6 Best WordPress Drag and Drop Website Builder Plugins


Drag and Drop Website Builder which is also known as page builder. It enables the user to develop a web page without manual coding. User can build the webpage by simply drag and drop the elements they want and the corresponding code is generated automatically behind the elements.

The drag and drop website builder users mostly prefer front end drag and drop visual editor. In visual editor user can witness the changes they do with the webpage and see how it affects the page. Pre-designed templates and layouts are also available now a days, it helps user to design web pages very easily.

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Why do we need drag and drop website builder in WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS where you can develop your own website easily. Though the native WP makes things easy, the learning curve, especially for the beginners, is quite tough.

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It would be very easy if the user can just drag and drop the feature they want visually. If you want a text box just drag and drop that’s all. To help with this drag and drop website builder plugins comes handy. User can edit or build their own site directly on the live screen.

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In my school days teachers used to ask “What you will do without coding in this computer era? “, things changed now students are saying “You need coding to develop something!? For what?“. Things are becoming so easy now, everyone can build or develop anything on their computer.

Why do we need Page builder in WordPress?

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After the reach of WIX, WP users started to dream for drag and drop website builder. However you cannot have full control over your website in WIX like you have on WordPress.

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When compared to Wix, WordPress is far better in all feature. You have huge developer support around the world, cost effective than WIX. In WIX you want to pay to remove their labeling on your own site and pay extra for additional features. WordPress keeps your website as your own property and respect it.

Drag and drop website builder plugins make your WP experience more enjoyable and easy. Here we listed some of the popular plugins that could help you.

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Visual Composer


Visual composer is a wide known page builder, it offers both front and back-end editing. With front end editing you can see the changes you make instantly with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and with back-end editor you are going to use drag and drop feature from your WP dashboard.


Visual Composer now provides readily designed 60+ layout templates for almost all page type on your website, you can change these templates to your style and can apply it. You can also save the template for future use.

Visual composer is already pre-bundled with 40+ content elements like text box, separator, image gallery, Google+, Google Maps..etc. It also supports 3rd party plugins like Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Revolution Slider, Layer Slider, Ninja Forms, Woocommerce and Essential Grid. Along with this they also provide 200+ addons.

Skin Builder works as CSS here. You can change the look and color tone of your website to your need, you can even choose which parts you want to affect. CSS column grids can also be changed. You got the freedom to use your custom CSS code to make a unique look.

You can control how your website to look on different devices like phone, tablets, and computers. It also gives the option to choose which options you want to show on which device. You can hide the unwanted elements. You can control column size for the different device.

With 40+ predefined grid element styles you can easily display posts, portfolio, media or even custom post types. The grid elements have 4 categories

  • Post
  • Post Masonry
  • Media and
  • Media Masonry

The important benefit of Visual Composer is that it is compatible with all the WP themes and multilingual, so that switching of themes isn’t a difficult or cumbersome process.

Visual Composer is also developer friendly, you can extend Visual Composer backed up theme from your functions.php file, where you can modify or add your own shortcodes. If you are not a developer you can use third party shortcodes using the Shortcode Mapper.

Our Outlook: 

Speaking about the shortcodes it’s a drawback with Visual Composer when you disable the plugin all your drag and drop website builder changes stop working and the short codes become visible along with the content of your website.

Visual Composer best suits for business purpose, help you attract the people which is good for your website traffic.

Divi 3.0- Elegant Themes


Divi is a premium page builder that you get along with Elegant Themes, one of the most elegant and user-friendly visual editor. More than an update they tried to give a better experience to their users. You get all the features in the previous version, in this update you gonna get a new visual drag and drop  website builder.

Features of New Interface

The notable point in it is its interface, the interface is based on React. It is very clean, responsive, powerful and most importantly it doesn’t hinder your visual experience of editing. The UI is simple and transparent. By selecting the settings icon you get detailed dialog box and you can even adjust it to your convenience.

You also get 40+ content elements. If you want to add a content element you can drag your cursor at any place on the screen select “+” sign and add the element by searching in the tool tip shown. You can also customize the content element to your wish.

Adding and changing the content text is very easy. Whenever you click on a text you will get an inline editor you can apply standard styles like bold, italics, you can add H1-H6 headers, create links, and all other WordPress text editor options. In addition, you can apply custom fonts, colors and text sizes.

Zoom out feature of Divi is very useful when you are working with large piece of content, this feature gives you orthographic view of your design and you can drag the content without scrolling or you can simply use copy and paste functionality as most of us do.

[blockquote]”Divi 3.0 is a visual refreshment with neatly tailored Reactinterface”[/blockquote]

Resizing and aligning the content or a section is done simply by clicking at any corners of the section and adjust the padding using your mouse. You can visualize the changes directly.

Another important feature you get in this update is undo and redo option. As you are dealing with the page directly you can revert back your action easily using the editing history option. It keeps track of your changes in each section and elements you do.

Our Outlook:

Over all the new update is a visual refreshment and a great improvement to user experience. The only drawback with this is that you can only have this beautiful drag and drop theme and website builder with elegant themes alone.

King Composer

king Composer

King Composer is available in two version, one is FREE version and another is PRO version. The main difference between both is, with Free version you only get back end editor i.e you have to do all your edition from the admin dashboard. With Pro version you will be getting front end editor.


The user gets full featured back end editor with CSS system in the back end. The key feature provided by King Composer is online preset, you can download and apply the preset which you like. It saves the time in aligning and creating such sections.

