Why You Need Regular WordPress Maintenance Service


WordPress engine helps you build your dream website. Do you ever had a thought of WordPress maintenance Service or WordPress do really need a maintenance??

Well, the answer is YES. Like in F1 race your website also need to hit the pit lane to get refueled and to get the tires changed, to win its race.

wordpress maintenance service

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Need for WordPress Maintenance Service


WordPress (WP) engine gets slowed down due to the debris developed by the outdated plugins, broken links, worn out themes and become very vulnerable in security settings. Consequently these leads your websites to get hacked and your users gradually drifts away from your website. Have a look at How To Speed Up Your WordPress WebSite In 6 ways.

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Losing customers in business is a worst thing. Remember big emperors in businesses have tumbled down due to simple reasons as like maintaining your website, which is a little task when you did this regularly. Do you still think why WordPress Maintenance Service is important?

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What is WordPress Maintenance Service?


As said before WordPress engine gets slowed down due to heavy themes, broken & outdated plugin, and much more reason. In WordPress website maintenance services the following tasks are done

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  • WordPress update
  • Scheduled backup
  • 24/7 security and cleanup
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Spam and revision cleaning.
  • Website SEO optimization.
  • Speed optimization of the website.

WordPress Update


WordPress update is like refueling your WP engine. WP releases its new version periodically through over air update. WP recommends using the latest version for a better experience and especially for security reason.

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Updating WP alone is not enough you have to update the plugins and the corresponding addons in order to make them compatible with the latest version. You have to go through all the plugins and other addons you used in order to avoid malfunctioning of the website.

[blockquote]” WordPress update is like refueling your WP engine “[/blockquote]

Themes are also important to update. Themes manage all the appearance of your website if your theme looks old & slow user just move out of your sick looking website. Premium theme provider normally provides regular update just install the update for a smooth experience of the website.

Scheduled Backup


Backup is like having a spare or a cloned data of your website. Your website undergoes lot of changes right from its launch time. It is very important to keep these records safe. Apart from your system file, you may also have your client details in your serve, securing them is the foremost thing.

In scheduled backup, all your website data and other files related to your website are saved in a secured server or place other than your main server. Incase your website is crashed or the website data is lost you can use these saved data without letting your website down.

For instance, if the last three days of the website data are lost. You can restore your website with these data from the backup.

24/7 Security and Cleanup


You  don’t know when your website will undergo attack. Continuously monitoring and protecting your website cannot be done manually. Therefore you need security and monitoring assistance to help you in this. It prevents hackers to get hold of your website and also prevent malicious software from stealing sensitive data.

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Cleanup process is like removing debris from the WP engine. Removing unwanted plugins that no longer supports to the new WP version.Outdated plugins are very vulnerable and should be updated or removed to avoid security breach.

Uptime Monitoring


Uptime monitoring is the process in which the server performance and responses are continuously tracked. You are paying for the server and you should know whether it is reliable. The worst case scenario is sometimes servers may be down when your website gets good traffic.

[blockquote]” You can have the complete history of your server performance “[/blockquote]

Hence to have track report of your server is important. You can have the complete history of your server performance which helps you to decide whether the existing plan or server is best or-else whether you have to think on another server.

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Spam and Revision Cleaning


Websites are always exposed to spamming in the online world. Spamming in comment section gives a worst reading experience to the reader and also gives a negative impression on your blog or website. Spamming are now a days done through automated bots, providing irrelevant links.

Revision is a copy of your old file saved in the WordPress whenever you do some changes to the existing file. For example, when you add an image to a post and save it, one post containing the image will be saved and the previous version of the post without the image will also be stored.

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Revisions are helpful when you want to rollback your changes and to get the previous state back.

Spamming has to be removed as it reduces your website engine health and to remove old revisions are also equally important to reduce the burden on your WP website engine. As a result, your website feels light and perform faster than before.

Website SEO optimization


All your websites are built and prepared for the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) race track only. Your website must be the 1st on the SERP so that you can get more viewers and customers to your website ultimately. In order to achieve this, your WP engine must be tuned up, that is making it SEO optimized.

[blockquote]” SEO optimization is making your website both visually and internally tuned to beat up your other competitors”[/blockquote]

Optimization of SEO is making your website both visually and internally tuned to beat up your other competitors to win in the SERP race track. SEO optimized sites are preferred by the search engines because it makes things simple and easy to understand for both user and the search engine crawler.

You need professional touch in this definitely and you can’t rely on mediocre or any amateurs to do this job because we all want to be in the 1st position.

Speed Optimization


Speed optimization is how fast your website loads when it is clicked on the website. If your website is struggling to load then the user just leave your website and move on to another website.

[blockquote]” Speed optimization is like how fast your website complete the lap”[/blockquote]

Speed optimization is like how fast your website completes the lap. Whenever the user loads a page a lap starts, in each lap your website must give its best. Speed optimization is an intensive work and you have to consider a lot of factors.

You have to really make your hands dirty in this process, as it is both time and work intensive process. Again you cannot do this alone since you have to take care of a lot of factors that affects your website speed. Hence it is important to have WordPress maintenance service for this.

For instance, some of the factors you have to take a look at are your server speed, outdated plugin removal if needed site migration which is another critical task and much more.

Site Migration


Server acts like tires for your  WP site. It give you the grip and better traction control in the fast online world. You have to take a continuous look at this to keep up your website run smoothly.

[blockquote]” Server acts like tires for your  WP site. It gives you the grip and better traction control”[/blockquote]

When the tires are worn out you have to fix it or replace it. Replacing this is known as Site migration moving your website information from one server to another better server. Since it is a critical task it has to be done with caution, as this may topple your website down even a single information is left behind.

Why WPTS for WordPress Maintenance Service?


As you can see, you cannot do all the things in the race. You cannot drive as well as get down in the pit spot and change things. You need a pit crew and WPTS will be your pit crew.

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We take care of everything about your WP site you just concentrate on your race that really matters to you. We will keep your website up and running condition at any time, as we provide 24/7 live chat support.

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In pit lane every thing has to be done precisely, quickly and most importantly within the time whenever you need it. We understand this and we have experts in each and every domain in this to fix the issues in a fraction of second.

Need an immediate fix? Just drop us a ticket, an expert will be with you shortly. You don’t need to wait for crucial fixes that need immediate attention.

[blockquote]” No need of ticket submission and waiting for crucial fixes that need immediate attention”[/blockquote]

Support Credit System

One new feature that helps you, is our Support CREDIT system. You no need to upgrade to new WordPress maintenance package for the crisis that you come across once in awhile. Just buy only credits required to fix that problem alone and continue enjoying in your current plan.

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For example, if you are in the basic wordpress maintenance plan $29 of us and you need site migration alone for now, you don’t need to upgrade to $199 plan just buy the credits alone that is required to the site migration alone. It helps you save more of your money and reduce WordPress website maintenance cost

Upgrade to new plans only when you need all the features in higher plans regularly, for rare fixes use our credit system. Have a look at our credit plans.

A Word for Self WordPress Maintenance

So now you came to know why you need WordPress maintenance service. You may think that you can do self-maintenance, we appreciate your brave attitude. The following chart gives the time and intense of work needed in the self-maintenance.

[blockquote]” We appreciate your brave attitude “[/blockquote]


Hope this article help you understand the need for WordPress maintenance service. For more valuable online marketing tips and WordPress secret tricks subscribe to us with your email address. Leave your comments below.


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