Professional WordPress Checklist to Make Successful Website Launch

 NOVEMBER 17, 2016  10 MINS READ

You can do 100 things, but when you are organized you can do 1000 things. The reason for keeping a checklist is not to miss even minor things. A checklist helps you to know what you have to and when to do. Checklist gives you a complete control on your process.


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Launching a website is not a piece of cake thing, that too when you take website as part of your profession or business. You have to keep track of lot of things simultaneously. This checklist covers most important  things needed in general to build a WordPress website.

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Pre-Launch Checklist

The preparation for your website starts from day one when you a register your domain name. The things you have to check in your preparation checklist as follows

[blockquote]”Preparation Checklist to start the website”[/blockquote]

Domain Name

Of course you need an identity for your website right? Purchase the domain name you want. You are just a beginner no worries with Bluehost you get one year free domain registration.


Hosting is the place where your website is going to be residing. From where, all your files going to be fetched by the people. Again Bluehost is the hosting provider which is recommended by WordPress itself from 2005, consider using it unless you have not paid for other service providers yet.

Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress to the server is another important thing in the checklist. This is a tricky part but you have the one-click installation with Bluehost. If you are a programmer, well you know how things go nothing to talk much about it.

[blockquote]”If you are a programmer, well you know how things goes”[/blockquote]

Installing Theme

Themes going to be your website skin. It gives your website the appearance you want, choose the theme for your business. You have both free and premium themes available there to help you. Choose themes light weight with the functions you need.

Plugin Installation

Plugins going to add the functionalities you need. You have a wide range of plugins available like marketing plugins, SEO plugins, engaging plugins and much more to help you.

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SEO Checklist

On-page SEO

On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page to help you get higher rank in the search engine result page (SERP).

Check Keyword Density

Keyword density is important if you are a blogger or you regularly post an article related to your field. At least maintain the 0.5% keyword density in your content.

[blockquote]”At least maintain the 0.5% keyword density”[/blockquote]

Use LSI keyword

Again it is also fro the bloggers and for those who post regular article. Using LSI keyword helps your article to get better SEO ranking.

Use Image and Video

Adding image and video increase the engagement of the visitor which increases your dwell time. It helps the website to get an SEO boost.

Make ALT image

ALT image is an important factor considered in the SEO criteria so we must also consider adding it to the website.

Give Internal Link and Outbound Link

Giving links to other contents in your blog or website helps you to sustain the reader in your website for a longer time. Giving outbound links to other valid websites helps to increase search engine’s trust factor on your website. Remember to check the option to open the external website in a new tab.

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Proofread Content

Once the content for the blog or for the website content is over go through the content. Correct things to your style and make it perfect.

Use Schema

Schema helps webmasters to embed structured data on their web pages for the search engines to know the content easily in the article or on the web page.

Add Social Sharing

Social sharing option helps your website to cover more audience which helps you todrive more traffic to your website easily.

Create XML Sitemap

XML sitemap gives the entire structure of your website to the search engine crawler which makes it easy to rank your website easily.

Manage 301 redirect

Manage 301 redirect with the Redirection plugin. Sometimes your web page URL changes for the post when you change the title. This plugin helps to avoid 301 error.

Security Checklist


Secure Socket Layer is the security feature if you are doing commerce or you have to maintain member details then you might need SSL.

[blockquote]”use it when you do e-commerce or to protect member details”[/blockquote]

Install Security Softwares

Security software or plugins keep your website from unwanted spamming and other malware. For example Akismet plugin prevent spamming in the comment section.

Prevent Directory Access

Prevent access to all the directories, it makes the website vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Delete Unwanted Plugin

Unwanted plugins slow down your website that too plugins which do not update anymore are better to be removed from the website.

Protect wp-config file

The wp-config file contains all your site’s sensitive details which is very important to protect.

Launch Checklist

So we have made the source and all the preparation works needed for your website. Next, we have to tick the checklist whether it is ready to launch

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Backup is important in the checklist because it always keeps your website data safe. If ever the website data is lost or corrupted you can use backup data.

