How To Speed Up Your WordPress WebSite In 6 ways


How To Speed Up WordPress WebSite In 6 ways

WordPress is a well coded platform. When the user is visiting your website at that time the site becomes slow means the visitors will turn away. They will just click the back button before the site opens if the website is slow.

Need to make a search engine ranking and a great user experience? Now we are going to see how to increase the speed and decrease the page load timing, if u follow this tips then there won’t be any problem in your site while loading.

Before applying this techniques to website, you can check the speed of your website by using this

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[tables_content title=”Here are a few ways you can improve the performance of your WordPress sites.”][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Choose A Good Web Host to Speed Up WordPress Website” link=”#1″][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Use Solid Theme/Framework To Speed up WordPress” link=”#2″][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Use A Great Caching Plugin” link=”#3″][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”CDN To Speedup website” link=”#4″][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”GZIP Compression Enable” link=”#5″][table_content link_type=”custom-link” title=”Minify Your HTML, JavaScript And CSS” link=”#6″][/tables_content]

1. Choose A Good Web Host to Speed Up WordPress Website:

Choosing a web host will be the most important decision for the success of your site. If your web hosting services is not good then speed of your website will simply fail. If the hosting services were operating in low level means the host which was used by the users will not upgrade resulting in the low performance and it will be dead when a lot of users comes to our website.

Choose A Good WebHost

For a website security purpose if you are not using the quality of web hosting service means consequently your Security can be breached anytime by Hackers and Crackers.

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2. Use Solid Theme/Framework To Speed up WordPress


You need to start with the fast and well coded theme or framework to speed up WordPress. Not all WordPress theme are created equally. When you choose a theme, check the page speed of  the theme’s demo. Using a tool such as Pingdom see how  quickly it runs without nothing is to be added. This will give an idea how well it is coded. Theme twenty fifteen is a lightweight & quite speedy, you may be surprised by this, the negative impact which was create to your site by the performance, when you choose a theme packed with lot of additional features that you don’t need.


Its is an incredibly a solid framework that won’t slow you down with excess plugin or custom edits. Makes the changes right from the theme and avoid bloat,

There are some framework theme lists giving

Use With The Solid Theme/Framework

The block rending and load time becomes high when the coder makes high size themes using,

Will get a long page loading time if you have done the coding badly or using images throughout the design it will given an unwanted weight to your page.
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3. Use A Great Caching Plugin:

The WordPress caching plugins are obliviously quite useful, the most effective way to speed up WordPress, install the caching plugin will improve your sites load time. Installation of plugin like

Adding caching rules to your website elements will make the complex tasks easier. Combining plugins with advanced caching could help you with better loading speed to your website & ultimately speed up WordPress.

Use A Great Caching Plugin
  • Page Cache – Can be easily installed. It cache the post and page in WordPress.
  • Minify – It allows to combine CSS and JS.
  • Object Cache – Cache’s data which may be computational expensive to regenerate.
  • Compress Page – Just used to compress the file.
  • Database Cache – Fastest cache engine for WordPress.
  • CDN Support – Will drastically reduce server lag.

you can be able to tell that your site loads faster.

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4. CDN To Speedup website

Offloading the static resources of your site, like images, scripts, css files, can speed up your site. Not only this won’t help load faster for the users, your primary server will have less load to handle when you use CDN. It is a server network which will clone all your sites on the location nodes, it will be served by the closest server location.

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5. GZIP Compression Enable

Gzip compression is very easy to enable in WordPress. This plugin gives compressed version of your site to the user, they will be less in size so that it can load faster.

zip compression

You can enable the gzip compression for your files like images, CSS & JavaScript files. By doing this it will compress the content before it transfer over the internet browser, and other side the browser will decompress this before when it is rendering. The easy way to enable the gzip compression is


AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/plain


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6. Minify Your  HTML, JavaScript And CSS

Minify Your Html, JavaScript And CSS

That means double space, empty newlines, comments etc… where the unnecessary data will be removed from the files because of lowering their size. Removes all unwanted white space from code. If there is any error, it refers to the process of removing the unnecessary or redundant data without affecting how the resources processed. Minify your code will  speed up your page loading, this makes the users & search engines happy.

Code removers are

  • White Space Characters
  • New Line Characters
  • Comments
  • Block Delimiters


Optimizing your site can make a big difference in your site speed. This will engage with your content and encourage user to stick around. These were the simple tips that can easily boost up your WordPress website using,

  • Cache Plugin
  • Hosting
  • Minify etc..

While using big themes it take more time to load the page, that will make a bad impression to the visitors. To stop this kind of fault use the above mentioned tips and have swift website.

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