15 On Demand Tricks to Increase Website Traffic to Your Website

 NOVEMBER 11, 2016  13 MINS READ

How to increase website traffic for FREE? the most common question we all do have. All our businesses always depend on our customers, but the way we reach to our customers it never remains the same. It keeps on changing from time to time and we have to be updated about new trends and techniques. Here I gonna give 15 on demand tricks to increase website traffic.

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Content Marketing


If you’re interested in marketing your business online, you can’t skip content marketing. It’s everywhere you look and listen. Content Marketing is about valuable free contents like E-books, blogs or tips related to your field you provide to the people who are in search of your field. It becomes like your business card to the online customers which proves a strong presence of your company in your niche.

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A quality Content Marketing delivered regularly allows you to earn the trust of the people, that you are an active company. It also converts mere reader of your contents into your valuable customers. Content marketing plays a key role in increasing website traffic to your site.

[blockquote]”A quality Content Marketing delivered regularly allows you to earn the trust of the people, that you are an active company. It also converts mere reader of your contents into your valuable customers.”[/blockquote]

Choosing Correct Topic

Simplest way to choose the topic relating to your niche is to constantly update your knowledge of next gen and current hot topics in your niche. Another easiest way is, use Google TrendsTwitter Search see what people are looking for related to your niche. Choosing the topic with more searches will automatically help you increase website traffic.

Attend more conferences as you could, it helps you to know many things that are happening around you in your business. Develop a regular habit of reading magazines related to your niche and be a keen observer about the news related to your niche.

Make a Perfect Post


The post that you make must help you reach the user bypassing all other posts on the internet. Make sure your content is optimized for the search engine result. More traffic flows to the website which comes first in the list. Making a perfect post help you gain good rank in SERP so that you can increase website traffic.

  • Make use of keywords.
  • Try using long tail keywords in your post. You can find it easily from Google suggestions as you type your keywords or you can use Google Related Searches shown at the bottom of the SERP.
  • Internal linking also help you increase your traffic considerably to your website. Some of your old posts may be a current hot topic or your reader may be interested in it. It also helps Google to trust your site is consistent and put your website in higher rankings.
  • Try using the keywords within the meta description that appears in search result below your website giving a gist of the post. It helps the people to decide that the content of your post is relevant.
  • Use schema in your keywords. Schemais a micro data that helps the search engines to interpret and parse through your web page content effectively so that more relevant information is shown based on the search query.

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[tables_content title=”Tips to make a perfect post”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Keywords”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Internal Linking”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Spotting Long Tail Keywords”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=” Meta Description” link=”Applying Schema”][/tables_content]

Be a Social Bird


Showing your presence among a huge number of people help you gain a good number of audiences. Where to find people online?? Everyone is aware of it, Social Medias on trend like

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr and lot others.

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Posting in social medias helps you reach a mass amount of people in a single shot to move to your website and increase website traffic. Try to use the precise word that user search for and make the words attractive that induces the user to read your post especially when you are Tweeting about your post on the Twitter.

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Make your image also speak about your company’s presence and make it available in image search platforms like Pinterest and Flickr.

Give Importance to Guest Blogging


It’s more or less like speaking with the people in your niche at their own site. Rather than a vague approach you are making a pinpointed approach here, by contacting the people who already knows about your niche. You can share your expertise with the audience of synchronized thoughts.

It also helps you to have a good impression on your site which gradually let people talk about your site.

Guest Blogging is a two-way path, you can also welcome with open arms when someone wants to blog on your website. It develops a friendly online culture, plus! you now will be noticed by the audience of other bloggers too.

But be cautious about guest blogging sometimes it may lead to content redundancy or spamming which may give a negative impact on your site in Google ratings.

Make use of Referral Traffic


Referral means when someone clicks on a hyperlink to go to a new page on a different website, Google tracks the click as a referral visit to the second site. It also helps you to stay top in the Search engine’s search results.

Make the world turn back and look at you. It means to make content which inspires others to talk about it. It should be detailed so that others should highlight your post and a give a link which automatically leads to increase website traffic.

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That too if you get Referral from news aggregators like Reddit, Inbound.org and others like it help you get new record-breaking traffic to your website. A recent survey of MozCon shows how important referral traffic is after organic search traffic.