Check 404 page

Create and customize your own 404 page. Check the working of 404 page

Include Google Analytics

Google analytics helps you to visualize your site performance in all aspect. It processes the data and provides valuable information about your website.

Check Forms

Check the forms are filled with required field and its design. Also, check whether the forms are submitting properly to your server.

Link Logo

Link logo to your website home page, if not then better do it now.

Check Website Functionalities and Plugins

Check both the default functionalities and custom functionalities made for your website is working properly. Make sure all plugins are up to date and are performing well.

[blockquote]”Make sure all plugins are up to date and are performing well”[/blockquote]

SEO checklist

Check on page content

Check the content in the web pages and correct the spelling and grammatical errors. Have a look at on page SEO if need make changes.

Remove Duplicate

Avoid content redundancy. Remove duplicate content and also remove lorem ipsum or dummy content provided on the website.

Check Images, Videos and ALT links

Check the links given in the images and videos are working properly and the corresponding web pages are loading. Cross check the ALT image links.

Check Inbound and Outbound Links

Ensure all the links provided within the website (inbound) are redirecting properly and the links given to other websites (outbound) are loading properly change the link if the external page has issues.

[blockquote]”Some of the links may no longer in existence”[/blockquote]

Remove Broken Link

Some of the links given may be no longer in existence or the link should have been changed in that case better remove these broken links if you able to get the new link then replace the link.

Test Breadcrumbs

Make sure the user is not lost inside your website, check the breadcrumbs are working properly showing the user’s path trace to your web page correctly.

Test Website Responsiveness

Test whether your website can be seen in different devices with different screen size.

Check Meta Description

Meta description is the visiting card for your website. Make sure you have to use the keywords in the description and the important points what the user will search for.

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Check Robots.txt

Robots.txt files inform the crawler which pages are not to be scanned by the web crawlers. Place the robots.txt place in the appropriate places.

Check Page loading Speed

Ensure the web pages and websites are loading fast. Users don’t like to see loading sign for a long time.

Submit for Local listing

If the website is for local business make sure the website is signedin in the local forums and google business to increase the visibility and ease of reaching your site easily

Enable Site Crawling

Once all things are set and ready with perfect condition, then submit the website for website crawling. Crawler takes more time to index your page and all your metadata completely so please be patient and do not make any change for at least a month or two. As changes will make indexing later.

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Security Checklist

Monitor Site Performance

Monitor site performance from day one of its launch. Fix the lag issues hand by hand and also remove malicious bloatware if prevail in your website.

Limit Suspicious Login Attempt

It is good for both user and you. Limit the number of wrong attempts made to log into the profile.

Disable Theme and Plugin Editor

Add code in the wp-config-php to avoid editor links from appearing in the admin area. To prevent others from altering your themes and plugins.

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Hide WordPress Version

WordPress releases updates in the regular interval for better performance and especially for the security reason. If you use the older version and that to you make it visible it helps the hackers to spot you are easy prey.

Maintenance Checklist

The job does not end by just starting a website, you can be a legend only if you sustain your higher place. What can we do for that? simple we have to put persistent effort and to maintain it. Same way maintaining your website is very important to sustain your success in the online.

WordPress Update

As said before it is wise and safe to use the latest version of WordPress for both performance and security reasons.

Cloud Backup

Backups your WordPress files periodically. Reduces risk of losing data & easy to restore the website.

24/7 Security Monitoring & Clean Up

Keeps your website secured from hack & malware and removes malicious files.

Uptime monitoring

Have detailed stats about your server, keep tracks of the server uptime & downtime.

SPAM & Revision Cleanup

Removal of malware that is spamming in your blog comments & review. Cleaning up of old track records of your WordPress.

SEO Optimization

Get your website highly ranked placement in the search results page of a search engine.

Site Speed Optimization.

Enhances the website to make it load faster. The faster the website quicker your growth.

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Pens Down

Yep take your pen and start verifying your work in the checklist. The checklist contains the basic task to be completed and checked. If you have few other works other than mentioned above, add it to the checklist and start your progress smartly.

So what are you waiting for? pull up your socks put things together let us accomplish your dream.

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