White Labeling & support to rename plugin to your brand is only available with Pro version. In Pro version by right clicking you get the control panel where you can copy, paste and access content element in the front editor. You get support services also in Pro version.

King Composer is a  over all performer in both FREE and PRO versions. Getting almost all the features in free version a good point for the user. Only thing is that you can do only back end editing. Another good feature is you get hover effect feature already built in with this, so you need not search for separate plugins for hover effect.

[blockquote]”Website look remains the same even after disabling or removing KingComposser”[/blockquote]

Our Outlook:

One great feature that makes this builder distinct is that, even after you disable or remove the plugin the page you build with this remains the same and intact, there won’t be any change in the look of the page. This feature is available for both the versions.

Live Composer


Live Composer is a FREE drag and drop website builder. Though it is free the level of sincerity they give for their work is really amazing and they really love their product. It is an open source and its contributors are developing at a steady pace.


The interface of the Live composer is simple and clean. You will get a laterally scrolling customization grid at the bottom of the page. You can start editing and customize your page visually. Over 30+ modules are pre-bundled along with this plugin. Modules are grouped into 3 modules namely,

  • Element Modules
  • Posts Modules and
  • Post Template Modules

Content editing is also easy with this builder, you have to drag and drop the module over to the page where you want and start editing it. All Google Fonts are provided for text editing and you can also do other WP text editor functionalities directly from the customization grid.

Responsive pages customization also you get along with this builder. Beyond the modules, they also provide extensions or addons, some of them are free and some of them are premium. At present 13 addons are present the site including the 3rd party developers.

Our Outlook: 

Live composer is a good drag and drop website builder you can give it a try, you almost get all front end page building options for free. Addition to that you get support services too for this free plugin that is really a valuable point to be noted.

[blockquote]”You get developer support in free plugin!!“[/blockquote]

Themify Builder


It has two version Themify Builder Lite (free) and Themify Builder Premium. Unlike King Composer with both the version, you get both Front and Back end editing option in Themify Builder. If you using Themify themes you got the Themify Builder pre-bundled like Elegant Themes Divi builder.


Themify builder follows card layout interface both in the front and back end editors. You will be getting a customization bar at the bottom of the page with card layout in the front end editing. Almost 40+ modules are present in the package.

Other features you get is undo and redo option to revert your change, easily duplicate or delete the module. Like live composer here also Google font is available. Import/Export specific modules, rows, and columns from one computer to another, can easily manage the layouts.

With Themify Builder Lite you are limited with the features. As said before you get both front and back end editor for lite version too. In custom styling, you get Google fonts, background color, padding, margin, and border.

You don’t get custom CSS option in Lite version. In responsive design, you cannot select module which can be shown or should not be shown across various devices i.e you don’t have full control.

With Themify Premium version you unlock all features. Along with all the features you get 60+ pre-designed Builder layouts, 60+ animation effects. In custom styling, you get a slider, video, parallax scrolling, and gradient.

In Themify Premium you got the option to save the layout you create. You can make responsive styling and visibility control where you can set whether a module or row is visible on a specific device. You can use custom CSS.

Our Outlook:

Over all Themify Builder is a fun way to use and you can unlock lot of gimmick actions to your website. Again Themify also follows Shortcode system. Along with its own Themify themes you probably won’t be getting any issues, however with other themes you may get issues same like in Visual Composer.

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Velocity Page


The main thing about Velocity page builder is, it is developed by Mark Jaquith an expert developer in WordPress. So ultimately the expectation here goes as it should be WordPress friendly and should be build based upon the pulse of the WP users. The good thing is we are not disappointed and our expectation goes right.


It provides all the features we do expect from a drag and drop website builder. You are editing your page directly and the page will appear just the same as you edit.

The interface is clean. You can start editing by clicking “+ add item” you can choose the layout you want and start editing it. You can shuffle the layout section above or below by just dragging it to the required position. Velocity page does not change any font color or style, you can just use it on existing web page.

It is best for the landing page. You can simply add media without toggling the screen i.e from the same page you can add media continuously, it is good for creating media rich web page. It also has a lot of templates and users are not restricted to confined number of templates, you can use these to build your site to your taste.

[blockquote]”Plugin developed by an expert developer in WordPress and we aren’t disappointed.”[/blockquote]

Our Outlook: 

As Velocity Page is developed by Lead WP developer coding wise nothing could go that much wrong. Been searching for the undo and redo option, as we are doing a live edition of the web page those options could come handy.

Bootstrap Compatible Page Builder

Though drag and drop website builder are widely used by non-coding people, but still there are coding enthusiasts who might want to play around with the page builders for their contentment.

Awesome Builder supports bootstrap expandable feature, you can extend your own feature using bootstrap. Its interface is clean. It also uses shortcodes, 25+ widgetsavailable. Interesting feature is you can add nested rows i.e rows within rows countlessly. It also supports responsive design. It is a premium plugin starting at $39.

As bootstrap is widely used web page framework for front end development we thought giving an option of page builder which can be expanded in bootstrap. Shortcodes got the tendency to slow your website take a look at our How To Speed Up Your WordPress Web Site In 6 ways.

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If you need complete guidance for the above plugins, have a look at their tutorial videos. Share us your favorite drag and drop website builders and what you like about them in the comment section below, would like to hear it from you.

Cheers!! Bye for now.

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