How to Select A Best WordPress Theme for Your Business


In WordPress your blog’s overall look (design) is determined by the theme you choose. While installing WordPress first your self-hosted site uses a default theme that comes prepackaged within the WordPress. It is open and free in which half of the website runs in the WordPress . Select best WordPress theme for business by considering the points given below.

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1. Free Vs Premium WordPress Theme


First question every one have is  free or a paid theme in WordPress, which one will give a quick start with the enough functionality. Free themes are one of the great for those on a budget, but here are some common problem with the free themes

  • Lack of Regular Update
  • The quality of the code is not ideal

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Startups, small businesses and personal projects are on limited budget. That’s why  WordPress free themes will be the most great solution for such users. WooThemesInkThemesElegantThemes are the leading developers update their gallery with free WordPress templates on regular basic, for this reason lots of users switch over to their paid themes. You can save your money with free themes that is the great thing.

Premium themes get guaranteed support. But with free themes you can not guarantee this.

The other thing in premium themes is you will get documentation, access point and regular updates. The starting price of the paid theme is from $50 -$70, it depends upon the theme the user choose. It is just an example, not an exact price. Its is up to you to decide which of these two options to choose.

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2. Browser Compatibility

Users use different browsers, the theme what you are using will look smart in the browser. But there might be something broken in other browser what you choose.

The theme developers test their theme by manifesting the experience using the browser compatibility testing tools.

If they don’t they can use some basic test to check theme on different browser like

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3. Drag and Drop

Of course, the purpose of a theme is to make your website look great to all users and show your brand in amazing possible light. They are the WordPress plugins that creates page layouts using drag and drop user interface. Many WordPress premium theme come with the builders pre-installed.

Design Page Builders


Page builder is a single plugin which can replace 6 t0 8 plugins or more than that.

Page builder plugin are the major thing that functionality sets website apart. If you taking an Content Grids, Social Sharing Buttons, Pie-Charts, Pricing Tables which call to an action buttons. To get this thing without an page builders, you can create by yourself.

Beautiful & Custom Layouts

It’s nothing but we are giving an additional features to the website by an great appearance, you can add layouts to the header and the footer of the webpage and you can surprise your website visitors.

No Coding Required

Main advantage of the page builder is you don’t need to write a single code with it, most of them were user-friendly usually with drag and drop support. It make things super easy for you to create a module for the page and can easily rearrange & resize them with out any coding. Take a look at 6 Best Drag and Drop Page Builder WordPress Plugins.

4. Responsive Themes

Theme Is Responsive

In this day, absolutely your website should be ready for mobile and search engine optimization purpose. It is the theme that should be optimized for different devices of different sizes from TABLETS, COMPUTERS to SMARTPHONES. One of the best way to determine whether a responsive theme is good or not is to run the demo through Google’s new Mobile-Friendly tool, means your mobile will notify in the site that your mobile is friendly,then only you can access your site in mobiles.

All present themes are responsive it is not an optional. It is an flexible foundation that adapts your website to mobile devices and desktops or any other environment what user will use it.

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5. SEO-Friendly


When enabled one of the many good SEO pluigins, WordPress is one of the most SEO friendly CMS around. Your WordPress theme plays a vital role in your site’s SEO friendliness. A good appearance theme can still generate poor HTML code, this could affect the site’s performance or an search engine. This is why many WordPress theme developers will say let you know that their page are optimized for SEO.

So make sure the theme you pick will navigate & user friendly.

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6. Theme Appearance

Theme Appearance

The main thing is the appearance will give a life to the website and it will attract all the users of the WordPress for example we are going see the themes in the WordPress.

  1. Illdy
  2. Sydney
  3. Unik
  4. Vega

These are some themes which are given in the WordPress. One more thing we can get whatever theme we need to create on the website.

If someone needs a business theme means they can create a website using that business theme. Same way there are themes like SPORTS, EDUCATION, TRAVEL etc….


Choosing a WordPress theme is a subjective process you have to remember this. It is very easy to get a theme, they are of two types

Free Themes

Free theme is very user-friendly and its has only limited function, but the interesting thing id it can be accessed by all the users of the WordPress, they can  create a website, will get the updates what the free themes were providing. In free themes you can’t rise the question because the developers are providing the themes freely.

Premium Themes

In the premium themes we will get more advantage like Quality, Functionality, Security, Updates and supports, these are the main advantage of premium theme.

You can ask any question because you are paying to get an amazing themes. It will make more colorful and give a wonderful appearance to the users.

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