Incorporate Entertaining Elements into Your Content Strategy


A video makes more sense than a million of words. A lot of books became popular around the wide because it got recreated into movies. Videos help you get more new visitors and also help impatient readers to get more engaged. Ultimately you got a chance to increase website traffic.

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Videos do make a valuable asset to your content. Good simple informative videos related to your niche get shared a lot in social medias.

Not only videos nowadays funny GIF’s and Memes are more popular among social medias, it helps you attract more new users. Try adding GIF‘s and memes related to your niche at appropriate places, it keeps people more engaged to your post.

Interview Your Domain Experts


Try before saying No! yes many of the domain experts were once startups or small business people like you. Most of them would be glad to help you share their inspiring experiences. But getting their attention is not that easy. Make them to notify you by persistent effort.

An exclusive interview with a famous personality to your website will make a buzzamong the people and that converts into traffic. Take some personal care for these interviews right from the beginning of the interview like preparing questionnaires to till the end making the post available on your blog.

Keep your Ears open


Your job doesn’t end up simply by posting your blog, have some time to look at the comments. Replying to the reader’s comment gives a personal touch, it encourages the reader to read more of your post. It also helps you to know about the caliber of your writing and what people thinks of your writing.

Comment Section is always prone to spamming, malicious comment, spamming bots post irrelevant comments to your post. Ignore such post and remove it, as it may reduce the quality of your post and may give an unpleasant experience to your readers.

Importance of E-mail Marketing


Many of us forget about our old customers and existing customers in the advent of searching for new customers desperately. Make use of your email subscribers. Try to cope up with the customers in the email, give them regular newsletters, a copy of your content marketing, information about new features and updates regarding your product or services.

But do not over do this, as this may let the customers who are enjoying your services to think they made a mistake. Do not spam their inbox give a gentle reminder at a particular time interval. It gives you more chance of opening your mail and give a worthy addition to your website traffic.

Keep Your Website Alive


You made exceptional work with your content marketing and the traffic is slowly building up on your site. What if your website becomes sluggish and is not available for the customer when they come to see your site. It’s a great disaster for your online business growth and all the steps you were taken will end in vain.

Thinking why your website needs a regular maintenance service, website defines who you are and what you are in the online world. Keep your website secured, 24/7 monitored and fast. WP Team Support gives you a panoramic full head to toe analysis and all services to your website monthly starting at just $29

Have an Optimized Responsive Website


Before we need big computers lying on a corner of our houses or in our offices with a dial-up connection to use the internet. Now we can use the internet from anywhere we want with a wide range of devices like PC’s, mobiles and tablets. Make an optimized website to all platforms, all devices and keep it more responsive.

Fast world Needs Faster Website


Getting time from your customer to make them come into your website is a difficult task in this fast world. Customers started looking at your website because of your hard effort, congrats on that. But what if your website is not as fast as you or your customer, people will just walk away.

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Don’t worry there is a solution for it, your website just needs a single fix that makes it work fine. The fix may be cleaning and removal of malware and spam, updating your website or migration of your site to another better server, getting your site speed optimized. WP Team Support also provides one-time support.

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Take an Insight of Your Strategy to Increase Website Traffic


So we have done a lot many things that could help us increase website traffic. Don’t we have to know which strategy really paid us or in which strategy we need to improve ourself? Yes, we have to. Google Analytics comes handy with this, it helps to visualize your data report and to easily share with your employees.

Google Analytics have both signup for the free version and a premium Analytics 360 Suite. In the free version you get analysis tools with a data processing limit, you can have data about traffic flow from various channels. The main feature you get with 360 suite is Google Expert support and recommendations to help you grow.

Mostly free pack suits for solo bloggers, small to medium level companies. For larger enterprises you have huge amount of calculations for deeper analysis, import additional customer, and product or to export your data to Google BigQuery to run analysis over huge data sets you need Analytics 360 software.

Have a Hawk Eye on your Competitors


Have a keen view of your competitors move, it’s always better to stay ahead than your competitors. If you cannot tackle THE BEST move of your competitor then just steal the move. Great people used to say Good artists copy, Great artists steal. Well it applies mostly to everyone. Use Alexa-website traffic checker to get an idea about your competitors and your website traffic level.

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That’s all for today Folks!!

If you have other techniques please share with us in the comment section. Cheers!! Bye for now.

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