7 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your New Website!


7 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your New Website

WordPress is used in 100+ million websites. It is the most popular open source Content Management System. Just install, deploy, and upgrade for free. Thousands of plugins and templates power a simple and flexible interface, these reduces the development time and cost.

There were a lots of reason to create a website in WordPress that you going to now why to choose WordPress.

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1. Very Easy To Use

Very Easy To Use(open source)

One of the main reason to choose WordPress is that it is very easy, anybody can easily handle the WordPress. Even a small child can also do that, writing up of post or page in WordPress is very easy and smooth. Writing a post is a simple task, now anyone can complete. WordPress is a free software you can download, install, modify in that and can create a good looking website.

It is a open source program, that means anyone can use WordPress easily .

There were 3100+ themes and 40,000+ plugins are giving free to the users.

It is very easy to use, that’s why the main reason people quickly adapt to the WordPress. We can simply do bold, italic to our words and give some changes in that and you can enjoy lot of things in the website that can be controlled  by yourself.

2. Used For Website & Blog

In olden days WordPress was used only for blogging. Now you can create your own website. WordPress created a millions of website all around the world. WordPress can be used for many purposes as follows-

website blog
  • Blog
  • Gallery
  • Rating Website
  • Shopping Website
  • Portfolio
  • Job Portal
  • Selling Website
  • E-learning Website
  • Movie Website etc…….

not only this types, you have more and more thing like this in WordPress. You can create any type without any problem it’s very user friendly. Users choose WordPress so that they can create blogs and websites even if they don’t have the technical skills.

3. Flexibility

Nothing is impossible in WordPress, everything can be done in WordPress. You don’t want to worry about technical skills any one can use WordPress easily. Create anything that you want to do with the help of the WordPress. In WordPress, widgets are created very easily. You can add almost anything like

  • Forms
  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Advertising

By this there are some flexible elements that can always add to your header, footer and sidebars in the website.
[blockquote “]“ All can’t be flexible with something, but WordPress is flexible to all the users in world..”[/blockquote]

4. Amazing Support And Security


For the past 10 years WordPress is playing a vital role all over the world. Due to the popularity as many choose WordPress there is a huge following and developing support community that is creating vast range of various plugins, which helps the site and forums for discussing the issues and the solution. Lots of developers providing tons of themes to the website with perfect security, more have written about this and huge numbers of people are using the website.

The WordPress is incredibly secured, all the basic features are included in the WordPress installation. They are providing regular security update for the users. The latest version is 4.6.1

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5. Makes SEO Easy

Makes SEO Easy

When you use WordPress for your website the SEO becomes very simple. Adding SEO functionality is very simple with WordPress. Due to regular update WordPress SEO is always active. Here are some SEO advantage you get when you use WordPress

  • Adding Content Is Easy
  • Built In RSS Feeds
  • Clean Code
  • Plugin

It has a library of 1000’s of plugin. Plugins gives your site with additional functionality and helps to monitor both the end users and the webmaster with in a site.

If you are planning to run a website then you should really consider starting in WordPress. It is definitely a great solution and you can rely on it completely.

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6. Modern & Creative Themes

WordPress have thousands of themes. We can easily choose those themes. You don’t want to be a web designer or a developer to setup a website, you can install any theme by yourself.
Here the WordPress will save your day again. The main thing in the theme is the responsive WordPress theme, that will automatically scale on mobile device & tablets and the theme customization is also done with this. For example-

are some famous themes. These themes are attractive, user friendly and responsive too.

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7. Maintenance Cost Is Low

WordPress maintenance cost is very low. Most importantly you can cut developer cost. Minor fixes can be done by our self. What ever the problem happens we can edit it by our self.

Needed Costs

  1. Domain name and hosting

Final Costs

  1. Maintenance
  2. Hosting and Domain name
  3. Backup software, third-party offsite storage, backup services (i.e. Dropbox, Amazon S3)


These are only few reasons, yet there is a lot for you to make you surprise. You have to pursue your own adventure. Again the main reason to choose WordPress would be.

  • it is an Open Source
  • plenty of  Support and Security options
  • you can make SEO Easy

There are lot of themes and plugins in the WordPress they are affordable in cost and very flexible to use, all can easily handle the WordPress, even a cave man do this!! WordPress is user-friendly its spread all over the world that anybody can use it and can develop a site.

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