WordPress vs Static HTML- A Complete Comparison


WordPress Vs Static HTML, what really is these? every beginner has this question. When the first time you come/came across this topic like me ( a plain guy with no tech knowledge) some of you may think to yourself “What!! isn’t both are not the same!!??”

I had a hard time in understanding these, Static HTML website and WordPress both comprises of various languages HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, XML, Hosting, Server, JAVA…oh gosh!!! am remembering my college day nightmares…let’s compare and find what’s really important about these two website form.

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What Is Static HTML Web page?


HTML is Hypertext Markup Language that helps you build web pages and it takes a vital role in front end designing. It gives you the skeletal structure to your web page. Static HTML pages are very simple pages that show the same result what you gave, to everyone without any discrimination at any time you reach the page.

Along with HTML, you will be needing Cascading Style Sheet(CSS) to add texture and color tone to your website and also with my dearest foe JAVA to complete your website.

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As you see static HTML site needs a lot of coding knowledge. Ultimately you need coding people to help you build this site. Static HTML pages have less information only, thus the server expense weighs less on your wallet.

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The information is stored as XML data on the server. These data are stored as a file system or in general interpretation you could say it’s stored in a database. Whenever a request is triggered these data will be fetched from the server and delivered to the user, these data can also be shown from the template of your website provided there is no change in the information.

As the processing data and the request are low, static website load faster. No matter how many users reach the page simultaneously, the website will never have crash issues or DNS issues. In short blogs, landing pages and documentation pages are well and good for static HTML pages.

[tables_content title=”Pros of Static HTML”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Extremely Fast”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Low Hosting Cost”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Don’t need regular updates”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Can make the website look the way you want, even you can make minor details perfect.”][/tables_content]

[tables_content title=”Cons Of Static HTML”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Even to make small change you need work with coding”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Updating the website is quite a difficult task”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Content may get stagnant”][/tables_content]

What is dynamic HTML page?


Dynamic HTML (DHTML)pages are very common on every website today. DHTML pages are loaded by the user or by the computer itself to show the dynamic content or the related content according to the selection on the web page. For example, when you select next page the page loads to show the second page.

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Dynamic HTML pages use PHP and MySQL languages along with HTML, CSS, Java scripts and many others. Document Object Model (DOM) and Ajax are one of the important languages used to make a dynamic website and to provide related content.

Document Object Model is an Application Program Interface (API). DOM is cross-platform and language-independent. It treats both HTML and XML data in a logical structure. DOM instructs how to handle the parsed data (mostly relates with XML) or it gives the loaded web page’s pattern.

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) most predominantly used in all social medias, it helps to continuously deliver the data from the server to the end user without even reloading the web page. It is like a transducer sitting on your browser, it can both send and receive data simultaneously.

The main advantage of the Dynamic HTML  web pages is that you can provide an interactive and lively website. That too with HTML5 you are able to provide more responsive web pages.

Building a dynamic website with all the functionalities completely using coding is a huge task. You have to be amazingly good with the computer languages to build this by yourself, which is not possible to everyone. To help with this enters a new concept Content Management System (CMS).

What is WordPress?


WordPress is a Content Management System(CMS) built on the PHP and MySQL, helps you to make your own dynamic web page. You don’t need any coding knowledge to build your website. WordPress(WP) is an open source engine on which you can develop any website with any functionality and can customize to your wish. There are many developers around the world to help you with this.

[blockquote]“You don’t need any coding knowledge to build your website”[/blockquote]

Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little founded WordPress in the year 2003. As of now in 2016 WP power nearly 26.4% of the top 10 million websites. Actively it supports 70 million websites overall.

WordPress (WordPress.org) provides you a free platform to build your website only thing you have to take care about is a good hosting provider. Install WP to your server, once it’s done you can start enjoying your dream website.

You can make the website look the way you want at any time with just a click using the THEMES and if you want other functionalities other than in the theme you can use PLUGINS.

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What is WP Themes?


Themes take care of the HTML and CSS works. WordPress themes are like templates you can change the look of your website any time within a second. There are both free themes and premium themes available. Free themes come without any services and you can not be sure about updates.

For premium themes you have to pay for the theme, the money you pay is for support and regular updates to your website which is more reliable than the free version, believe me, it worth your money. Some of the premium theme providers are Elegant Themes, ThemeForest, Victor Themes where you can find jaw-dropping themes.

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Some of the premium theme providers offer a free theme for a certain validity either it can be a validity days or number of users or may be the number of visitors to your site per day. You need to upgrade to unlock full functionalities in the free themes.

What is WP Plugins?


Plugins extend and expand the functionality of WordPress. There are almost 48000 plugins in WordPress.org. There are other premium plugin providers too for a variety of functionalities. Plugins are added for additional functionalities that are not covered in the themes.

The most commonly used plugins are for SEO plugins, e-commerce plugins, contact form, widgets and navigation bars. For example, Yoast SEO helps you write better content and also make your post technically optimized, Woocommerce is famous eCommerce plugin that gives both store owner and developer full control.

