website

[blockquote]”For a beginner to start a WordPress blog these value added features are not much necessary, choose the one you need”[/blockquote]

for a beginner to start a WordPress blog these value added features are not much necessary, but if you think you need any of these features you can choose the one you need, remember you have to pay extra for this feature.

Step 6


Next, you have to add your card detail and have to purchase the package. The password for your account should be strong build your own password or use the password generator. Well done now you have your own domain name and hosting service to start a WordPress blog.

Next, we have to install WordPress on your server to start a WordPress blog.

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Step 7


Sign in with your Bluehost account. Select the WordPress tools tab, a screen appears as shown in the above image. In that select your registered domain name.

If you are installing for a subdomain like “” set the details in the Path field. Give your Site title, admin username, admin password and admin email address. Click Install WordPress button.

Step 8


Once the installation starts all the fields will become clean and the setup progress begins. A success notification will be shown at the bottom as shown in the above image. If any error occurs it will also be notified here. Click the Refresh Now button to finish the installation process.

Step 9


After the successful installation, your website URL and other user details will be shown as in the above image. Click Login to get to the website directly from here. You can also reset the password from here.

Step 10

That’s it, WordPress is installed successfully on the server. Open and login to your WordPress website you will see the WordPress dashboard from where you can control your entire website.

[blockquote]”Congrats!! now you start a WordPress blog”[/blockquote]

Congrats!! now you start a WordPress blog. Still, you have minor things to setup to complete the blog, come let’s look at it.

Choosing WordPress Theme


WordPress themes are the look and feel of your website. The best thing about WordPress is you have plenty of themes available to help you. You have both free and premium themes.[recommened_reading id=”147″ title=”Recommended Reading:”]

With free themes, you get the complete package for free but you will not get any support. Premium themes provide beautiful theme with useful functionalities pre-built in it and also you get regular update and support.

To change the theme go to Appearance > Themes > Add new, select the theme you like or search for the themes of your taste simply download and install it like you add themes in your smartphones. Select best WordPress theme that suits you.

Choosing WordPress Plugin


There are many plugins to help you to improve the functionality like marketing plugins, plugins for business, page builder plugins for customization. To manage plugins select Dashboard> Plugins> Add New, from the plugin directory choose the required plugin and upload it.

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If you are a beginner who just starts a WordPress blog now, then you might need SEO plugins like Yost SEO and other reader engaging plugins

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That’s all for today folks. Thank you for your time to know how to start a WordPress blog or website. Don’t forget to send us invitation when you start a WordPress blog. We are eagerly waiting for your mindblowing blogs. If you have any other doubts feel free to ask in the comment section.

Happy blogging!!

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