4 Tips To Fix White Screen Of Death In WordPress


4 Tips To Fix White Screen Of Death In WordPress

If you haven’t come across this kind of White screen opening in your WordPress site, you are the one who is gifted by god in the universe! Because this white screen of death is playing an harmful role in the online world. Now we will talk about the major symptoms of the white screen of death (WSOD) and how to fix white screen of death.

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What Causes a White Screen Of Death

For white screen of death there are several factors, in that we are going to see

  • Errors being generated by WordPress plugins
  • Errors the are generated by your WordPress theme
  • Some types of database errors too

Different Reasons and Causes In WSOD

 The kinds of reasons are giving below

  1. Issues In Plugin
  2. Replacing A Theme
  3. Crossing Memory Limit
  4. Unspecified Causes

1. Plugins


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The White screen of death which occur mainly due to the plugin. All types of plugin will not causes this error.

You can figure out the issues with the plugin by following means to fix white screen of death

  1. If the plugin is edited, revert it to its previous version/state (MODIFY AN ACTIVE PLUGIN)
  2. While updating the plugin if an issue occurs then contact the plugin developer (UPDATE OLD ONE)
  3. While installing a plugin check its compatibility with the current version of the WordPress (INSTALL NEW PLUGIN)

Renaming the plugins folder will automatically deactivate all plugins on your site. Once you rename the file then try reloading your site again. If u get white screen of death means it won’t be any plugin issue.

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2. Replace Current Theme To fix White Screen Of Death

replacing theme

If u have access to the dashboard try to change the activated theme to one of the default one like Twenty Sixteen. Then see your site again, this will tell you if the issue is specific to the theme. The  renaming theme folder will be automatically deactivated. Your current theme will be replaced to an original theme in WordPress.

Once you made a changes to the theme file reload the site. If you still get the same white screen of death then its not an issue with the theme. In that time contact the host provider.

At this if point, if you have an another theme activated currently instead of WP default theme, try activating default theme. Unless it has an issue on it, your site will be fine to display with it.

  • The most common reason for theme causes an issue in your site is poor code
  • Outdated themes will not work when the new version is installed

3. Crossing a Memory Limit

If the plugin or themes uses more memory you may see the white screen of death. This depends upon the memory exhaustion. Many times your WordPress installation runs out of memory & its shows the WSOD error. There are different ways to increase the php memory limit within the WordPress, here for an example

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

 by using this you can increase the php memory limit. This 64mb should be sufficient for shared hosts, if the problem remains the same then contact the hosting provider. The perfect way in adding a snippet code to your WP-config.php file which can access via an FTP client by opening your site. If you are still out of memory and you need to assign more and more space then there may be an issue within your application.

The users and admins of WordPress will found the famous WSOD at one point or another point in their lives.
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4. Unspecified Causes    

If WSOD were not quite determined, which leads us to fix an debug. At this point you need to determine the source of the problem. Sometimes white screen of death appears for a silly reason then login to the dashboard and see the white screen of death is gone or not. If you are able to login means you may come to know which plugin is causing white screen of death.

FIX: Enable the WP_debug mode

Add the following lines in the WP-config.php

  • define (‘WP_DEBUG,’ true);
  • The 1st lines says about activate the debug mode
  • define (‘WP_DEBUG,’ true);
  • The 2nd lines says about save the debug output in the debug log file
  • define (‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY,’ false);
  • Final code says that not to display the error on your site

That will tells to to display all the error on output screen then you can use this information to determine the causes of  WSOD.

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There are number of things that can easily go wrong. The white screen of death is an un-avoiding problem that every WordPress user or admin face. When you come across this issue check your

  • memory limit
  • plugin compatibility 
  • current themes which you installed 

Hope this will help you to solving WSOD error.

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