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WordPress Features


WP is so powerful and popular because of it user-friendly interface. Even though it is quite tough for the beginners, when compared to other CMS providers it is very easy and you will become familiar as you go on with it.

From the dashboard you can control almost everything from changing your theme, manage your plugins and adding content is never been so easy like this before. You can add or edit your post easily using the visual editor or using the text editor.

For this, in HTML page you need to type a few set of commands to add or remove content. Linking your post to another post or to other website is very simple, just click Insert/Edit link you can also make use of social plugins here to share your post, make your blog a superstar in social media earn fans.

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WordPress vs Static HTML in SEO


In WP you need not be worried about SEO regarding design aspects since the themes are developed as per the Standards provided by the WP. You need not do trial and error with your own HTML design to make it competitively well ranked in search engine results.

As most of the latest WordPress theme uses HTML5 it makes you more easy to make your website responsive to mobile and tablet view.

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Beyond that regarding the content, you have a number of plugins to help you in this. Like Yoast SEO as mentioned above help you make content within the bounds of the SEO guides.

WP provide a permalink to avoid link rot i.e it avoids hyperlinks from getting continuously unavailable.

WP features Trackback and Pingback. In Trackback a notification is sent to the legacy blog system about the hyperlink. Pingback automatically sent a message to the website about the hyperlink. Pingback works only when it is enabled.

Almost WP reduces half the burden off you with SEO and plugins take care of the rest. All you have to do is to concentrate on increasing your website traffic.

WordPress vs Static HTML in Update and Maintenance


With Static HTML page update and maintenance is very code intensive work. The update frequency is very less and since all the functionalities are self-developed there is not much to be worried about maintenance too.

With WP, update and maintenance are very easily done as all the updates are done over air there is no issue with that. But the update frequency is very high when compared to the Static HTML page owing to the security reason you need to update the plugins and WP version whenever it is made available.

WP need little extra care in maintenance. WP creates lots of residues and junks as time goes on. You can not keep on tracking updates of all plugins you use and their vulnerability status. To keep your WP more secure and fast you need to seek maintenance providers like us for help.

When compared the cost of completely redesigning your website and update it in HTML and other languages, the cost you pay for WP is very less plus you save plenty of time.

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WordPress vs Static HTML topic is more are less like Batman Vs Superman. Of course, each of them has their own strength and specialties. To choose who amongst these both are best is not so easy, as both of them serve their purpose fulfilled. One is better than the other in their own agenda.

WordPress vs Static HTML topic is more are less like Batman Vs Superman https://t.co/Fa7ZVTSkQE pic.twitter.com/yyhEdgnfql

— WPTeamSupport (@wpteamsupportHQ) April 4, 2017

Static HTML is like Batman you have to be a more dedicated guy and full of resources like Bruce Wayne. You can make your super gadgets to your website in the way you want and choose the color you want “Does this come in black?” and of course you need a guy like Lucius Fox to build all your needs.

[blockquote]”Either be Bruce Wayne or Clark, The Choice is yours…”[/blockquote]

WordPress is like Superman you are already born with your own super powers. Almost you can do anything within a fraction of a second you want. If you choose to be a normal guy like Clark you can or if you want to be a superhero who want to do anything you can be that also, WP gives you the freedom for both.

In the online arena, you can choose any of these two which suits you the most. The choice is yours.

Following table gives a quick comparison of static HTML and WP.

[table][thead][tr][th]Features[/th][th]Static HTML[/th][th]WordPress[/th][/tr][/thead][tbody][tr][td]Coding Knowledge[/td][td]Complete Knowledge in and out of HTML, CSS, Java. Dynamic website may need PHP[/td][td]Not much needed. Basic Knowledge in PHP, MySQL is appreciable for WordPress.[/td][/tr][tr][td]Content Loading Time[/td][td]Loads Faster than any other type[/td][td]Depends upon the content and type of website and server provider[/td][/tr][tr][td]Hosting Plan[/td][td]Least plan would do[/td][td]As it takes PHP and MySql to server at least a decent hosting plan is required[/td][/tr][tr][td]Update Frequency[/td][td]Do not require regular updation[/td][td]Need to Regularly Updated whenever the update is available[/td][/tr][tr][td]Update Process[/td][td]Time consuming and Code intensive work[/td][td]Updates comes over air. All you have to do is to click update button[/td][/tr][tr][td]Addition of Content[/td][td]Still need coding help to add even a word[/td][td]Addition of content is like working with MS word can be done easily with WP Text Editor[/td][/tr][tr][td]Responsive Site[/td][td]Use of HTML5 can make website responsive[/td][td]Themes developed with HTML5 for WordPress make it responsive[/td][/tr][tr][td]SEO[/td][td]It is our own responsibility to make the website SEO friendly[/td][td]WP standards reduces your burden with SEO. Plugins will take care of the rest[/td][/tr][/tbody][/table]

Hope you guys enjoyed the post. Drop your comments below.

Cheers!! Bye for now.

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